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Downtrends, Reversals, Gaps, and Silver

┬áIn today’s video we’ll discuss the two major rules of price action on the S&P500, Futures gaps to fill, and the short-term view on Silver.

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What Will the Proposed Financial Trading Tax Mean to You?

What impact does the proposed FTT (Financial Trading Tax) have on the active trader?Continue reading

Feeding the Bears with Diagonals

Using the short call diagonal to feed the Bear with zero downside risk.

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Railroad Tracks = Big Move Coming

“Railroad Tracks” are setting up on the S&P, showing that we’d expect to see about a 70 point move which will start at any time now.

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The 38.2 High Water Mark?

Is the 38.2% Fib retracement the “high water mark” for this bounce? Watch the smaller timeframes for a polarity change first.

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Higher Low Before the Fed?

A very weak afternoon – will this create the required “higher low” in the charts before the Wednesday FOMC meeting?

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How The Upcoming Weeks Will Play Out

How the current “bottom” in the markets will play out for the next couple of weeks.

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Which S&P Sectors Aren’t Being Crushed?

How do the S&P500 sectors look while the market melts down?

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Downside Gaps Have Been Filled?

Just about all of the recent downside gaps have been filled, so the “low hanging fruit” has been picked. Next will come the lower upside gaps.

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The S&P Falls Into the Bear

A quick analysis of the major US Indices and the damage done on Friday.

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