Trading Concepts Reports Why Some Traders Can Sleep Well at Night, Despite Government Shutdown

Deals have yet to be made in Congress, perpetuating a partial government shutdown. While others are losing sleep, Todd Mitchell explains why he and his E-Mini Futures students are not worried.

It has happened again, a partial government shutdown. “And the media was shamelessly running around spreading fear and panic like a bad virus,” said Todd Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Trading Concepts, Inc. “But when the pundits were screaming ‘the sky is falling’, students of the E-Mini Success Formula shrugged it off,” Mitchell said.

Trading Concepts recently launched their E-Mini Success Formula 2.0 mentoring program, which mentors day traders. This program teaches methods and profit objectives that allow traders to trade with confidence. “There is no overnight risk,” Mitchell said.

Although trading E-mini Futures requires monitoring throughout the day, once your work for the day is done, Mitchell said, “Then you sign out for the day and walk away from your desk without a single worry about government shutdown, fiscal cliffs or any other garbage that keeps investors up at night.” Mitchell added, “If you know how to trade, you create your own economy.” This is why Mitchell and many of his students can still sleep well at night.

“As the US Government shuts down, it reminds us why it’s important to create our own economy. We do this by creating the flexibility of earning a daily income with the same ease in a bearish market as you would in a bullish market,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell encourages traders to get involved in a mentoring program with proven success. For more information on Trading Concepts’ mentoring programs please see the programs tab on our home page.

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