“Invest just $1 today and you can watch over my shoulder as I analyze the markets and trade my accounts … for the next 2 weeks.”

An Exclusive Invitation for
Intermediate & Advanced Options Traders:

Dear Friend,

Five days a week, I make a 16-step commute across the hall to my fully-equipped trading room, place my fingers on a keyboard and trade Options strategies that have produced a consistent monthly income for me since 2005.

My students, who span across over 47 countries, use these same strategies to generate (as best I can calculate) a combined average of many, many millions of dollars every year.

Incidentally, I do all this trading and mentoring while still having time to create several new training programs each year, produce a daily newsletter, churn out syndicated articles and other content, pursue entrepreneurial interests, take extended vacations, and spend many hours a week pedaling around Ohio on my bike.

So what’s this all mean for you?

Well, I want to give you everything that thousands of dollars and thousands of hours inside of the School of Hard Knocks taught me …

I want to give you a unique perspective on what I’ve learned to generate consistent monthly income (even during the year-long bear market that started in 2007, the market crash of 2008, and the ensuing market gyrations).

And my intent is not to just throw fish at you through random emails, urging you to immediately enter a trade at a set price. Instead, I want to walk you through each step of my analysis, preparation and reason behind my plan of action.

Look, I built my entire reputation on delivering great value in a straightforward and brutally honest manner – even when it means aggressively protecting capital instead of haphazardly shooting for that lucky home-run trade.

You’ll soon see that I hate losing money. That’s why I base my entire methodology on safe, high-probability, steady income.

Five days a week, I reveal how I approach the markets and show you where I enter, exit, and how I manage each trade based on the opportunities setting up. Everything is disclosed to you as I trade (even my losses).

For over 9 years, I’ve quietly distributed an Options newsletter reserved mainly for PRIVATE distribution among a select group of Options traders.

But after becoming increasingly frustrated over well-known “gurus” dishing out crap (sorry for my choice of words) that keeps traders in the dark, I decided to step up, ruffle a few feathers, and be the change this industry needs.

And since the recent launch of the sold-out OptionsMD training program, I received several emails from people around the world asking if I had a newsletter.

So I figured by offering the Income Rx newsletter to you, it would accomplish two things:

  1. Allow you to act now to save BIG – because you could lock in this ridiculously low price and stay protected from future price increases.
  2. Provide you with the opportunity to see how I trade, learn invaluable market insight, and discover an approach for generating a consistent monthly income – all by watching my exact entries, exits and trade management techniques.

But, before going any further, let me warn you – this newsletter is NOT for everyone … possibly even you!

Might seem strange me telling you NOT to buy my newsletter – but it’s true!

You see, I am fiercely opposed to ANYONE other than YOU having power over your financial future. Millions of retirees lost their shirts in the 2008 crash because someone else had power over their financial future – and I don’t want the same thing happening to you!

I also don’t believe in telling you what to do. Instead, I’d rather show you and educate you on how to make profitable decisions for yourself. That way you’re never handcuffed to some newsletter or “guru” – you can simply use Income Rx as a tool in your financial toolbox.

Keep in mind, this newsletter is not for beginning traders. In fact, to understand most of the information, you need a basic grasp of Options and spread trades. With this understanding, I teach you a series of static, dynamic, and active risk management for getting the most profit (with the least risk) from every trade.

I not only tell you exactly WHAT plays I’m watching … I explain WHY I’m looking at them …
and HOW superior trade management makes all
the difference!

You’re empowered with knowledge, information, and insights as to HOW I profit from the markets. I’m totally transparent – everything is disclosed (the way it should be)!

My newsletter is designed to educate you on how to build a stable and consistent pattern for WEALTH – NOT some rookie, get-rich-quick scheme promising 10,000% profit in one month.

This is for real traders who see wealth as a journey, not as a haphazard kid’s game.

Look at my results since 2005 and you see I don’t like taking wild (and, quite frankly, stupid) risks. Instead, I believe in accumulating money safely, building one step at a time.

Fractal Energy Chart

The OptionsMD Income Rx Options trading system has been in play and continuously optimized for the past several years through varied, challenging market conditions. Careful market timing and a strong emphasis on risk management converge to provide consistent, profitable income investing.

Our goal is to earn approximately 1% on our capital every month; can you achieve higher returns than this? Of course, as your risk management skills increase, you can put more of your capital to work – but I like to set the example by under-trading my account.

This focus on consistency, income protection, and steady income puts Income Rx ahead of nearly 98% of all investors’ results worldwide.

If you invested $100,000 into the S&P500 Exchange Traded Fund (SPY) on September 19, 2005, you would own 810 shares right now at a cost basis of $200.70/share. If you also invested $100,000 into OptionsMD Income Rx trades at the same time, here’s how would the results would compare:

Current Valuations: (Interest and Dividends omitted for clarity)
SPY shares 2/19/2016: 810 shares @ $200.70 = $155,569 or 55.6% return
Income Rx Account 2/19/2016: $214,008 or +114% return

While you can aggressively drive our strategies, I use conservative trade management as a foundation for growth.

Even though the Income Rx service is educational in nature, it’s not just an academic exercise. We have skin in the game on every trade and our future depends on it.

So if you’re not put off by avoiding wild risks and prefer generating consistent monthly income over looking like a hot-shot rookie trying to impress Wall Street babes, then keep reading!

Here’s what you can expect with the Daily Income Rx Newsletter:

  • Rush Delivery to Your Email 5 Days a Week – and posted inside an exclusive Income Rx Members’ Area!
  • A Daily Video Updating You on Current Market Action!
  • An Inside Peek of My Open Orders, PLUS My Defensive & Offensive Game Plans!
  • Actual Options Trades I’m Looking to Take on the Index ETFs!
  • Stock Options Trades I’m Considering for quick-moving, low-risk trades!
  • Clear Position Adjustment Examples!


Quite frankly, I give you an unfair advantage by allowing you exclusive insight into the inner workings of my trade desk!

You get real-time, daily analysis of the markets that’s not available anywhere (period) from a real professional trader.

PLUS, in addition to the newsletter, you also get exclusive members-only access to the Income Rx training area that includes:

BONUS #1: Newsletter Archive – Refer back to past newsletters to see how I strategized past opportunities!

BONUS #2: Insider Webinars – From time to time, I give an “insider” webinar to help answer questions and/or present new material to give your trading a boost!

BONUS #3: High Probability Iron Condor Rules – The rules for this steady and dependable Options trading strategy is fully disclosed and explained just for you!

BONUS #4: Low Probability Iron Condor Rules – Learn the ins-and-outs of this trading system, as well as the pitfalls to avoid!

BONUS #5: Swing Trading Rules – Identify directional swing trades to take advantage of big moves!

BONUS #6: Weekly Options Trading Rules – Discover how to profit from weekly Options!

BONUS #7: Semi-Directional Trading Rules – Trading rules for naked puts/covered calls for better profits and lower risk!

BONUS #8: Technical Indicators – Open your eyes to a new way of looking at the charts with a backstage tour of the Technical Indicators used by the Income Rx newsletter!

BONUS #9: Technical Analysis for Options Traders Guide – A 32-page eBook that shows you how to use leading indicators in technical analysis to improve your edge in Options trades!


And, if you subscribe today, you not only get all this at a substantial discount over the future price – you’re also grandfathered in and protected from price increases as long as you’re a subscriber.

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But to capture these savings, you must act quickly. This offer is only available for a limited time because I’ll only allow 50 people in at this discounted price.

Waiting means you risk missing this special offer. Also, keep in mind, the quicker you register, the faster you get all benefits of being an Income Rx subscriber – like the inside peek at my trade desk, daily videos, and the exclusive coaching area.

And, in case you’re on the fence, listen to these comments from several of my Options students:

Joe R. Options Trader

I enjoy your daily videos a lot. I try and go through my charts and see what I think before seeing what you think, and still find myself being corrected by your views. My account has gone from $31,000 to $53,000 currently and I expect it to keep growing.

Christopher P. Options Trader

Great job with your newsletter, I watch it everyday and have learned a great deal from you. Your newsletter has been critical in helping me form an understanding about how the markets and how the option trades that you do work. Keep up the great work!

Paul M. Options Trader

I love your work and find the information very well presented, especially your daily minute; and I fully agree with a friend of mine who said you are a great 'teacher."

Now, these are just a few comments I have on file – there are many, many more – Isn’t it time you enjoyed the same results as my students?

If you EVER thought about improving your Options trading, now is the time to do it. Save big AND take advantage of some of the best trading conditions we’ve seen!

* 14 Day Free Trial *

Let’s face it: What’s the worst that could happen if you sign up now and don’t think the Income Rx newsletter as good as I promise? Right now you only risk $1.

I’m giving you a two-week trial because I don’t want your money if you discover the Income Rx newsletter isn’t a good fit for you. All I ask is that you give it a try – see if you agree that your exclusive access is different than any other newsletter program.

Join me for the next two weeks for just $1.

If the Income Rx newsletter doesn’t feel right at any point, you can cancel at any time without further obligation.

Fair enough?

Doc Severson
Principal Options Trader and Creator of OptionsMD

P.S. As you know, most people read a letter like this and do nothing. They don’t take action, so they continue to struggle.

Why not start your two-week trial now and see how proper Options trading instruction can improve your trading – and deliver consistent monthly income?

You only need a $1. And if you cancel before your two weeks are up, you won’t get billed a single penny more!

* 14 Day Free Trial *

P.P.S. Again, this isn’t your ordinary newsletter. You get:

  • Rush Delivery to Your Email 5 Days a Week – and Posted Inside of the Members’ Area!
  • A Daily Video Updating You on Current Market Action!
  • An Inside Peek at My Open Orders, PLUS My Defensive & Offensive Game Plans!
  • Actual Options Trades I’m Looking to Take on the Index ETFs!
  • Stock Options Trades I’m Considering for fast-moving, low-risk trades!
  • Clear Position Adjustment Examples!

PLUS THOUSANDS of dollars in bonuses, such as my Newsletter Archives, Insider Webinars, High-Probability Iron Condor Rules, Low-Probability Iron Condor Rules, Swing Trading Rules, Weekly Options Trading Rules, Semi-Directional Trading Rules, Technical Indicator Tour, and the Technical Analysis for Options Traders Guide!

You get all this the instant that you become a member of my exclusive Income Rx community of traders. But remember, this offer is only available for a limited time. Once the space fills – your $1 offer ENDS.