A New Potential Fed Ex (FDX) Stock Play

On today’s video I show you exactly how I exited my entire position on the ETF EWW, which by the way turned out to be a beautiful long stock play, hitting all profit objectives. The Goldman Sachs (GS) long stock trade is still in play with the same profit objectives and stop loss. There is a new potential long stock play on Federal Express (FDX) if this stock is able to rally to a certain level today – be sure to watch the video to get all the details. Have a profitable day and I hope this video helps you in your trading.


About the Author Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell is the CEO & Founder of Trading Concepts, Inc. He's been trading since 1994 and has mentored over 12,000 traders from Wall Street to Main Street. He's an expert at developing strategies for creating more consistent daily, weekly and monthly income.


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