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Henry Serrano

Greg Houle

Byron Wong

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Rip Norton

Brian Latta

Bob Cikalo

William Mitzlaff

Sharon Mor
Paul P.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

Craig is a great moderator and teacher. The experience has been very rewarding and profitable.

Nick S.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

Craig, I have been in more rooms than I can count and you are already by far the most helpful moderator I have come across 🙂

Maurice A.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

Your live training room under Craig Hill has been a big help to me and has given me the confidence to act on my recognition of the set ups and to have the patience to wait for the follow through. I have enjoyed his comments and training.

Clint U.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

Craig is an excellent trade room moderator. He keeps us well informed of what he is doing and annotates the charts very well. I really appreciate him.

Hendrik I.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

It’s been a very positive experience learning from professional traders. I am fortunate to participate in live trades and at the same time take profits. Thank you once again.

Carl H.Momentum Trader's Edge; Trading Room

Todd, just wanted to let you know that Craig is, in my opinion, an excellent host in the room. I am both enjoying and learning from him.

Trond M.1K-a-day

Thank you, Todd! The $1K-a-Day program has been a great help for me with swing trading stocks! Thanks again for all you do.

Edwin K.Actionable Trade Videos

Thank you so much for your actionable trade videos!! Out of all the 100's of emails I get each day, I look forward to getting yours. It’s like being held by the hand and guided each step of the way.

Edwin K.Actionable Trade Videos

I can feel your passion for teaching and your desire to reveal the necessary details that make such a big difference. Thank you for your up front and honest approach.

Paul L.Calendar Spreads

I attended the calendar spread webinar a few Saturdays ago and found it one of the most professionally presented programs I have ever attended...."

Mr. C.E-Mini Trader

Your session on Psychology is fantastic and your Trade Plan is very comprehensive as it forced me to face certain issues that I have not addressed adequately through the years and it has caused me a lot of pain. Your guide has led me to list them down objectively and made me list down what I need to do to address these issues. It is very brow beating to admit and acknowledge these issues; it is very good for my equity and to move on to higher trading levels. Thanks."

Judy M.E-Mini Trader

I am so glad I joined up for E-Mini Success Formula 2.0! I have been trading for the last 3 years and struggling to break even. Just trading in the times of day you specify has made a huge difference. I am up to the income generating strategies and it just gets better. Thank you.

Kathleen U.E-Mini Trader

No stone left unturned here! You are absolutely right – this has been the missing link in most other programs. Flawless presentation in a clear and concise manner. For the first time in my long trading pathway I finally am developing an unbelievable state of confidence, necessary to achieve any real consistent trading success.

Mr. C.E-Mini Trader

I must say that joining your e-minis S&P futures program is one of my best decision to continue my education to build my trading journey.

Timothy O.E-Mini Trader

This is a great module. I think reading volume can be a pretty subjective process. But it has the ability to tell the ‘story behind the story’. If watching price action is like listening to a speaker deliver a speech, then reading volume is like observing their body language. Great job.

Jason S.E-Mini Trader

Thanks Todd, all great stuff.

Jerome S.E-Mini Trader

I’m learning a lot about trends and I’ve had a moment of clarity.

George W.E-Mini Trader

Thanks for your professionalism and pleasant demeanor. You exude concern for your students and that is very refreshing in today’s business world. I’m looking forward to progressing to the master trader level.

Floris P.E-Mini Trader

Hi Todd, Thanks so much for all this valuable and life changing information.

Dan H.E-Mini Trader

Hi Todd. I’m nearly finished with the course. Excellent!! Well worth the price.

Antonia N.E-Mini Trader

Hi Todd I love this program--it opens the eyes to trading!

Les B.E-Mini Trader

Very informative program. I have been through it and have leaned a lot.

Larry H.E-Mini Trader

This is without a doubt the BEST explanation of the NYSE tick charts I have ever seen. Thanks to you for being so thorough to show us the mechanics behind the numbers.

Barbara B.E-Mini Trader

Todd Mitchell is an amazing teacher. He has been teaching for 20 years. I have tried many many courses and methods, and I find his method the most valid of all. He really has it together.

MikeE-Mini Trader

Thank you! The daily videos and charts are fantastic teaching tools!!

Gary W.E-Mini Trader

I was so very impressed with your easy and clear way of relating to me and my questions. You have opened up a whole new world of trading to me and I will be forever grateful.

Gary W.E-Mini Trader

The time spent about trade management and all the ins and outs of the subject was just fabulous!! Thank you so much!!!

Gary W.E-Mini Trader

What an excellent visit I had with you this week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing attention and specific help.

RebeccaE-Mini Trader

I want to thank you for your great teachings and for making yourself available to your students so that we actually get to talk to a real live person.

RebeccaE-Mini Trader

Todd I came to buy your course because a good friend was kind enough to let me know about what a great course it is and how you as a teacher simplify the material and make it practical, usable, and understandable. Now because someone took the time to let me know about something so good, and because you are so good at what you do I have greatly enhanced my ability and understanding about trading. Thanks so much again Todd.

John D.E-Mini Trader

Without your course I would not have been where I am now. As you know, I have been trading for a few years already on and off, and now, at last, I can do it full time , thanks to you.

John D.E-Mini Trader

I am real grateful to you, you are a good man, please keep the good work up.

Jarrod M.E-Mini Trader

Your E-mini course has been nothing short of fantastic.

Jarrod M.E-Mini Trader

I also appreciate you returning my call the other day and also taking your time to go over the chart with me.

Michael T.E-Mini Trader

I have been a student of yours for at least 10 years and I trade your system with excellent results. As you have always said, your system applies to all investment vehicles in all time periods. I will attest to that. Thank you for changing my life.

Tom F.E-Mini Trader

Well worth the trip to meet you and discuss the Trading Concept system. You are not only a professional but a very personable human being. I feel confident in learning from you. Keep up your great work and efforts.

Paul P.E-Mini Trader

I love your course and appreciate all that you put into it. You're a great teacher and I look forward to the daily charts & videos.

GregE-Mini Trader

Wow. I am very impressed so far. Your MFAM is so right on the money. I feel like I am trading with confidence for the first time.

GregE-Mini Trader

In the past two days of trading this week I have placed 8 trades. Only 1 did not pan out, mostly because I got into it too early in the morning.

GregE-Mini Trader

Your evening charts and videos are almost worth the price of admission by themselves.

GregE-Mini Trader

Another great day of trading. Placed 3 trades, all of them made me money.

GregE-Mini Trader

I am so gratified with the info I am getting about trading from your really excellent course.

GregE-Mini Trader

The more I study your materials and practice your strategies, the more I am amazed at how complete this information is. I feel like I have been given a great gift. So, thank you again, Todd.

Jim E.E-Mini Trader

It's excellent analysis and exactly what you teach in your course. Thanks for an excellent trading system and your continued support of your students. You really deliver what you say you will!

Greg L.E-Mini Trader

Your methodology is working quite well for me. The support with the nightly charts and video help a tremendous amount. I have to thank you again for all you and your course has done for me.

Bruce B.E-Mini Trader

I have really enjoyed your course and have successfully applied your methodology in the e-mini. Thank you very much partner.

Ron A.E-Mini Trader

I'm a student of two years and I have to say your program is the BEST.

Ron A.E-Mini Trader

You're methodical, to the point and no fluff. Everything you say is impactful and meaningful.

GregE-Mini Trader

I have not had a single unprofitable day since I started applying your trading methods.

Mike G.E-Mini Trader

I had a good day; made 3 points this morning. I followed your procedures. It works. Thanks.

Mark L.E-Mini Trader

Up 3 points for the day and I'm done for this day. Up 1.5 points yesterday and 3 points today. Good start to the week. Thanks again.

DaleE-Mini Trader

Trading is going pretty well since mid-March when I started using your method live. In 6 total weeks all weeks have been profitable and 5 of the six weeks I have met my weekly target (9 points per contract).

John D.E-Mini Trader

I am a lifetime follower of Trading Concepts and will NEVER look in another direction again.

JohnE-Mini Trader

The BEST reading EVER in my life !!! And as you know, I've spent many thousands on all sorts of courses etc.

Steve V.E-Mini Trader

For the first time ever I have been consistently profitable in my trading! I closed out my first month in the black and have been compounding that into my second month which will also be again profitable.

RonE-Mini Trader

I do learn a lot from your trade videos! They are appreciated very much!

RonE-Mini Trader

You triggered me and made me very curious with the 3 'breakout strategies' videos; they are really awesome! It is because of these 3 videos that I want to make it as a day trader in futures.

RonE-Mini Trader

I consider you as a very serious and consistent coach. I am so glad I encountered both you and Doc! Massive thanks and kind regards!

Jerry B.E-Mini Trader

I joined up for your E-Mini success Formula mentoring and I love it. Thanks for the great training.

JanE-Mini Trader

I am new subscriber of your E-mini Formula 2.0 course and I love all the information, videos and bonuses related to this course which offer me great educational value and can significantly shift my trading experience forward.

Kambiz K.E-Mini Trader

I wanted to let you know that I have finally begun day trading the e-mini S&P. I've been viewing your daily videos and charts for the past few months. They've been invaluable. Thanks for all your help.

Elizabeth F.E-Mini Trader

I am enjoying your class so much. I love the way you teach; the tone, the speed and the repetition. I have found it to be very helpful.

Elizabeth F.E-Mini Trader

I feel so honored to have enrolled in your program. 'People perish for lack of knowledge.' Thank you for your unselfishness in sharing your knowledge and the hard work you have put into the program.

Richard H.E-Mini Trader/ FOREX Trader

As I mentioned, the S&P Training and the FOREX Training Courses have been a godsend for me this past year, along with the Trading Rooms for both. It has been all you & others said it would be, and more than I expected.

SharonE-Mini Futures

I find your program to be one of the best I've ever experienced. Really.

Patrick S.FOREX Trader

I’m almost finished with the Forex course. I have gained new insights into the market, which I’m sure will come in useful. Many Thanks to Todd and Team.

Chris S.FOREX Trader

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn your methodology and for backing it up with a guarantee. I am looking to be the best.

Chris S.FOREX Trader

Taking winning probability to a new level.

Stephen S.FOREX Trader

Wow. This Is Awesome. It really helps you to get into the flow and have a feel for the markets. Thanks for making it available and sharing it. What insight--much appreciated.

Darren S.FOREX Trader

I’ve been at this for about 5 years now and this is without doubt the most amazing stuff I’ve ever read! I’ve always been aware of the fight between the conscious and sub-conscious mind but never had it explained in such a no-nonsense way. This document fills in so many gaps, I’m speechless. So often Traders never actually determine their motivations or where they want to get and wonder why they can’t reach their goals. This stuff is 1st class, thanks guys.

Timothy H.FOREX Trader

Hello. This stuff is amazing.

Chris S.FOREX Trader

I look forward to a lifelong partnership here with you. Thanks Mentor! I can’t wait to keep learning more!!

Vitaly K.FOREX Trader

I just finish FX Pro Trading Strategies, thank you for grate trading methodology!!!

Larry H.FOREX Trader

Very good stuff!!! I have tried to follow a couple of other methods before and they just did not make it seem as simple as you do. The power of these indicators is truly amazing.

Jarrod M.FOREX Trader

Craig is doing a fantastic job with the FOREX room. I've learned a lot about the forex and your methods. I've had no previous experience with the forex either. Craig has taken his time over the phone to get me up to speed on the forex lingo as I call it. Excellent room.

Ran K.FOREX Trader

Thank you, I wanted to mention that Forex Program is excellent. On my test runs so far, I am making profits. Thanks again.

Steven M.FOREX Trader

I bought Todd Mitchell's program in forex and how he teaches the fib retracements makes so much sense I am actually starting to make money.

Gerhard N.Free Daily Videos

I have learned more from your daily free trading videos than anyone else could have been teaching me. I am very very thankful for your free daily videos.


Thanks Todd, I do so appreciate you replying to everyone’s questions and comments, very cool! You are always very patient and answer in ways that any newbie can understand, Thanks much!

Armando B.General

I am a fan of yours (Doc), Todd, and Craig. You are certainly great teachers who are truly passionate about teaching this stuff.

Armando B.General

Unlike other charlatans out there, you truly believe in your teaching methods and this is manifested by the number of testimonials you receive from yours students." You don't over hype and gouge students. You really make it affordable and truly care about your student success by making yourself available to answer questions and clarify any points that are not clear in what you teach.

Armando B.General

You don't over hype and gouge students. You really make it affordable and truly care about your student success by making yourself available to answer questions and clarify any points that are not clear in what you teach.

Javier C.General

If you are the real Todd, you are the first trading teacher/coach to answer an email from me. I've tried with others but they have never answered themselves. Thank you for answering my email Todd.

Jack A.General

You and Doc are among the rare, honest, competent trading teachers who are available. I have very high respect for you as men and as traders! Thank you.


Thanks. I am concentrating on your materials. Because I am not interested in sitting in front of my screen all day, the 30-minute breakout appealed to me. So far, with paper trading it for the last 3 weeks, I have 10 wins and 5 losses for a net paper profit of over $1,000, with 1 contract.

Bernard H.General

I recently joined your mentoring program and am very, very glad I did. After struggling with trading for nearly four years, I managed to turn the tide in the last three months. I managed to recover my account after decimating it by 50%.

Bernard H.General

Todd, I love your charting. I think that framing price action the way you do is BRILLIANT! I look forward to completing your pyramid and will keep you posted. Thanks for your excellent efforts!


I learn something from you every day. That is why I have been a long time viewer of yours. Thanks Todd. You sure have had some pretty awesome trades lately. Thanks again.

Cindy Jo S.General

Thank you for all the video, workshops, etc. You guys are awesome. I've been with you for 2 years and I'm still Thank you from the heart of Texas!!!

Paul K.General

I should be thanking you for the loyalty! You guys are, day in a day out, the most helpful and instructive group I have ever come across.

Paul K.General

You are always so patient and encouraging with me. I have learned so much from you and it is starting to work for me. Please stay in touch and never hesitate to send your sound and solid investment advice. Thank you Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Severson!


I've come to realize that what you all are doing at Trading Concepts is the very top of the line and the place that we wish to invest our money for trader education.


Thanks again for everything you do. Your video from yesterday was awesome (and congratulations on such a good trading day!). I can't tell you how much I learn from your daily videos. Really.

JR P.General

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have totally changed the strategy of trading after going thru your lessons. No more guessing & emotions. I am really elated by just thinking of using your strategy.

JR P.General

What could be better than the Price Action itself? Your methodology is great. There is no agitation and lots of peace for the first time in this trade.

Antek S.General

I love all the members of your team. When I started 9 months ago, I never had a clue. Education is my primary objective and Trading Concepts has been the bedrock of my development. All the best.

Chris B.General

You should be very proud of what you have achieved and the fine team you have created; they all contribute with their own style and in step with your overall intent; you make a great team.

Dolph G.Hindenburg

Just a quick note about yesterday's workshop. Excellent job. I'm so happy that I 'rediscovered' your website.

Jim F.Hindenburg

I watched your webinar on the Hindenburg and enjoyed it immensely.

Rick F.Hindenburg

Thanks again for a great webinar last Saturday! I REALLY enjoyed of the best I’ve ever seen for dealing with bear markets and being 'in position', very well done.

Kurt S.IncomeRX Trader

I have been receiving the newsletter now for approximately one week and am very much enjoying the material. I have already seen it has helped me be more disciplined and less impulsive.

Don C.IncomeRX Trader

I am really enjoying the OptionsMD program, as well as the IncomeRX Newsletter. Your teaching methodology is excellent.

Merilyn M.IncomeRX Trader

I have been reviewing your newsletter and just wanted to thank you for all this help. I am very impressed with your overviews.

Larry S.IncomeRX Trader

Two years ago we sold our house in Ohio and moved to Denver Colorado to be closer to our children and our grandchildren. Without trading I could not have done this. I would have been in a job that was very I can work anywhere that I have an Internet connection.

Robert K.IncomeRX Trader

I just want to give you a shout out and say that I find the short flash videos on current market action and position analysis (in the newsletters) to be very useful. Believe it or not this stuff is beginning to sink in. Thanks!

Buddy S.IncomeRX Trader

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. I have really appreciated your wisdom and diligence in analyzing the markets with us daily. You are very good at what you do.

Christopher P.IncomeRX Trader

Great job with your newsletter, I watch it every day and have learned a great deal from you. Your newsletter has been critical in helping me form an understanding about how the markets and how the option trades that you do work. Keep up the great work!

Paul M.IncomeRX Trader

I love your work and find the information really well presented, especially your daily minute; and I fully agree with a friend of mine who said you are a great 'teacher'.

Trond M.IncomeRX Trader

I have been following your OptionsMD IncomeRx newsletter for some months now...I feel now that this is the most comprehensive newsletter I have ever read and it gives a solid analysis of the markets. So all credit to you!

Joe R.IncomeRX Trader

I enjoy your daily videos a lot. I try and go through my charts and see what I think before seeing what you think, and still find myself being corrected by your views. My account has gone from $31,000USD to $53,000 currently, and I expect it to keep growing.

Kathleen U.IncomeRX Trader

I have been gleaning lots of valuable info from your Income RX newsletter .... Due to your integrity and phenomenal OMD class I realized a great deal about myself as a trader and am well on my way to fine tuning my trading journey.

Kathleen U.IncomeRX Trader

I find trading to be a very spiritual path as it has the ability to reveal some of my greatest weaknesses and strengths. Your class gave me the 'key' to go further an to understand how to make whatever my trading style is my own. Thank you for being who you are. I am an extremely satisfied student.

Chris B.Mentoring

Todd, I cannot articulate enough how pleased I am with your entire package, in particular your teaching methods and caring attitude towards those less experienced than yourself. You exemplify the word 'Mentor'.

John C.Momentum Trader's Edge

You're making a believer out of me. This (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) is the best thing I have seen.

Rip N.Momentum Trader's Edge

Man...I've always thought there HAS to be a way to get into moves earlier, but just didn’t have anything wired.... the 8/21 (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Richard T.Momentum Trader's Edge

I plan on having a retirement party for my wife by Christmas of next year, then another one for me the next year. The 8/21 (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) is going to get me there, thanks to you.

John B.Momentum Trader's Edge

Today was very good for me - BECAUSE - I took all the (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trades and was rewarded for it, reinforcing good behavior.

Dan W.Momentum Trader's Edge

Nice trading today Craig. I find it hard to get back in when I have a big loss, so it was nice for me to see you recover from that (via the Momentum Trader’s EDGE). Thanks Craig for the education today. I'm learning a lot.

John R.Momentum Trader's Edge

I attempted the momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) on NQ yesterday with real $$$, and REALLY LOVED IT! I like the way it trades.

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

It seems to me that so often lately by the time the market pulls back to mid to upper keltner, all the energy and direction are gone. That's when the momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) method seems so much more valuable to me.

James C.Momentum Trader's Edge

I feel that both methods give us a better opportunity to learn and book some profits.

Dan W.Momentum Trader's Edge

Mirrored you almost exactly on momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) NQ trade, turned losing day into winning day, thanks!

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

I make the vast majority of my profits on your momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trades. They are excellent as far as I'm concerned.

John B.Momentum Trader's Edge

The momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) method works and works well - but many methodologies work. This one fits my personality better so it is easier for me to follow the rules.

Nick S.Momentum Trader's Edge

Momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) Method is my favorite 🙂

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

I have a lot of confidence in momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trades on the TF. Thanks to Craig for the momentum method and thanks to Todd for the 30 minute breakout.

Jeremy S.Momentum Trader's Edge

I wish I wouldn't have given up when I was a new student! It takes a while to build confidence. I have tried other methods and this (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) is by far the best I've traded since 2007!

Rip N.Momentum Trader's Edge

Man...I just love this 8/21 (Momentum Trader’s EDGE)...what an edge.

Shreyas B.Momentum Trader's Edge

8/21 (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) seems to be working very well. I kind of settled down on it after losing too much money and hopping from one strategy to another. The TC method also works well.

Ashton B.Momentum Trader's Edge

You know, I look at the sudden upswing and wish I had made some profit on it; however, I am very satisfied that I have already put some money in the bank and have a system (Momentum Trader’s EDGE and TC Method) that consistently makes profits.

Joseph A.Momentum Trader's Edge

Craig, just watched that trade.. that was a great setup with the volume to back it up.

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

You're right. No doubt that I make most of my profits on momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) or breakout trades.

John B.Momentum Trader's Edge

For what it’s worth, momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) on NQ working like a champ today - all short trades though.

Sunkam P.Momentum Trader's Edge

That was good, no trades till now since morning, just now, got +2 on ES (in at approx. 1406.25, out at 1509.25), +5 on NQ (in at 2771, out at 2776) - both using momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) method.

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

Made another 3 ES points on the Russell on the momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trade off the 8 ema. Again, conservative on my PO's, but it's the Russell, so a little more cautious…up about 8.5 ES points so far this morning.

David B.Momentum Trader's Edge

I'm up 28 Ticks ($140) on the NQ from this morning's (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trade by just holding the 50 MA as a stop and treating it like a swing trade... not bad in my book. I've got a board meeting to attend so I'm going to take my profits and run... See ya tomorrow.

Joseph A.Momentum Trader's Edge

I took the 8/21 (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) long and got 1.75 points… it works great in the direction of the long term trend.

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

Up 9 ES points on the Russell. I love momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trades. Craig, thanks for this momentum strategy.

David B.Momentum Trader's Edge

I picked up a good swing ride on the first momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) trade on NQ... closed it with about $150.

Greg P.Momentum Trader's Edge

Finished a bit over 13 ES points for the day. Combo of momentum (Momentum Trader’s EDGE) and TCS (Trading Concepts Methodology).

Bruce B.Momentum Trader's Edge

Plus 7.25 for the day with Craig's Momentum Trading. Thank you partner. YEHAWWWW

Brendan E.OBIS Trader

Hey Craig, today I took a trade at about 9:45am because price was sitting in a key trade zone and the market internals were strong. It paid off… I took 4 points profit!

Jeff B.OBIS Trader

I have received market profile training in the past but found it loaded with overcomplicated methods and expensive plugins I did not really want to purchase. The simplicity you teach with these concepts is great and I am able to keep everything within ThinkorSwim, which I like a great deal. I hope the rest of your students have enjoyed the training as much as I have. Thanks.

Eric R.OBIS Trader

It took me 3 weeks to get my eye in to OBIS, tell the traders in the room this works but your need to make it your own.

Daryl L.OBIS Trader

Of all the courses I have taken, I have gotten more out of these two days than all the other courses combined. Thanks!

Kristin M.OBIS Trader

Trading Concepts will teach you to look at the correct things while trading. It will come to you. It will become almost intuitive, but you have to love it and spend the time to make it yours.

Greg W.OBIS Trader

Really love this trade zone stuff, and to combine it with some traditional TC trading triggers is powerful.

Rick F.OBIS Trader

Great session guys… very well done and excellent experience today.

Elden M.OBIS Trader

Craig, Thanks for your work, (along with Todd) of developing the OBIS trading program. I’ve really enjoyed your pre-market analysis emails along with the daily video blogs. Your high level of professionalism and care for your students/members has been greatly appreciated. I look forward to our continuing relationship and growth as traders.

Gregory M.OBIS Trader

I have been paper trading the OBIS with great results.

Kristin M.OBIS Trader

I am really enjoying this methodology. Thanks again.

Elden M.OBIS Trader

Hi Craig. My sense is that you are really on to something with the OBIS. Not using any chart indicators and relying only on price action and trade zones is a great concept. Then using market internals for trade confirmation increases the probabilities of success even greater.

Tracy and Dave T.OBIS Trader

Thanks SO MUCH Craig - we really appreciate your pre-market analysis and zone drawing coaching - WE'RE GETTING IN THE ZONE (trade joke!).

Rocky W.OBIS Trader

I had two awesome trades today.

Kristin M.OBIS Trader

This is awesome. Thank you. I am still working thru the original 3 videos. I expect to trade in sim for a while and will email you with questions. Thanks again.

Jeff B.OBIS Trader

It’s nice to see these zones working. I have taken similar training before based off of market profile and did not like the training that much. I'm glad you figured out a way to train us using a more simplistic approach.

Kent W.OBIS Trader

Craig, thank you for all you hard work. You spoke the entire session both days and you made such an effort to clarify things for us. I just wanted to acknowledge that and tell you it was greatly appreciated.

Rick F.OBIS Trader

Hey, Craig - thanks for these levels this morning....very helpful to compare and confirm our "practice" at setting them. Slow market this morning, but still managed to make some money on the congestion zone breakout.

Kristin M.OBIS Trader

Hi Todd & Craig, I am really enjoying the initial training videos and the methodology makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for all you do!

Edmundo S.OBIS Trader

Hey Craig, great webinar. You and Todd did a great job.

Elden M.OBIS Trader

Hi Craig, I’ve been watching your blog posts with interest. The new approach you’re taking in looking at zones and internals with the ES is encouraging and look’s to be a good strategy.

David D. Options/MD Trader

I believe that we have reached the "next level." Our trading is consistent and profitable. Now I am enjoying two incomes. I'm not sure how long I will endure the "double life," but it's good for now.

Heather D. Options/MD Trader

We still have much to learn (who doesn't?) and I will always appreciate your coaching along the way.

Jim V. Options/MD Trader

Now with your [Options MD] program, I feel all the gaps are filled in and I see my path clearly now.

Jim V. Options/MD Trader

Hi Doc... I have been learning Options trading for the past 5 years. I have had several paid courses that I have taken. I have been exclusively selling Options now for the past year, and have been making real progress. Now with your program, I feel all the gaps are filled in and I see my path clearly now.

Hai M. Options/MD Trader

You have provided the best options program information of any I have experienced over the years and there have been many of them---not as many as the years but a bunch.

Mark L. Options/MD Trader

The [OptionsMD]course is great! I am enjoying it and feel I am progressing.

Kevin A. Options/MD Trader

I want to say I am immensely enjoying the OptionsMD course and have learned so much from it. You are a terrific teacher! The videos and PDFs are top-of-the-line in quality and understanding. Thank you for sharing your trading skill and experience with us newbies!

John D. Options/MD Trader

I am an options MD student. Your course has really taught me, and given me understanding in options and the market. Thank you!!!!

Roger P. Options/MD Trader

Yours is the first and probably the only program that I will take in the 'art of option trading'. The way you were heading and the method of teaching lead me to believe that you were preparing us to be our own rulers." I have always remembered, if you feed a man a fish he is fed for that day only, if you teach a man how to fish you have fed him for a lifetime. I feel you have provided us with a knowledge of what is available and it is now up to us to use the tools to build a income strategy that fits our own personality, goals and risk tolerance.

Roger P. Options/MD Trader

If you feed a man a fish he is fed for that day only, if you teach a man how to fish you have fed him for a lifetime'. I feel you have provided us with a knowledge of what is available and it is now up to us to use the tools to build a income strategy that fits our own personality, goals and risk tolerance.

Harold S. Options/MD Trader

This has been the perfect course for me. Thank you so much.

Jeff D. Options/MD Trader

I want to congratulate you with your options course and your enthusiasm!! I've been trading options more than 5 years and I think your course is one of the best there is (maybe the best): consistent and safe. I think we have the same disease concerning options: it is in our blood.

Dale P. Options/MD Trader

I am really enjoying the program, thanks for your insight.

Royce M. Options/MD Trader

Just a note to let you know I am really enjoying your program. I was skeptical at first but have learned a lot in defending the options.

Steve H. Options/MD Trader

I'm working my way through your program and enjoying it.

Earl N. Options/MD Trader

I am really learning a lot from your options trading training.

John F. Options/MD Trader

I wanted to write and let you how much I am enjoying the Course.

Erich M. Options/MD Trader

I made it already through the first 18 chapters and must say I found your way of explaining things very good. Congrats.

Clint E. Options/MD Trader

Really enjoying the thoroughness of the OptionsMD training.

Allison M. Options/MD Trader

I'm working my way through the training - great stuff so far.

Mike M. Options/MD Trader

I'm in the OptionsMD program right now and thought I'd just send you a note to say how much I appreciate what you've done.

Don C. Options/MD Trader

I am really enjoying the OptionsMD program, as well as the IncomeRX Newsletter. Your teaching methodology is excellent.

Michael O. Options/MD Trader

Your style, ethics and presentations are awesome and really inspiring for traders lacking confidence.

Chris C. Options/MD Trader

Thanks for the wonderful program. I’m digesting it bit-by-bit and I have to say – truly blessed is how I feel to be a part of it. There is nothing out there like it.

Richard R. Options/MD Trader

I have to tell you that I am extremely impressed by the options program. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. OptionsMD has changed me from being a break even trader for several previous years into a positive expectation trader since starting the program. I know that would not have happened without your program and guidance. I cannot thank you enough.

Mike M. Options/MD Trader

I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful training and your devoted help. You have put together an impressive program.

Andrew U. Options/MD Trader

I am so glad that you exist! You radiate tremendous warmth and caring for your students. Your expertise is very heartening and motivating. I look forward to a very interesting, exciting, and successful year.

Steve E. Options/MD Trader

I have learned a great deal so far from your course. I now realize that I should not have traded live when I did in the past, how naïve of me. It is so important to get the right mentor.

Paul E. Options/MD Trader

I would like to thank you for great course on options trading. I got your course to understand and learn the correct methodology for selling options safely and you did a fantastic job sharing that knowledge.

Steve W. Options/MD Trader

Your course info just gets better & better! I am just getting into the LP Iron Condor chapter now. I am really enjoying the content and the concept.

Jarrod M. Options/MD Trader

Let me tell you this is the first options course I have taken where your emails are answered in a timely fashion and also in detail not just some vague answer. You seem to care about our understanding of your program and truly want us to succeed. I have taken courses from a couple other trading educators and your course has been head and shoulders above theirs.

Jarrod M. Options/MD Trader

Your daily income letter seems to reinforce that you trade what you preach. Your course seems to leave no stone unturned in learning entries, risk management, defense, and exits. So I would like to say thanks for a great learning experience so far and for a course to really teach us how to trade for a living.

Vanessa H. Options/MD Trader

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you again for your fantastic options course. I was initially hesitant at the price point, but even only half way through I believe you've delivered value many times over that. Thanks!

Jonathan B. Options/MD Trader

I greatly appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness that you have exhibited so admirably both in your email communications as well as in your training materials (both the videos and supporting docs are Excellent!). I already believe that your program stands head & shoulders above the rest of the pack. Well Done! And we're only just getting started!

Jill W. Options/MD Trader

I am the manager of a seven-figure investment fund and an experienced trader. We had been trading the iron condor for some time, but needed the last piece of the puzzle – good risk management strategies. Doc’s course gave us that missing piece!

Jill W. Options/MD Trader

We found the course material clear and concise, with an easy-to-use format that appeals to all types of learners. Thanks to Doc’s daily newsletter video, we have been able to see chart patterns and understand market rhythms that have sharpened our entries and preserved our capital in times of attack on our positions.

Jill W. Options/MD Trader

We have purchased many educational courses in the last five years… spent thousands of dollars in search of our niche in the market… we found our home with OptionsMD. It is easily the most complete course on options out there, and the best value for the money, hands down!

Jill W. Options/MD Trader

We have been extremely pleased with the results of applying Doc’s methods; we were able to net a 26% profit for the Fund last year!

Michael B. Options/MD Trader

Doc your OMD program has been like flipping on a light switch for me. I've got more in the last 7 months working with you than the 5 years prior trading. You have a gift for helping people understand themselves and how to become consistent trading. I'd hate to see how much money it would have cost me to not take the OMD course.

Kai D. Options/MD Trader

Thanks for the program. After joining the OptionsMD class last fall, went to live trading of the high probability IC's starting on the March cycle. The guidelines you provided, and having "them my own" thru paper trading have let me sleep soundly despite all the heat the positions have taken on the last two cycles. It's been nice to make defensive moves during the day, then see your trade update emails come in recommending the same move.

Tony M. Options/MD Trader

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the Options MD course and especially your 'attention to detail' throughout the course. Your ability to not oversell what you are doing was a breath of fresh air.

Dale Options/MD Trader

I am really enjoying the course! I have read several books and even taken one of the snake oil courses on trading options. Nowhere do they explain the why and how like you do. I cant just blindly follow a recipe. I need to understand why, and you are doing a great job with that. I am following your daily report and find it very helpful.

Steve M. Options/MD Trader

I am really learning a lot and I really think you have laid out this program just absolutely great.

Win G. Options/MD Trader

I must congratulate you with the quality of your course. In my job I do have a lot of experience in all kinds of courses. You are doing a great job not only on the technical, part but also the coaching part. I am getting a good feeling of trust, security and a realistic (but positive) view of my trading future.

Lee J. Options/MD Trader

Doc, I have never seen anything so well designed in trading education as your course. Going through the course I'm thinking, 'Good God is this stuff ever well thought out, and well-paced for the learners.' I appreciate that you put all this together - it looks like it was an enormous amount of work and it's probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me.

Frank L. Options/MD Trader

OptionsMD is not a lot of hype, just the assurance of a good education. I signed up & am glad I did. This is a complete trading course. Much of it applies to any type of trading, but you will get a through grounding in options. Doc is an excellent teacher. He makes a difficult subject clear & understandable.

Alvin C. Options/MD Trader

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. Since taking your course, I've grown my short term account from $7800 to $11451 (47% increase) and one of my long term accounts from $8361 to $11107 (33% increase).

Jim H. Options/MD Trader

I knew there had to be something that was missing from all of the options trading systems out there. They all explain how to get into all the various option trading strategies, but none explained how to defend or what to do if the trade took a turn for the worst. At least that was what I was finding until I came across your program. OptionsMD contains all that is missing from all those other 'so called option trading programs.

Dan T. Options/MD Trader

Amazing course; well taught and great content. The way you have it structured makes an enormous difference.

Anthony C. Options/MD Trader

I very much enjoy working on the Options you taught me, I always believe there is no last chapter in learning. Your course is the best I have seem so far. I read the chapters in sequence, when I read the last one, I return to the first one and read it again. Every time I read the chapters again, I learn something.

Jim Options/MD Trader

I just wanted to let you know that you have put together a great course...the best I have seen. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.

Robin M. Options/MD Trader

Dropping you a quick email to let you know how much I am really enjoying your OptionsMD course. I find your teaching approach and content very easy to follow and really enjoy the way you explain involved concepts. This has given me hope that with effort, I will be able to achieve freedom form 'selling my time' for a living in the future.

Vanessa H. Options/MD Trader

Your class has been amazing (and still is, I'm watching the daily videos in the newsletter, and I'm going to go through old webinars to learn).

John L. Options/MD Trader

I am loving the course you have put together. It is extremely well thought out and logical. You answer my questions before I have thought of them.

Dr. Robert D. Options/MD Trader

Your approach to risk is really exceptional and has moved my trading to a higher level. Thanks for your help.

Steve R. Options/MD Trader

I really like your program and your teaching style is perfect for me. [OptionsMD MD] is the best program I’ve seen. I’ve recommended your service to all of my trading friends.

Art M. Options/MD Trader

The course provides a great foundation for anyone learning about options and following the newsletter will teach you how to trade in a relatively stress free manner with pre-defined exits to manage risk.

Art M. Options/MD Trader

The best part is Doc is always accessible by email and it seems he answers every question whenever he is awake. He is a true servant leader with a passion to help others learn how to trade profitably and conservatively. Thanks for everything, Doc!

Miguel V. Options/MD Trader

Your OptionsMD program is stupendous and has help me grow my skills as a trader!

Joe R. Options/MD Trader

I find your program, with its daily comments and video, explanations and cautions, is very helpful and steadying for me in my trading. I was terrible with forex, and mediocre with futures, but with you and options I am having a great time.

Joe R. Options/MD Trader

I am really doing well now I have started trading options with you. I have made a profit each month. Every trade is a bit scary to enter, and when my positions are threatened by the price coming near it gets exciting, but I am prepared already and know what to do. I feel in control even though the markets move randomly.

Marcus H. Options/MD Trader

So far, one of my favorite things about your course is that it puts the best and most crucial lessons first instead of last. I really appreciate your timely responsiveness to my questions. I'm loving the course so far! The layout and organization are fantastic. I'll keep plugging.

Steve S. Options/MD Trader

I have learned so much and have used your advice and system to develop an income generating strategy that REALLY works! So thank you, it has been worth the investment and well beyond.

Dave B. Options/MD Trader

Can’t express how pleased I am with my investment in your OptionsMD program. Thanks for your commitment to education and your support. You are running a great organization.

Steve R. Options/MD Trader

I wanted to thank you for a great trading program; it’s unique and complete. You’re a great teacher and I will use your system forever. You’ve anticipated every question before I could send you the question.

Dan T. Options/MD Trader

Thank you for the great Mentoring Program...I am finally getting a direction in my trading and the skills to organize my business to get to what I’ve been missing – consistency." I love not only the way you teach, but also the management and planning of your trading business. I wish I had found OptionsMD when I started!

Dan T. Options/MD Trader

I love not only the way you teach, but also the management and planning of your trading business. I wish I had found OptionsMD when I started!

Mike B. Options/MD Trader

You are right when you say that most options teacher stop teaching before showing how to defend the position …thank You for breaking this down, making it easy to understand, and giving me the confidence to press on.

Jeannie M. Options/MD Trader

I just want to let you know how absolutely wonderful your program is. Doc is awesome. He is so professional. He is so diligent in sending out his newsletters. The way the program is designed as a pyramid it brilliant. The analogies that he uses are so helpful and entertaining, and they make the concepts memorable. It's an exceptional course and an exceptional value. I just can't say enough about it.

Juan S. Options/MD Trader

Doc, I wanted to drop a thank you note for the wealth of down-to-earth information and risk-centered approach of your course in the midst of so much noise and hype I am get bombarded with via email.

Gary D. Options/MD Trader

I found the lessons to be easy to understand. The video and sound quality were great. The examples and analogies were clear and made sense to me.

Bob M. Options/MD Trader

Good information and well presented. I especially like the way you start by detailing the simple and conservative options and are building from there.

Roger A. Options/MD Trader

I am impressed with the organization, and method of presentation.

Cornee J. Options/MD Trader

You delivered a very clear story. I learned a lot.

Rohit S. Options/MD Trader

The material is clear and analogical examples are good.

Mike S. Options/MD Trader

Thank you very much for providing your Options course; excellent explanations with video and a great idea to provide the hard copy notes as well.

Ken E. Options/MD Trader

Thanks for creating this educational video. I liked the simple way you have explained a couple of areas of options I was struggling with in the past, particularly time value and how it worked. I also liked the fact that you spent some time on the risks involved in each situation. I thought the whole thing was well done and well explained. Thanks again.

Scott Options/MD Trader

Everything gone over so far I've learned elsewhere - but never as precise and well presented. Learning options has been a chore for me up to now. Now I look forward to the next lesson. I'm very optimistic about my trading future.

Hector L. Options/MD Trader

The course was good; and a most practical one for a beginner! The candor was very hype or promise of home run returns! I really appreciate that. This course should be required reading for ALL new option traders!! As such, I will recommend this to ALL new options traders.

Barbara K. Options/MD Trader

I am so glad I found your course. I will not trade another option until I am finished (soon). I do enjoy your teaching style and think that it would be quite easy for anyone to follow and understand. Your intros make me want to learn more.

Jerry S. Options/MD Trader

I really like the way you teach and explain the material. It flows so easy.

Robert K. Options/MD Trader

I've learned so much already. I'm enthusiastic and it's great to be in the course. What makes learning easier are word pictures. I will always remember the stories you tell by the word pictures that you give.

Duane C. Options/MD Trader

I am currently studying the material and am impressed by the way it is presented.

Brian M. Options/MD Trader

So far I like what your doing in the course and how you're simplifying things and advocating conservative goals.

Rod Options/MD Trader

I've been a part of the Options MD program with Doc now for a year or so. You guys seem like you really want to teach and help people.

AL B.Power Stock Trading Strategies

I want to tell you that your course has provided me with the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward.

Todd C. Power Stock Trading Strategies

What a great program you have put together - its like nothing else out there. I have spent my share of time and money on other courses that pale in comparison to yours.

Putra Power Stock Trading Strategies

MFAM is great! You can easily predict where the market goes.

Dennis V. Power Stock Trading Strategies

Thanks again, Love the program.

Joe T. Power Stock Trading Strategies

This course includes an excellent evaluation tool that every trader should study before starting to trade. Thanks.

Mark R. Power Stock Trading Strategies

Thanks that was a great video and I have a very very good feeling about this program and what its going to do for my trading. Awesome stuff.

Jochen S. Power Stock Trading Strategies

Great presentation and good introduction to the trader’s progression stages. Actually had to laugh out loud :-). Looking forward to working with you folks and learning something new every day!

Neal G. Power Stock Trading Strategies

What an outstanding video today in regards to stop loss calculations and associated risks! It was extremely helpful. Thanks Todd. Much appreciated.

Dan H. Power Stock Trading Strategies

I finished going through your program the first time and I am very impressed. I wish I had this 10 years and $150,000 ago.

Louis Power Stock Trading Strategies

I am currently enrolled in the power stock strategies course. So far it has been the most detailed trading course that I have taken. Thanks very much.

Pat B. Power Stock Trading Strategies

Thank you SO much for this course. I've been enjoying your teaching style a lot. Also, these past two weeks of trading since I've started studying your MFAM principles have been the best ones of my entire trading career.

Todd C. Stocks Trader

Your life has been blessed and now you are being a blessing to other people's lives. Thank you for all your work.

Karen S. Stocks Trader

I love the way you teach. The repetition of your methods do work and is very easy to follow. I look forward to making more profitable trades. Thank you so much!

Karen S. Stocks Trader

I did my first live trading today following your principles and with trading 1 contract at a time. I made $300. and this was all done by 11:30 EST. I am very excited !!!

Pam B. Stocks Trader

Thank you SO much for this course, I've been enjoying your teaching style a lot. These past two weeks of trading since I've started studying your MFAM principles have been the best ones of my entire trading career!

Louis Stocks Trader

I am currently enrolled in the power stock strategies course. So far it has been the most detailed trading course that I have taken. Thanks very much.

Rod Stocks Trader

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your charting mastery part of the power stock 2.0 course. This was the main reason I signed up for this course and I believe I got what I was looking for. You guys really put out very thorough and quality courses.

Stanley D. Stocks Trader

I've made a killing with those 3 bar patterns you showed, especially coupled with those powerful 123 patterns!!! I don't make a lot of trades, but the ones I make are all rule based. Thanks for everything Todd.

Ravish Stocks Trader

All of the promo material leading up to the course material and first set of modules are very well presented; it has already made me more knowledgeable than I was last week. Thank you for your training and your attention.

RP Ten year Trading Formula

This is program is great, I wish somebody explained this to me 10 years ago!

SK Ten year Trading Formula

Dave, I must admit, I was more than a little skeptical as to what I would get out of this process and program. It really does bring into focus how I have made trading too complicated and how easy it can be. Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you and your strategies for many years to come.

GB Ten year Trading Formula

Dave, as one of you students, I just wanted to say thank you for the knowledge and support you have given me this year as it has been instrumental in my understanding in trading stock options successfully without losing money! I appreciate the step-by-step approach you give along with the trading tactics taught. Thank you so much. It feels great to be in charge of my own financial investments without depending on investors who often have personal interest of their own.

SM Ten year Trading Formula

It’s so simple, it’s genius!

SK Ten year Trading Formula

Dave, The 15% rule is one of the easiest and best pieces of advice I have ever seen for defense. As you have said and I continue to see happen, it is amazing how the rule works out at exactly the time frame an amount we need almost every time. Thanks!

James F. Trading Concepts

Hey Todd, Thanks for getting back to me so promptly! That's what I always liked about you and your company! You give personal service which makes me feel you truly do care about my success and it makes me feel part of your trading family! So Thanks So Much!