Todd Mitchell Releases the Much Anticipated E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 on September 17, 2013!

Trading Concepts, Inc., one of the oldest, most respected trading education companies in the industry is releasing their E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 education personalized mentoring program September 17, 2013. This program, which teaches trading strategies in the E-mini futures markets (most of the trading strategies work in all other markets too) for traders seeking daily income, hasn’t been available since November 2012.

“The last release of the E-Mini Success Formula sold out within a few days,” said Todd Mitchell, founder and CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc. Mitchell is excited about today’s launch of The E-Mini Success Formula 2.0. The four part program includes training modules, mentoring, exclusive member’s area access, and daily videos to help reinforce and expedite the learning process.

Trading Concepts allows a limited number of students to enroll in the E-Mini Mentoring Program in order to provide a superior learning environment for each student. More than 10,250 students have benefited from this program over the years. Here are some comments from people who have taken the mentoring program:

“It has helped change my life.” – Dave G.- TX

“Super Trading Methodology!” – Doug M. – PA

“The major contributor to my trading success.” – John O.

Here are some of the concepts students will learn in the E-mini Success Formula 2.0 mentoring program to help meet their trading goals:

• Developing the proper skills and the right mindset for successful trading
• A step by step guide to building a trading business plan
• Money management and trade sizing strategies
• Trading Concepts’ proprietary Market Flow Analysis Method™ (MFAM)
• Key times of the day when one can expect the markets to move
• 3 reliable Powerful Price Patterns that can be traded with confidence
• What to look for and how to think at the start of the trading day
• Trading strategies and techniques for trading the intra-day trends
• General principles and specific applications for managing trades
• Tips and market insights on specific topics for trading E-mini futures
• Identifying and trading high-probability counter-trend trades
• Advice on successfully executing a trading plan
• Quick-reference strategy guides and checklists

PLUS a whole lot more there isn’t room here to discuss.

“This mentoring program is literally priceless and provides unlimited lifetime access to the program, daily videos, along with being able to contact me personally” Mitchell said. I truly believe this mentoring program is all a person needs to become a consistently successful E-mini futures trader. It’s definitely worth the time to check it out.” Please visit – it’s only available for a limited time.


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