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The stimulus boost has passed and now the stock market is focused solely on virus developments

The stock market enters a four-day week that is the lull before earnings season, but it’s the headlines on developments around the spread of the coronavirus that may result in the most volatility. Strategists say investors are now most focused on how the virus is progressing, what medical developments might help, and how long it could […]

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Dow Racks up Gains in Wild Trading as Oil Prices Notch Biggest 1-Day Gain

The Dow rallied on Thursday, but traders had to contend with another wild session on Wall Street, as oil prices mounted their biggest one-day percentage gain ever, overshadowing a record jump in jobless claims amid a coronavirus-led lockdown across swathes of the country, with infections topping 1 million worldwide. The Dow rose 2.24%, or 470 points. […]

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Netflix, others are market bright spots after S&P 500′s worst first quarter ever


Stocks just closed out their worst first quarter ever. The S&P 500 fell 20% in the first three months of the year, breaking the previous first-quarter record set in 1938, as the coronavirus pandemic worsened. There were a few market bright spots, though. Stocks including Citrix, Regeneron, Netflix, Gilead, Nvidia and Amazon ended the quarter higher. Craig Johnson, […]

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These indicators suggest a stock-market bottom, but coronavirus fears could send the S&P 500 swooning again

Value Stocks

U.S. stocks staged an impressive rebound in the past week as the Federal Reserve and Congress have delivered unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus aimed at dampening the blow the coronavirus epidemic has dealt to the U.S. economy.The question investors must now ask themselves is whether or not the equities market has already hit the bottom […]

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Top 3 Things to Watch for March 27


Wall Street certainly reacted strongly to the record-setting jobless claims today, but maybe not in the way most would’ve predicted. What the market clearly cares about is what the government is willing to dole out to backstop the economy. The signals are whatever it takes (the White House’s Larry Kudlow said a total rescue package could […]

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Walmart makes run to all-time highs amid coronavirus market plunge

Walmart Stock

Walmart shares are emerging as a winner during the chaotic coronavirus crisis. The big-box retailer, a classic defensive consumer staple stock, is benefiting from the millions of Americans stocking up on products for the unknown future. Plus, lower gas prices are relieving pressure from Walmart’s supply chain costs and potentially putting more money in the hands […]

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Dow rebounds more than 1,000 points as Trump seeks $1 trillion in stimulus for coronavirus fight

shutdown resolution

Stocks surged Tuesday — rebounding from their worst day in more than three decades — as Wall Street cheered White House plans that could inject $1 trillion into the U.S. economy to cushion the blow of the coronavirus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 1,048.79 points higher, or 5.2%, at 21,237.31. It briefly dipped below 20,000 […]

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Gasoline becomes more affordable, just when Americans don’t need it

 At two gasoline stations in Scarsdale, a wealthy suburb of New York City not far from one of the nation’s worst outbreaks of coronavirus, attendants whiled away the minutes on a rainy Friday morning at what would normally be their busiest time of day.”We’ve had one or two customers – that’s it,” said Julio Barrios […]

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Fed to pump in more than $1 trillion in dramatic ramping up of market intervention amid coronavirus meltdown

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve stepped into financial markets Thursday for the second day in a row and the third time this week, this time dramatically ramping up asset purchases amid the turmoil created by the coronavirus.“These changes are being made to address highly unusual disruptions in Treasury financing markets associated with the coronavirus outbreak,” the New […]

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Stock market’s ‘fear’ index shows how unhinged markets have been over coronavirus compared to the 2008 crisis


How volatile and anxious is Wall Street amid this evolving worry about a potential global pandemic that could shake the global economy to its core? Perhaps, the best gauge of that deep-rooted concern is one of the market’s most closely watched measures of volatility. The Cboe Volatility Index VIX, -13.14%, or VIX, hit its highest intraday level […]

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