CMG Stock Trade Closed On The Open For A 20.67 Point PROFIT!

On today’s video I outline the entire CMG stock trade from start to finish. The market had not opened yet when I finished the video, but as I’m writing this it opened up through my profit objective, filling me at a better price than what I was shooting for. Last Thursday a long CMG Stock trade was put on at a price of 243.55, the initial stop loss was set at 233.45 (10.10 point initial risk), and the profit objective was set up at 263.75 (20.20 point profit). I trailed up the stop to lock in profits as the market rallied and finally when CMG opened today, it was higher than the profit objective, filling me at 264.22, making this long trade a 20.67 point PROFIT! On a hundred shares this trade $2,067 and on 1,000 shares this trade made $20,067 – not too bad. If you were able to get in on Google (GOOG) this trade is currently up 12 points. Have a profitable day and I hope this video helps you in your own trading.

AS A SIDE NOTE: Next week I won’t be putting out the daily videos that you’re used to seeing from me – but Doc certainly will. Instead, I will be putting out a series of longer, more instructional E-Mini futures trading videos for you to watch and learn from. These videos will be emailed to you, so please be on the lookout for those next week. All these video’s will also have me on camera, so please let me know what you think – Todd Mitchell


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