I’m Back and Ready to Go Over 4 Forex Currency Pair Trades With You

I’m back from being away with the family at the beach this 4th of July week and I’m excited to show you four (4) FOREX currency pair trades that I’m embarrassed (not really) to say that I missed. Oh well, you need to take a break from the markets from time to time, and that’s exactly what I did. I definitely needed to recharge my batteries, I just wished I had stayed a bit longer.

On today’s video there are four (4) trades that I want to go over with you, in which three of the four contain the same reliable price pattern. The first two trades I want to show you are profitable sell trade set ups on the Euro /US Dollar and British Pound /US Dollar. Then there’s a great buy trade set up on the US Dollar / Swiss Franc that you absolutely need to see. And the last trade is also a good buy trade set up on the US Dollar / Canadian Dollar in which you would still be long, let’s see if that works out. All in all I really think you can learn a few nice trade set ups that you can learn and apply in your own trading. Have a great day and I hope all of you had a safe and fun 4th of July!


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