20 Survival Skills for the Trader

In today’s video I take you through 20 Survival Skills that you as a trader must absolutely follow if you not only want to become a successful trader, but want to remain a (consistently) successful trader for the long run. Hope this video helps, so make sure you grab a pencil and paper.

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One Approach for Month’s End

Good afternoon, Friends.  It’s month end – we don’t get any farther into February than the 29th – and one of the things that many institutional investors do is rebalance their portfolios. For those managers – and there are a lot of them, with a ton of money under management – who get paid a […]

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2 Trades in the ES Today Before 10:20am ET

There were two very interesting trades today before 10:am ET that I wanted to quickly show you. And since I ended today’s video the market has come down quite significantly and has taken out yesterday’s low, making today an official outside day. An outside day again is defined as the market taking out both the high and low from the previous day. What’s significant here is where the market closes today. If the market closes in the bottom quarter of today’s range that would mean the market should try to move lower for at least the next few days. If on the other hand the market closes in the top quarter of today’s price range that would mean continued strength. Hope this helps.

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6 Major Foreign Currency Pair Overview & Current Market Outlook

Today I thoroughly discuss the six major foreign currency pairs and tell you exactly what I see and how I will trade these markets. You will not only learn from this, but this brief discussion will help give you an edge in your trading right now. I also discuss what I see in the general market right now and what I believe the major levels are in which to look to trade off of.

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How to Trade the ES Today on the Down Opening

The market opened down this morning and took out Friday’s low, then immediately staged a big rally and managed to take out Friday’s high, creating an ‘outside vertical bar’ (an ‘engulfing pattern’ for those of you who prefer candlestick charts). If the market is able to sustain this move and close in the top quarter of today’s price range (high minus low) could mean higher prices to come in the next few days. If on the other hand the market closes in the bottom quarter of today’s price range we could then see the small market correction everybody has been looking for. So, let’s see where today ends up closing. I hope this helps along with today’s video.

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I Took Profits Too Early; Now What?

Good evening, Friends. I often spend Sunday evening looking at charts, following a review of news and coming events for the week ahead.  Of the two big inputs that have been influencing investor behavior, the Greek debt situation and the tension over Iran’s nuclear ambitions (and the related jump in oil prices in response to […]

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A Quick Market Outlook & A Fantastic Must Read Book

Today I briefly discuss yesterdays trading and talk about this morning and what I see in the market. I also recommend a great trading book that everybody should read, it’s called ‘The Complete Turtle Trader’, by Michael W. Covel. This is a fantastic book and everybody serious about their trading should take the time to read it. It outlines one of the greatest trading strategies of all time. Put quite simply, it’s a must read, and I know you’ll not only enjoy it but you’ll learn some invaluable trading advice and insights. I Hope this helps you even further in your trading and investing.

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Watch & Learn From This Losing ES Futures Trade

Today I walk you through a couple ES futures trade set ups, but then put in a live trade and walk you through the entire trade process. The trade started out as a one to one risk to reward ratio, but then quickly I was able to move that protective stop to a price level where the trade become a two to one risk to reward ratio. It became a losing trade (only .75), but I followed all my rules! Have a fantastic day and hope this video helps you in your own trading.

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All that Glitters

Good Afternoon, Friends. For those with an interest in Gold, the spot price (XAU) has broken above previous resistance at 1763, and as often occurs after a break, the process of stops getting filled has attracted the attention of model-driven and momentum funds, which tend to respond to the sound of potential victims thrashing around […]

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Great Pivot Level Confluence Sell Today in the ES

Today I want to show you a fantastic pivot level confluence sell entry this morning. These types of trades don’t come around too often, but when they do they’re very powerful. I also want to give you my quick outlook on the market and support levels for when this market starts to move lower – hope this helps you in your trading.

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