LIVE Trading Room

EARN While You LEARN & Take Your Trading Skills to a Higher & More Profitable Level

Learn the Skills on a Daily Basis to Help YOU Become a Consistently Profitable Day Trader & Speed Up Your Learning TENFOLD while Making Money Along the Way!

Here’s how it works...
We day trade E-Mini S&P and 30 Year T-Bond futures... with most attention on the E-Mini S&P (ES). You don’t need any special charting software. You'll see our charts, where we enter trades, where we place stop losses, how we manage trades, and where and when we take profits. Furthermore, we talk you through this entire process.

Be Coached Step-by-Step through each LIVE Trade & Learn exact Entries, Stop Placement, Profit Objectives, & Complete A to Z Trade Management that will allow YOU to Learn, Think, Act, & Execute like a Professional Trader.

Each day is crammed with trading education. You hear why we take trades and skip others – just as if you were “inside our head.” You can ask any question you want. Since there’s plenty of time between trades, we fill the gaps by coaching you on any trading topic you want.

Gain the Confidence, Discipline, & Patience you Need to Become a Consistently Successful Day Trader.

We focus on consistent, daily profits. Draw-downs are kept small and manageable. You can follow our trades on a small account. We normally don’t risk more than $150 (3 points) on any given trade. On a normal day, we place 4 to 6 trades. So there’s enough activity to learn fast – but not so much that you get confused.
If you're a serious trader, the 4-Hour Income Strategy  Mentoring Program combined with our LIVE Trading Room will be your ticket to consistent profitability... take a look at the Performance Results below!

A few reasons for joining a community of traders that are learning & trading the same strategies...

Reason #1

Spend each day from 8:15am ET – 12:30pm ET being coached step-by-step through each trade that develops.

Reason #2

Be given high probability trade zones, entries, stops, profit objectives, and the trade management rules that you need to know to trade successfully.

Reason #3

Learn exactly what needs to set up before actually taking a trade and when to step aside and not trade at all.

Reason #4

Learn how to develop the discipline and patience you must acquire to become a consistently successful trader.

Reason #5

Learn powerful and relevant trading tips, tricks, and strategies throughout each and every trading day.

Reason #6

See professional trading tactics in actoin which helps correct your trading choices and reactions to what works.

Reason #7

Get all your questions answered real-time during the day and learn a great deal from other traders' questions.

Reason #8

Learn from powerful & educational trading lessons on a daily basis - continue to learn and grow as a trader each and every day.

What Are You Waiting For... Let's Start Making Some Money Together!

What REAL Traders Are Saying About the LIVE Trading Room...

Shane Melaugh

“since I joined the Live Trading Room I am up $80K in 2 months”

“Craig is a great teacher and trader, since I joined the Live Trading Room I am up $80K in 2 months in my trades. He has helped me believe in your trading methodology. Thanks again!”

Byron W. - Burnaby, British Columbia 

Shane Melaugh

“I used $15k to trade and made $1300. That's 9%!!”

“I LOVE working with you! Rest assured that I have nothing but great things to say. Last week I used $15k to trade and made $1300. That's 9%!! And, I took several trades alone in the afternoon and was able to use resources like the other markets, and internals to guide my decisions.”

Sharon M. - San Francisco, California

Shane Melaugh

“I got smart and I knew I had to get some professional trading education”

"Like most new traders I started off losing consistently. I got smart and I knew I had to get some professional trading education. So I shopped around, found Todd's course, and I bought it. Overnight, Todd took me from being a consistently losing trader to consistently making money. I am now trading full-time!"

Rip N. - Jacksonville, Florida