A Meaningful Trading Advantage

Edward C. Turner

Stopwatch     Often in life, I have observed that the opening few minutes of the endeavors that I have undertaken have become the best and most rewarding part of the total events.  Give examples, you say? Sure: the opening few minutes of a movie are often the most exciting, the opening chess moves (my hobby) set exciting strategies for the war to follow, the first brush strokes on canvas usher in the landscape to follow, a first kiss, the beginning of a firework, the first few minutes of a trading day, the . . . .  Hey, wait a minute; that last one, why is that one so rewarding? Because the opening minutes of the trading day can give you a meaningful trading advantage that can correlate to profits in your pocket. Want to hear more? OK, good, grab a “few minutes,” and let’s talk about it.    

     The opening minutes can give significant information – especially if you’re a day or short-term trader. Examples might be: could the market test new lows or new highs today, will price action be volatile or turtle’s paced, and how about the type of day: trending or sideways?  Early insight into the market’s particular way of moving certainly will give a competitive edge! The following are a few items that you might consider using during the opening minutes:

  1. Check yesterday’s trading range and the night’s Globex range.  Identify how the market reacted when testing the high and low boundaries of those ranges.  Increased participation at range extremes may suggest a pullback into the range.
  2. Check the first few minutes of the trading volume. Early large volume can signal high volatility and announces that institutional buying is in the market. Low volume, the opposite, signals the possibility of a range-bound trading day.
  3. Check oil, gold, bonds, and the dollar. If they are breaking to new levels, watch for equities to reprice. Quiet global markets may signal a sideways market day.
  4. Check volume at the bid price versus the offer.  Also, be observant of the size of the trades. Trade in the direction of the large volume.

     In trading, you want to be a good steward of your money and your time. Wisely using the opening trading minutes may very well save you hours of anguish later in the day. Besides, haven’t you heard that saying, “Time is money?” Well, maybe the next trading day would be a good time to put those words into practice. I wish you much success!

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