How to Trade Live with a Full-Time Job

Edward C. Turner     No, I am not talking about sneaking into the restroom with your Blackberry or finding a quick Wi-Fi hotspot with a concealed laptop – what I am talking about is trading live with a full time job. Sound interesting? Let me share my experience with you.    

     In high school I traded stocks; in college, commodities. After graduation, I traded stock options, and during my early employment, the e-mini futures. I parked on the e-minis because it offered me liquidity at the end of my trading day.  I’m one of those traders who sets his spreadsheets by the month, trades for the needs of the month, and wants to be able to count his cash at the end of each and every trading day.  As I tell everyone, I want to know whether I can buy my wife and daughter an ice cream cone by the end of my trading day. My dilemma came when my work schedule prohibited me from trading the e-minis during the live market hours. I tried trading the Globex in the evening, but it moved too slowly for my trading tastes.  Longer time frames were OK, but I wanted that live action: trading off a three minute time frame; having live control over my entries and exits and my stops and trailing stops; and above all, wanting the potential of placing more trades and earning more profits in any given trading day. Do you face such a dilemma?  Would you like to trade “live” around your work schedule, stop frustration, and eliminate those quick queries of the work computer during your lunch break?  Well, not to worry! Pull up a chair, and let me discuss some good news about my close friend, the Forex.

     The world’s largest market awaits you, and it awaits you with power! Open 5 ½ days a week, the Forex is available twenty-four hours a day with excellent volume and volatility, and it trades more in one day than the stock market trades in one month. Plus, this volume helps regulate price stability with an average turnover of 4.0 trillion per day. The Forex is available when you are, and it is always ready to adjust to your schedule.  Want to trade live? The EUR/USD is open before going off to work, the USD/JPY during the afternoon with a day off, and the EUR/JPY in the evening after a tasty backed potato and hot chicken dinner. If you’re a “night owl” you can be trading some setups after the clock strikes midnight. You can even trade Sunday evenings!  Whatever your trading pleasure, the very lucrative Forex market says, “Welcome.”

     Additionally, all major Forex dealers offer fantastic analysis tools, news, and platforms at no cost to the trader. There are no commissions (you only pay the bid/ask spread), and a mini Forex account (1/10 the size of a regular account) offers minimum risk. It can be opened for US $300.00 to $500.00, and don’t forget the flexible leverage of up to 50:1.

 If trading live around your work schedule sounds intriguing, then you just might want to introduce yourself to the Forex.  You might really appreciate the relationship as much as I do.

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