Todd Mitchell Releases 3 Part Video Series Beginning September 10, 2013. The Series Teaches How to Generate Daily Income Trading the E-Mini futures markets.

Starting Tuesday, September 10, Trading Concepts CEO Todd Mitchell is releasing a 3 part video series teaching how to generate daily income trading the E-Mini futures markets. The videos, which will be released throughout the week, will reveal how to apply Trading Concepts’ proven strategies for trading any market.

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? “The 3 part video series that begins today shows people how to do just that. We provide cutting edge information; principles and strategies developed over the last 25 years–strategies that work in any market and in any time frame,” Mitchell said.

Watch and learn as Mitchell teaches:

  • the Best Markets to trade for daily income,
  • the most Profitable & Predictable Times of Day to produce daily income (and what times to avoid trading),
  • 3 every day mistakes preventing more than 80% of traders from ever making money,
  • a simple 4 Step Process for boosting trading profits almost immediately,
  • 2 Powerful Price Patterns used for identifying High Probability and Low Risk trading opportunities,
  • the Key Principles for understanding How to Read a Chart like a Daily Newspaper – just like a Professional does, and
  • a simple, rule-based, easy to understand and implement Trading Strategy that quickly scalps 1 to 3 points out of the market in typically just 30 Minutes a day!

There will be a surprise interview with a long-time Trading Concepts student at the end of the video series. The interview will give additional insight into everything taught throughout the week. Mitchell is confident the principles and techniques taught will make any trader a better and more successful trader. Mitchell added that income can be generated by putting in as little as one hour a day.

Anyone can gain access to the videos by going to and registering their email.

The videos will only be available for a limited time. Once the E-mini Success Formula 2.0 Special Release program is full the videos will no longer be available, but you may sign up to join the waiting list or go to our home page to sign up for free daily trading videos.

“We look forward to providing new and exciting opportunities to the public. We are eager to share our knowledge and help others succeed,” Mitchell said.


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