Separating the Winning Traders from the Losing Traders

Separating the Winning Traders from the Losing Traders As you probably know, 90% of all traders generally fail.  And believe me when I say it’s not because the markets are so difficult to understand and grasp.  Let me tell you the real reasons why most traders fail. The plain simple truth is; it’s all about […]

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10 Common Elements of Trading Success

All traders can make money in the markets, there’s no doubt about that – even with different trading concepts, different systems and methodologies, and some taking the opposite sides of the same trades…BUT only when they all use trading methods and systems with 10 Common Characteristics.  In other words, whichever trading method(s) you ultimately use […]

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A Formula for Trading Success

Trading formulas come in a myriad of sizes and shapes, but I have crafted this formula to be all encompassing, and it seems to suffice nicely.  I’ll give you the equation, and then  we can discuss it: (Trading Knowledge X Practice) + Persistence + Consistency = Success My hobby (my passion) is playing chess, and […]

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A Momentum Oscillator With Pizzazz

Traders often ask me “What’s your favorite oscillator?”, and I usually hedge, and hem and haw around the answer, because in general, I use very few indicators. I lean more toward the pure price action side of  charting. However, there is one oscillator that truly  caught my attention: it’s called the Coppock Indicator, and I […]

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Futures Trading Glossary | Commodities Terms

At‑The‑Close: A customer’s order that specifies it is to be executed at the closing price of the market. If the order is not executed at‑the‑close, it is canceled. This type of order does not have to be executed at the closing price.   At‑The‑Open: A customer’s order that specifies it is to be executed at […]

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