Exited Entire AUD Long Trade with a 159 Pip Profit and Opened a SPY Put Options Trade!

I did an extensive interview yesterday with Doc Severson I thought you would enjoy, so please check it out here: www.OptionsMd.com

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Alright, back to trading at hand: The rest of the Australian Dollar / US Dollar (AUSUSD) long trade was stopped out at 1.0329 earlier this morning. This means the trade made 159 pips ($1,590 per standard contract), which isn’t bad, but the market is continuing to make a run to the upside. The second profit objective would have been hit at 1.0415 and we would be trailing the trade up now. Anyways, it was a profitable trade and I hope you were able to catch it.

There was a trade I put on yesterday, it was buying the November 130 SPY Puts at .90. I urge you to watch the video to find out the details on this particular trade. Have a profitable day and I hope this helps you in your own trading.

Don’t forget to get the interview I did with Doc Severson along with the 3 FREE Option Video’s at www.OptionsMd.com


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