The 57.7 Billion Dollar Solution...
It Could Mean +1,000% Returns for Us!

Hi, Todd Mitchell here… 

I believe there is a HUGE opportunity here and I wanted to quickly share it with you. Do me a favor and read what I've written below... you'll be glad you didJanuary 28th is when this Special Offering ends!

Back in 2010, and prior to that, I was spending TONS of money a year -- for nothing.

The money was going toward Google pay-per-click ads and back then I thought it was the only way to advertise online. 

The problem was, I couldn’t figure out where my new students were coming from or if the advertising was doing us much good--but based on the number of new students I was getting, it wasn’t. 

I finally had to quit advertising with Google because the clicks got so expensive, and we just weren’t getting the students I was hoping for. The breaking point came when the search term ‘e-mini', 'options trading' - or any other type of trading search word eventually rose to 14 dollars per click--and that was over 8 years ago. 

In writing about this I got curious, so I checked what it cost currently to have someone click on your ad for the search term ‘options trading’, or any other good trading search word -- and believe it or not it costs a whopping 43 dollars! That doesn’t mean they’ve bought anything, or even given you their email for a free report -- it’s just what it cost for a click. Imagine someone sitting there clicking on your ad over and over again at 43 dollars a pop. It wouldn’t take long to vaporize your entire ad budget.

Deep down inside I always suspected some of these clicks were fake anyway. And finally, about two months ago I had that suspicion confirmed when we got a check from Google for several thousand dollars from a class action lawsuit for fake clicks from when we used to advertise with them years ago. 

There Has to be a Better Way

That little story might give you an idea of what online advertisers are up against. And even if your ad exposure is real, most ads are just skipped over--even the ones that pop up in your face when you go to a new website--they are more irritating than effective.  

But advertisers have to advertise to get their products in front of potential buyers--their only choice is where to show their ads. From following industry trends, we know more and more dollars are moving online--the estimate for online ad spending in 2018 is 57.7 billion dollars, up from $45 billion last year. 

Let that amount of money sink in for a moment.

But even that lofty figure is estimated to rapidly increase to over $65 billion in 2019, and then over $86 billion in 2020.

There's a Huge Amount of Money Up for Grabs for the Right Solution

Companies that create a good online solution for advertisers will literally rake in billions of dollars. We’ve already seen it with Google and they have, in my opinion, a terrible online solution--even though it’s great for them. Google brought in 28.6 billion dollars in revenue for their online advertising in 2017--more than most publicly traded companies will make in the next ten years. Snapchat (SNAP) is valued at about 18 billion dollars and nobody looks at their ads--they are just an annoyance while users try and message each other. 

Twitter (TWTR) is in the same boat and the market valued that company at over 38 billion dollars at its peak. 

Imagine how much the market would value a company that has a good online advertising solution? 

Or how about a great one?

What if...?

What if...a company combined all the viral growth of a mobile gaming company with advertisements that actually get watched--and that attention could be guaranteed to the advertiser?

What would advertisers pay to have their ads guaranteed to be watched by an audience targeted directly for their product?

That’s what we’ve got with my latest recommendation -- a real solution for that 57.7 billion dollars of online advertising dollars looking for a home.

I’ve been investigating this company for a while now and am extremely impressed with management -- particularly the company’s CEO, Aaron Itzkowitz, who has an extensive history of building successful companies.

My Experience Made Me Want to Invest--
& Now I'm Encouraging You to Do the Same 

Plus, I was intrigued because of our previous experience with our own advertising -- so much so that I've invested my own money. 

And then when they launched this latest round of financing, I put in even more  yet. And now I’m encouraging you to do the same.

This company has turned watching ads into a game -- a game in which you are guaranteed to win. The prizes aren’t points or tokens or gold stars on your forehead, they are cash. The only question is how much you’ll make.

Once you see the solution you’ll be blown away -- they even have a way to make sure viewers are watching the ads -- if they turn their sound down or look away, the ad stops. This bit of magic is unique to this company and they are applying for a patent for the technology -- a patent that is likely to become increasingly valuable as time goes on.

They've Already Proven the Concept 

When I questioned them on how many people would be interested in playing such a game, it was revealed that their beta testing quickly added 15 thousand users in just 6 months with minimal exposure. In fact, so many people were joining they had to shut the program down for the next six months to add server capacity and beef up their code. 

And now -- this quarter -- they are launching for real. It’s estimated they will be cashflow positive within 90 days of launch -- and possibly sooner. And from there the revenues could ramp up very quickly. 

This is the kind of thing that could go viral as millennials look for something to do as they wait for the bus, wait in line at the bank or just kill time anywhere. And it all happens on mobile devices like smart phones--exactly where all the advertising dollars are stampeding. 

Finally -- an Investor Friendly Start-Up 

But the real kicker for us as investors is how the company is structured.

This new company will have about 16 million shares outstanding after this is closed and after every round of financing, they can foresee the total number of shares is estimated to be less than 20 million. That small number of shares makes every share potentially extremely valuable.

Now, remember Snapchat is valued at $16.27 billion and Twitter is valued at $15.26 billion -- but if this new company gets valued at just one billion, each share of stock will be worth 50 dollars.

This Stock has Huge Potential Upside...

That stock value could make you a million dollars on just a $10,000 investment. But if this stock takes off like I think it will, we could make even more. The key to the company not diluting its shareholders is they aren’t going public in the traditional way -- they are going public with a new form of financing called 'Title III Equity Crowd-Funding’. This is where smaller investors can get in on the early seed rounds previously only available to relatively wealthy accredited investors. 

The SEC regulated company facilitating this process is called Start Engine and this is what they do. It allows companies with good ideas to get funding without falling into the toxic financing death spiral as you may have experienced with other companies.

Plus a LOW Entry Price 

This initial pre-launch financing is being offered at just 1.00 per share and I suggest you buy as many shares as you can comfortably afford.

The company is committed to keeping their total outstanding shares at less than 20 million--so if they just reach a 2 billion dollar valuation (not the 18 billion of SNAP or the 38 billion peak value of TWTR) the stock will be worth 100 per share--in other words your $10,000 jumps to 1 million.

Now as always, do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

But heck with a concept this good you have to invest something -- and right now the price is so low if anything happens we'll make money. 

The nice thing about this format is everyone can get in at the same price because the stock isn’t fluctuating. They are offering one million shares at a dollar a piece and once they are gone so is the opportunity. Which is why I’m recommending you buy as many shares as you can now.

Get All the Information You Need to Make Your Decision 

The company has put together a great informational page about their product and what it can do, along with a button to invest through Start Engine. Also, be sure to scroll down on their online public offering page to see the three different scenarios for a potential exit strategy/liquidity event.

I’m thinking of this as at least a one-year hold, and I suspect we are going to be very glad we got involved -- especially at this stage and at this price.

Special Note:  I’ve invested my own money in this company based on this concept, which I absolutely love, and think will be HUGE. After a more extensive investigation of the company and several conversations with its founder, he offered my company 25,000 warrants to expose the opportunity to my subscribers -- and I agreed. Trading Concepts, Inc. was paid those warrants in January of 2018. I'm proud to offer the opportunity of investing in this start-up because I believe it will do us all a lot of good -- but it's important for you to know Trading Concepts, Inc. is being compensated to promote the company. However, as a businessman I would never agree to be compensated in shares instead of cash if I didn't think those shares were going to become a lot more valuable.