5 Reasons Why Stock Option Trading Is Perfect For You!

Todd Mitchell1) You can purchase a stock option for a fraction of the cost of buying the underlying stock...which means you can start trading stock options with a much smaller amount of money.

2) You can make money trading stock options in UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS markets – year in and year out.  How much of a no-brainer is that?!

3) Your profit potential is UNLIMITED on option trade set-ups.

4) Your risk is ALWAYS LIMITED to the small amount you invest!

5) You’ll be able to still profit trading stock options IN SPITE OF interest rate fluctuations, inflation, deflation, or any political considerations.

…The Beautiful Thing About (Stock) Options… is that once again you will totally control your downside risk. So, even when you experience a losing trade, your loss will be strictly limited. You will draw the line on losses, in advance. It’s a built-in function of good options trading strategies. In fact, when you combine the controlled risk of option trading with specific trade strategies, you will see exactly why options can be far safer and more conservative than the risky emotional way most people invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds!

Please remember that ‘options’ are tools that if used properly can greatly increase your alternatives when investing in the stock markets. They allow you “options” that you would not normally have when purchasing the underlying stocks/securities. For instance:

  • You can shield your portfolio from market downturns.
  • You are able to position yourself to purchase stock during a price drop.
  • You can prepare to profit from any market movement Up, Down, or Sideways.
  • You can benefit from market movement without incurring the cost of an outright stock purchase.
  • You can consistently cash flow options every single month, with very little risk

About the Author Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell is the CEO & Founder of Trading Concepts, Inc. He's been trading since 1994 and has mentored over 12,000 traders from Wall Street to Main Street. He's an expert at developing strategies for creating more consistent daily, weekly and monthly income.


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