AUD Futures Trailing Stop Set At 1.0399 and a CAD Futures Trade Set Up

Alright, we’ll see if the Australian Dollar is running out of steam by moving up our sell stop (working as a trailing stop) to 1.0399, right below yesterday’s low. If this stop is triggered this trade exit will make 256 pips ($2,560/per standard contract). So, I will sit tight and exercise patience and simply wait for the market to take me out of the market. The Canadian Dollar just changed from being down to now being in an official uptrend, so I must wait for a logical pullback to a support zone before being a buyer. Watch today’s video to see exactly what I’m looking to do. Have a profitable day and I hope this helps in your trading.


[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=” freevideo.mp4″ type=”op” w=”720″ h=”440″]

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