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What Can Someone Do Who Wants to Invest in the Markets But Has No Extra Funds? Trading Concepts Says Following Fox Business’ Recent Budget Advice Is a Great Start

Fox Business recently offered budget tips. Trading Concepts Founder Todd Mitchell encourages folks who would like to find extra funds for investing in the markets to follow these tips and establish a budget.

Do you really need money to make money? Not in all cases, but in order to trade to the markets, you must have some money to start with. “But if you don’t have extra money,” Todd says “don’t be discouraged. It can be as simple as reviewing your personal finances to see where you can cut back and save some money each week.” Todd likes the tips Fox Business recently gave titled “8 Things That Can Make or Break Your Budget.”

Here are the highlights of the Fox Business article:
• Stay out of debt (and if you are in debt, prioritize paying off credit cards).
• Save money at the Grocery Store by making a list and sticking to it.
• Spend less on eating out by eating only half of the larger portions served and saving the rest for another meal, or have an appetizer at home before you head out.
• Spend less on clothing by shopping on line, shopping at the end of the season or going to consignment stores.
• Reduce holiday spending by starting early, making a plan and sticking to your gift budget.
• Save on travel by using frequent flier miles and avoiding travel during the peak season.
• Take care of yourself by getting plenty of exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep and managing your stress. Being healthy and energetic will likely result in being more productive, leading to greater income potential.
• Save Money on Vehicles by not purchasing a brand new vehicle or by not buying more car than you need, and performing regular maintenance as this could prevent future expensive repair bills.

For the complete article and more details on the above tips, please see

Todd practices the above tips because they make sense and they work. He recommends using them in conjunction with an outlined budget. “And, if you want to take even greater charge of your personal money flow, set a goal. Goals are a critical part of continued success,” Todd said.

For someone who would like to trade the markets, Todd recommends having a minimum savings goal of $2,500. This amount could get you started trading in any market. He gives these tips for establishing a budget:

• Put your budget in writing and include all your expenses, even the extras like cups of coffee or newsstand purchases
• Start by listing essentials first such as mortgage payment or rent
• Complete your list in order of necessity
• Review how much you spend in each area and identify items you could cut out or reduce in order to reach your savings goal
• Determine how much you would save each week with the above cutbacks and use that to figure your monthly savings goal
• Write down your monthly savings goal and post it somewhere as a motivator or reminder
• Review your budget on a regular basis as you come across new or creative money saving ideas like the ones above

“Before you know it, you will have enough to do something you have always wanted to do like trade the markets,” Todd said.

For more information on successful trading, including goal setting please see Todd’s “Steps to Succcessful Trading” article in the Free Trading Articles area of our website.

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Trading Concepts Asserts One More Reason to Take Charge of Your Finances: Recent Report that Social Security Increase Could Be Lowest In Decades

Fox News reported Monday that the social security increase could be the lowest in decades. Todd Mitchell says this is all the more reason to take charge of your finances, and offers insight.

With the partial shutdown and debt ceiling deadline approaching, we have learned that the government may not always be there to meet our needs. Along with Monday’s Fox News report that the social security increase could be the lowest in decades, Todd Mitchell says, “Another new normal is that we cannot rely on government to run status quo and we need to have a personal contingency plan.”

According to Fox News, a small increase would affect tens of millions, including people who rely on Social Security, veterans’ benefits and federal pensions. The actual increase is dependent upon the Cost of Living Report (COLA) which is due to be released this month. Mitchell says that “although this news is disappointing to some, there are other ways to increase earning potential.”

“Trading the markets can be one way to create additional income,” Mitchell said. This is an avenue folks who have never traded before may want to consider. Trading Concepts, Inc. is a trading education company. Their teaching methods are structured so that even people who have never traded before can learn. “Of course it’s not for everybody, but for those with an open mind and the determination to learn, success in trading the markets can happen. Even established traders can benefit from our programs by learning new methods,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s positive, goal- oriented approach to business offers hope and encouragement. “Even in today’s volatile trading market, almost anybody can learn successful trading skills,” Mitchell said. Trading Concepts’ goal is to build better traders through mentoring. Trading Concepts offers mentoring programs dealing with futures, stocks options and FOREX trading. The program is for beginners through experienced traders.

“A major part of success is continuous improvement,” Mitchell states. “And being open to learning proven techniques will allow individuals greater opportunity for success.” This is a personal as well as professional belief Mitchell has held tight to since he began trading in 1988. Whether you are trading for the first time, you wish to build on what you already know, or improve in any areas where you may have fallen short—Trading Concepts provides philosophies, insight and analysis to help other traders succeed.

“So don’t be panicked by the media reports and hype,” Mitchell said. “Have a business plan for your income, work to improve that plan, and be open to re-evaluating that plan if it isn’t working. This is what keeps folks ahead of the curve.”

To view the entire press release, please go to

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Trading Concepts Reports Why Some Traders Can Sleep Well at Night, Despite Government Shutdown

Deals have yet to be made in Congress, perpetuating a partial government shutdown. While others are losing sleep, Todd Mitchell explains why he and his E-Mini Futures students are not worried.

It has happened again, a partial government shutdown. “And the media was shamelessly running around spreading fear and panic like a bad virus,” said Todd Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc. “But when the pundits were screaming ‘the sky is falling’, students of the E-Mini Success Formula shrugged it off,” Mitchell said.

Trading Concepts recently launched their E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 mentoring program, which mentors day traders. This program teaches methods and profit objectives that allow traders to trade with confidence. “There is no overnight risk,” Mitchell said.

Although trading E-mini Futures requires monitoring throughout the day, once your work for the day is done, Mitchell said, “Then you sign out for the day and walk away from your desk without a single worry about government shutdown, fiscal cliffs or any other garbage that keeps investors up at night.” Mitchell added, “If you know how to trade, you create your own economy.” This is why Mitchell and many of his students can still sleep well at night.

“As the US Government shuts down, it reminds us why it’s important to create our own economy. We do this by creating the flexibility of earning a daily income with the same ease in a bearish market as you would in a bullish market,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell encourages traders to get involved in a mentoring program with proven success. For more information on Trading Concepts’ mentoring programs please see the programs tab on our home page.

To see the full press release, please go to

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Trading Concepts Expert Offers Market Analysis in Response to Reports of Potential Government Shutdown

Is the potential government shutdown a serious threat to the markets? Trading Concepts offers insight and advice.

According to, if the house and senate cannot agree on a budget, the government will run out of money next week. Their experts state this would have a negative effect on our economy and our wallets, but this does not cause Trading Concepts Doc Severson to make any quick moves in the markets.

“Over the past two years, the Market has seen many of these “land mines” regarding standoffs between political opponents, all being heavily covered and hyped by the media,” recalls Doc Severson, Trading Concepts’ Chief Options Trader and Mentor. “There was the ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ the ‘Sequester,’ debt ceiling debates, as well as innumerable global crises.” Severson states that in most cases what happens is there is an initial “knee jerk” reaction when the possible crisis is first reported, as it catches the market off-guard.

“But to this point, we’ve seen markets press higher into the event, as traders discount the possibility of a positive resolution. In all of those cases, the market has gone much higher as the short interest gets unwound to the delight of Bulls,” Severson said. He adds, “As we say, ‘this will continue to work until it doesn’t.’”

“Eventually one of these events will be discounted to resolve and will not do so; the downside reaction will be one where no one can hide from the effects, similar to the August 2011 downdraft,” Severson states. He warns, “So while the music continues to play, keep circling the chairs but all the while understand well ahead of time exactly what you will do should the music stop playing and a known risk event arrives.” In other words, have a plan.

According to MSNBC Mad Money’s Jim Cramer, “The Markets are not scared of a shutdown.” On Tuesday he gave several reasons for this along with a survival guide.

Severson sums it up this way, “It’s not what you make when the music’s playing. What you get to keep after it stops is what counts.”

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Todd Mitchell Releases the Much Anticipated E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 on September 17, 2013!

Trading Concepts, Inc., one of the oldest, most respected trading education companies in the industry is releasing their E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 education personalized mentoring program today, September 17, 2013. This program, which teaches trading strategies in the E-mini futures markets (most of the trading strategies work in all other markets too) for traders seeking daily income, hasn’t been available since November 2012.

“The last release of the E-Mini Success Formula sold out within a few days,” said Todd Mitchell, founder and CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc. Mitchell is excited about today’s launch of The E-Mini Success Formula 2.0. The four part program includes training modules, mentoring, exclusive member’s area access, and daily videos to help reinforce and expedite the learning process.

Trading Concepts allows a limited number of students to enroll in the E-Mini Mentoring Program in order to provide a superior learning environment for each student. More than 10,250 students have benefited from this program over the years. Here are some comments from people who have taken the mentoring program:

“It has helped change my life.” – Dave G.- TX

“Super Trading Methodology!” – Doug M. – PA

“The major contributor to my trading success.” – John O.

Here are some of the concepts students will learn in the E-mini Success Formula 2.0 mentoring program to help meet their trading goals:

• Developing the proper skills and the right mindset for successful trading
• A step by step guide to building a trading business plan
• Money management and trade sizing strategies
• Trading Concepts’ proprietary Market Flow Analysis Method™ (MFAM)
• Key times of the day when one can expect the markets to move
• 3 reliable Powerful Price Patterns that can be traded with confidence
• What to look for and how to think at the start of the trading day
• Trading strategies and techniques for trading the intra-day trends
• General principles and specific applications for managing trades
• Tips and market insights on specific topics for trading E-mini futures
• Identifying and trading high-probability counter-trend trades
• Advice on successfully executing a trading plan
• Quick-reference strategy guides and checklists

PLUS a whole lot more there isn’t room here to discuss.

“This mentoring program is literally priceless and provides unlimited lifetime access to the program, daily videos, along with being able to contact me personally” Mitchell said. I truly believe this mentoring program is all a person needs to become a consistently successful E-mini futures trader. It’s definitely worth the time to check it out.” Please visit – it’s only available for a limited time.

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Todd Mitchell Releases 3 Part Video Series Beginning September 10, 2013. The Series Teaches How to Generate Daily Income Trading the E-Mini futures markets.

Starting Tuesday, September 10, Trading Concepts CEO Todd Mitchell is releasing a 3 part video series teaching how to generate daily income trading the E-Mini futures markets. The videos, which will be released throughout the week, will reveal how to apply Trading Concepts’ proven strategies for trading any market.

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? “The 3 part video series that begins today shows people how to do just that. We provide cutting edge information; principles and strategies developed over the last 25 years–strategies that work in any market and in any time frame,” Mitchell said.

There will be a surprise interview with a long-time Trading Concepts student at the end of the video series. The interview will give additional insight into everything taught throughout the week. Mitchell is confident the principles and techniques taught will make any trader a better and more successful trader. Mitchell added that income can be generated by putting in as little as one hour a day.

Anyone can gain access to the videos by going to and registering their email.

The videos will only be available for a limited time. Once the E-mini Success Formula 2.0 Special Release program is full the videos will no longer be available, but you may sign up to join the waiting list or go to our home page to sign up for free daily trading videos.

“We look forward to providing new and exciting opportunities to the public. We are eager to share our knowledge and help others succeed,” Mitchell said.

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What is a Catch-55 and What Is an Alternative? Trading Concepts Explains.

Older workers facing new threats have an alternative to the daily grind. Trading Concepts’ Todd Mitchell and Doc Severson reveal their approach. Most people have heard of the term catch-22. According to Financial Times, there is a new term in the workplace, “Catch-55.” This describes older workers who face having to work past a typical […]

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What do Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell Have in Common?

Todd Mitchell and Henry Ford have many things in common; the greatest of these is providing something to the common person that they may not otherwise have had access to.

This is a story about two men, living a century apart, who share a common goal: opportunity for the average person. Both Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell succeeded in this endeavor. “Success in business starts with a passion for something, continues with the motivation to improve and really materializes when shared with others,” says Todd Mitchell, CEO of Trading Concepts Inc.

Mitchell founded Trading Concepts in 1994 with the desire to share his trading strategies and techniques with the everyday person. Henry Ford also made something available to the ‘common man’—cars—by perfecting the assembly line process. This led to a lower cost for automobiles. Before Ford’s production innovation, cars were only available for the wealthy. Before Trading Concepts, expert techniques and strategies for trading the markets were only available to trading professionals.
Another commonality between Mitchell and Ford is a motto. Henry Ford’s was “Help the Other Fellow”. He believed in providing opportunities for people to help themselves. Trading Concepts’ motto is “Building Better Traders Through Mentoring,” which expresses Mitchell’s desire to help others develop their strategies and techniques for trading the markets. Henry Ford offered education in the workplace; Todd Mitchell’s work place is centered on education. “Teaching someone to do something for themselves serves them well. Just doing it for them will not sustain them in the long run,” Mitchell said.

Both Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell began their business in Michigan and expanded throughout the globe. Both men had an opportunity to provide accessibility and seized the opportunity, resulting in a better society. “In the early 1900’s many many more people were suddenly able to afford a car. Similarly today, almost anyone in the world with a computer and a desire can learn to trade the markets on their own,” Mitchell said.

One could say Henry Ford revolutionized transportation. In today’s entitlement riddled America; those who learn to do for themselves and show others the same will revolutionize society. Trading Concepts is a business that does exactly that.

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Todd Mitchell’s 20 Rules for Trading Success

Always use stops.  Risk control is the true measure of a good consistent trader. If you lose all your capital on the lemons, you can’t play when the great trades set up. Consider cash as having an option value. Don’t over trade.  This is the number one reason why individual traders and investors lose money. […]

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The 5 Steps to Consistent Market Profits

Work on yourself consistently and your personal issues so that they won’t get in the way of your trading.  This step must be accomplished first; otherwise, those issues (if you have any at the moment) will interfere with each of the other four steps that follow. Develop a business plan as a working document to […]

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