Can you spare just $3 and 20 minutes a day?

Answer "yes" and I'll let you watch me trade, serve as your personal trading coach and provide you with all the resources needed to make consistent weekly income.

It's really quite simple:

If you want to make consistent weekly income and trade with more confidence …

While taking advantage of opportunities few traders ever see … and manage your risk so you protect your profits - regardless of what the market does …

You might as well learn from someone who's profitably traded through roaring '90s, the dot-com crash, the 9-11 incident, the housing crises and the rising uncertainty in today's market.

Someone who's been deep in the trenches and trading live since 1988.

That's me...

My name is Todd Mitchell, Trading Concepts CEO and a full-time professional trader who has trained more than 8,000 students - including many whose only "job" now is trading.

I bring up these qualifications not to boast, but to prove a point …

The fact is, a shortcut to any goal is mentoring from someone who already achieved (or helped others achieve) that objective.

Now, of course, a successful outcome isn't guaranteed.

A mentor or coach only gives you the roadmap to your destination - you still have to follow the "directions" and be willing to do what it takes to get there.

If you're among this select few traders with this commitment, then pay close attention to what I explain next …

Because I want you to see how to…

Get trading guidance from me for about the cost of a nice dinner for two every month.

In fact, I'll even let you "watch over my shoulder" as I trade my accounts.

You see, every day I record myself trading and then make the videos immediately available to you. Watching them is like having your own trading coach.

I take you through opportunities in stocks, options, ETFs, Forex and e-mini futures using fundamental strategies proven to work in any market and in any timeframe.

You hear what I'm thinking, see how to properly set up trades, and watch as I show you the steps to properly managing your risk. That way you can …

  • Stop guessing when and where to enter and exit a trade.
  • Stop making minimal money here and there.
  • Stop losing more than you want on bad trades.
  • Stop trading without a trading plan.
  • Stop letting your emotions get the best of you.
  • Stop risking your hard-earned capital with no chance at overall profitability.

And that's just scratching the surface of the exclusive access offered in my $1K-a-Day Video Newsletter.

In addition to my daily trading videos, you also get admission into my Mid-Week LIVE Q&A Sessions.

For an hour a week, I'll coach you live through trades. You'll get entries, stops, profit objectives and complete A to Z trade management.

You'll learn …

  • What needs to set up before actually taking a trade and when not trade at all;
  • The secret to developing the necessary discipline and patience it takes to become a consistently successful trader; and
  • How to find powerful and explosive trade set-ups off larger time frames (so you can enjoy more profitable trades on an intra-day and swing trading basis).

Of course, you also get all your questions answered in real time.

And don't forget the knowledge your gain from other traders' questions. After all, you'll be part of a community learning and using the same trading strategies as you.

But let's get back to the daily trading videos …

Every trading day, you get a 10- to 20-minute video where I walk you through the day's trades.

You can follow me step-by-step or apply the advice to your own trades.

Either way, these videos will help you stay disciplined and focused. That way you don't allow emotions to get in the way of your trading.

You'll see how to pull the trigger without hesitation … trust your trading plan … turn small losses into big gains … implement better risk and trade management … and trade with confidence.

I refer to my daily trading videos as personal trading instruction because I speak directly to you. I explain everything to you as a I go through my charts.

Plus, the videos are short so you don't get bogged down with advice. In fact, they're designed so you can take immediate action.

(Be sure to review the Success Stories above.)

And to help you even more …

You also get 3 hours of access each week to the LIVE E-mini Trading Room. Once inside, you can trade right alongside a community of other people - including several professionals.

The room's core focus is to trade and make money with the Trading Concepts methodology.

That's it.

No outside distractions … no theory … no untested ideas.

Just proven trading strategies that work with today's market.

The Live E-Mini Trading Room is run by two of my top students - Craig Hill and Rip Norton. They’ve been students of mine for a combined 17+ years.

Not only are they excellent traders, but they are fantastic teachers who know how to express what they're doing in a systematic way.

Combined with the time we spend together in our Mid-Week LIVE Q&A Sessions and the access to the LIVE E-Mini Trading Room for 3 hours each week, you …

Get 21-23 hours of instruction per month - all from the comfort of your home or office.

Simply put, you watch and listen to me (and several other professional traders) as if sitting at the same desk every trading day.

I give you access to the videos the same day they're recorded.

Again, I go through my analysis and show you what I'm getting ready to do in the market. You hear exactly what I'm thinking, how to properly set up your charts, and when and where to enter and exit your trades.

No details are left to guesswork.

And that's still not all …

As a $1K-a-Day Video Newsletter subscriber, you also have 24/7 access to the members-only Video & Resource Vault.

This massive wealth-building resource is designed to help you solve any trading challenge. You instantly get:

  • Hundreds of past $1K-a-Day Premium Trading Videos;
  • Tons of trading educational videos and articles (new trading information is added every month), covering topics such as money management and position sizing;
  • An archive of all previous webinars and LIVE E-Mini Trading Room sessions; and
  • Position sizing calculators for futures, Forex, stocks, ETFs, and Options.

Bottom line: Whatever your challenge is … whatever part of your trading plan you want to improve … you'll do so quicker and easier than ever before …

Especially when you consider I'm here to answer all your questions and walk you through any problems every trading day.

In fact, during the LIVE Mid-Week Q&A Sessions, you even have the opportunity to get on the "hot seat."

So you can present questions live to the entire group. That way everyone can get involved and help you.

And then there's this added benefit …

In addition the perks I already mentioned - the "over my shoulder" daily videos, the LIVE Mid-Week Q&A Sessions, the LIVE E-Mini Trading Room, the members-only Video & Resource Vault and, of course, one-on-one coaching from me - you are the first to know about any new system, software or trading strategy that we develop.

This not only puts you on the "cutting edge" of what what's working with today's market, but also allows you to work with us through the development and testing stages.
So if you're ready to enroll …

Your subscription for the $1K-a-Day Video Newsletter and all the extra bonuses is just $97/month.

Again, that's 21-23 hours of personal instruction each month and all the extra resources for less than what you pay for a nice dinner for two - or about $3 a day.

For the serious trader, you know this is an incredible deal.

After all, my private coaching fee alone is $1,000 an hour …

And, as a $1K-a-Day Video Newsletter subscriber, you get a rare inside peek at my trading and a host of other professional traders for 1/10 this amount for an entire month!

The discoveries you’ll make will shorten your learning curve and accelerate your success.

And let me tell you:

As I often explain, the first time you see just how easy it is to make consistent weekly income by following the advice and actions of a professional trader, you'll be glad you had this exclusive access.