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Looking for a Move Down, Down Under

Players in the FX and other markets have become accustomed over the past couple of years to identifying trading environments as “risk on” or “risk off”. The “risk on” days are characterized by rising stocks, lower bonds, precious metals meandering to down, and the Dollar, Yen and Swiss Francs getting sold versus most other currencies. The […]

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Gold Downdate

Well, things change; despite some bids underneath by reserve managers (aka, central banks), we’re seeing pretty sizable liquidation of spot gold holdings by hedge funds, and the buying interest is being overwhelmed. I continue to see something around 175 in the GLD ETF as a reasonable place to begin building a long position, but given […]

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Waiting for Bernanke

An article in the Washington Post suggesting that Fed Chair Bernanke is unlikely to promote any significant new initiatives in his Jackson Hole speech on Friday is generating some comment in the FX market, and negative vibes in equities. The durable goods report for July, which was just released, came in much higher than […]

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All Quiet on the Western (and Eastern) FX Fronts

Well, the Ministry of Finance evidently did not instruct the Bank of Japan to intervene to weaken the Yen last night, nor, apparently, has it done so thus far this evening. In the meantime, dealers took the Dollar up about a Yen from the recent low of 75.95; it is currently trading at 76.85. The Yen was […]

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Will the Bank of Japan Intervene Tonight?

It’s Sunday evening in the U.S., which means that it’s Monday morning in the Far East, with currency traders already hard at work. There has been a good deal of speculation that the Japanese authorities will intervene to drive the Yen lower. A Yen at the current level, around 77 per Dollar, makes Japanese goods […]

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The Swiss Miss, and the FX Market Swings

This is my first effort at providing my fellow students at TradingConcepts with updated information, views and impressions from (primarily) the foreign exchange market, where I spend my working days. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from Todd Mitchell, and it has helped me to navigate charts in a variety of time frames, and to structure […]

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