You Must LEARN How to Trade

Todd MitchellIn our personal opinion and years of experience we strongly feel that you will not become a successful trader (e-mini, forex, options or stock) unless you properly learn how to trade the markets.  Settling for anything less would only drain your pocket book and therefore cripple you as a trader. You may be asking yourself, “what do they mean by settling for anything less”? What we mean is purchasing extremely expensive Mechanical Trading Systems (of which many “promise the moon”, which most often falls short), letting a CTA trade your money or subscribing to some signal service that does not teach you how to trade for yourself.  What you end up doing when you purchase a Mechanical Trading System, give your money to a CTA or Subscribing to some signal service is relying 100% on someone else’s findings without any decisions coming from yourself…or even learning how to trade for yourself.  Your whole livelihood is then dependent upon someone else. Who wants to go through life that way? 

Therefore, relying on someone else is no way to successfully and consistently trade.  Trading is an art, not a science, that is why you must learn how to trade for yourself.  With over 30 combines years of experience under our belts, the one thing we must stress upon you is — Learning How To Trade For Yourself Is The Way To Truly Succeed In Today’s Markets!

Sit back and try to imagine relying on your income (to live on?) from trading when you’re dependent on someone else.  REMEMBER: If You Decide To Learn How To Trade For Yourself You Will Most Likely Never Lose That Innate Skill That You Develop.  On the other hand, if you depend on someone else, I’m pretty sure the consistency will eventually go away, if there is any consistency to begin with. Sure you may have a great month or two, but three years down the road will you still feel confident that you’ll be able to support your family? Probably not.  Remember, you would be depending on someone else to pull through for you. Trading is like any other worthwhile profession, you must learn a specific skill. A lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer, etc. do not rely on someone else for their skill, they, like professional traders have to learn the skill in order to make a living. Nothing in life is that easy!

Please remember, there is no “holy grail” or “magic bullet” out there that’s going to make you money in the markets without having to do any work…nothing in life is that easy, and if there were, everybody would be doing it, wouldn’t they!?

The one thing we will NOT do is sit here and tell you that we’ve got some “holy grail” mechanical trading system or “magic bullet” that will make you a millionaire overnight, we’re simply going to show you how to trade (either e-mini’s, forex, options or stocks), in order for YOU to become a more successful trader. The one thing that we truly want you to get out of this article is the importance of LEARNING HOW TO TRADE FOR YOURSELF INSTEAD OF RELYING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S TRADE RECOMMENDATIONS.

I hope you make the right decision that’s best for your individual trading needs, because we know there are a lot of different choices out there to choose from. As you already know, there are 1,000’s of websites out there promoting different systems, software, courses, robots, etc.  And as you’re probably already aware many of them show you perfect buy and sell signals on their charts, claim to have the “holy grail”, and most give exaggerated trading claims.  


So, our true intent is simply trying to warn you of what’s out there, because if we were in your shoes we certainly would want to know the same things that we’re trying to convey to you. 

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