Potential S&P 500 Range Forecast

Trading volume falls to nothing as traders try to anticipate tomorrow’s FOMC policy release. In today’s video, I’ll discuss what I see as the potential price range on the S&P500 over the next few weeks.   

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Today’s E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Trading

Today I go through three successful short e-mini S&P 500 futures trades with you and outline a live trade that looks like it might be setting up in a few minutes (1:51pm ET). This potential trade set-up would be a long (BUY) trade with a tight stop loss, looking to make a couple (few) points of profit potential to the upside. I hope this helps you in your trading and if you need anything else please by all means let me know.

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This is What a Takeover Bid Looks Like

Good evening, Friends, I hope that everyone is doing well. There hasn’t been a formal announcement as yet, but London’s “Telegraph” newspaper has apparently indicated that a British company is preparing a bid for Canadian grain producer Viterra. The latter mentioned on Friday only that it had received expressions of interest in a takeover, which […]

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Trading the E-mini S&P 500 Futures & Two Major Price Levels to be Aware Of

Today I take you through what happened this week and which two major price levels to be aware of. The two major price levels to be aware of in the E-mini S&P 500 futures market is the high of 1371.50 and Tuesdays low of 1332.75. If the high of 1371.50 is not only broken to the upside but the close can close above this level, I would expect the market to rally to 1400. If on the other hand the market can close below 1332.75 I would expect the market to move down to 1319 and then possibly down to 1305. I hope this short analysis helps you in your own trading.

From myself and Doc, we would both like to THANK all of you who supported OptionsMd. And for those of you who decided not to come on board, that’s perfectly alright, the OptionsMd program will become available next year. Please enjoy the daily videos and have a fantastic day.

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Wrapping up March with a Snoozer

Back in action! A quick review of our soon-to-be expiring March options, as well as our newly-added April positions. Thanks everyone for following us during our launch!      

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Core Axioms in Becoming a Successful Trader

Today I want to quickly go over seven ‘Core Axioms in Becoming a Successful Trader’. Each one of these is very important to understand and apply in your trading if you aspire to become a consistently profitable trader.

Today is also the first official trading day of the June (M) futures contract. Remember that this occurs on the second Thursday of the expiration month. So, the March (H) futures contract is no longer the front month, June (M) is. The March (H) contract officially expires next Friday (3/16/12).

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Today’s Market Outlook & the Analysis Moving Forward

Yesterday’s lower highs and lower lows followed exactly what I told you in yesterday’s video that the market would do since the market was not able to take out the high of the day in the first half hour of trading. So, you should of been selling each rally off the low yesterday, as I go through each trade here in today’s video. I also give you logical support levels to look for if the market continues to move lower, as well as logical resistance levels if the market moves higher from here. Hope this helps you in your own trading.

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How to Trade Today’s Big Down Opening

Since today was opening down quite a bit (16 points in the ES futures) I thought I would take you through how to think and set up for potential trades. The market opened up below all floor trader pivot numbers, including S3. If the market is unable to penetrate up through the 1349.50 high (of today) by 10:30am ET, expect the market to keep selling off today. I also give you some strong support numbers off the daily charts to look out for. Hope this helps, have a great day.

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Analysis on ES Futures, EURO, Pound, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc & Canadian Dollar

Today I briefly go through analysis on the E-Mini S&P 500 futures contract (entire market in a nutshell), along with showing you a couple trades this morning already in the ES futures market. I also go through the following forex currency pairs to show you what I see setting up: Euro/US Dollar, British Pound/US Dollar, US Dollar/Swiss Franc, US Dollar/Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar/US Dollar – please enjoy and hope this helps.

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Market Outlook Using Daily & Weekly Charts: Is there a 3% to 6% Correction Coming?

Today I take you through the daily and weekly charts and show you what I see. There are two types of price bars that I like to keep an eye on because when I see them they generally give me a nice short-term movement that I like to trade. I also walk you through what has happened today so far in the ES market and a good potential short trade that is occurring right now (2:03pm ET). Let’s see what happens, being Friday afternoon and all. Hope this helps and have a fantastic weekend!

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