A Strategy You Can Start Using Immediately

On today's video I show you a simple trading strategy that you can start applying pretty much immediately - be sure to watch the video for all the details.

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Moving Beyond Fear FREE Webinar

If you want to learn more about how to master your emotions and acquire the tools to help you manage fear in the moment while your trading, be sure and watch the this recording of Dr. Reid's FREE Webinar

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Moving Beyond Fear

The bottom line is… if fear runs your trading it will block your success… and there’s a way to get off the emotional roller coaster and it’s the opposite of what most traders try to do. Dr. Reid

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The Money Trap

What is the Money Trap? If you’re a trader who:1) tightens stops too soon, 2) brings your stop to breakeven too quickly, or 3) takes off winners too fast…you’re in the Money Trap… and it can cause

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4 Simple Steps to Trading Mastery

In this video Dr. Reid reveals an easy 4-Step method to master the same peak performance training techniques used by Olympic athletes and Navy Seals.CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

I think you would agree that for aspiring traders, job #1 is to become consistently successful before your risk capital runs out, right? Be sure and watch this video to learn how to practice to achieve

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Trading Plan

11 Steps for Developing a Successful “Trading Business Plan”

Every successful trader must have a written “Trading Business Plan” in order to stay disciplined and focused. Developing a thorough “Trading Business Plan” will help guide your trading. This

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Profitable Trade Right Before The E-Mini's Opened

On today's video I recorded a LIVE trade right before the E-Mini S&P 500 (ESU16) futures opened for their New York session - be sure to watch the video for all the details i hope the video helps.

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Trading Chart

82 Statements of Successful Trading

Every serious trader should not only understand each of these trading principles/ statements, but should also abide by them as if their lives depended on it!That is, if they truly want to be successful

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$312 Profit In 30 Year T-Bond Futures Today

On today's video I outline a short trade in the 30 Year Treasury Bond (USU16) futures contract that resulted in a $312 profit in a pretty short period of time. Hope the video helps and have a great rest

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