Forex Currency Pair Review and Trade Updates

In today’s video I go through the Euro / US Dollar Forex currency short trade which the first profit objective has already been hit to the down side within 24 hours of entering the market. The US Dollar / Japanese Yen short trade is about where we entered short and I’ve got my profit objectives and stop loss in place, just waiting for things to happen. And the other three Forex currency pairs that I spoke about yesterday came within just a few pips of getting me into the trade and then immediately turned around in the direction I was looking for the market to move. Boy that can be frustrating but from time to time that does happen. You just have to be sure to exercise discipline and patience when waiting for a trade to come to you, you don’t want to chase the market. Watch the video and see exactly what I mean. Have a profitable day and I hope this helps you in your own trading.


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