What do Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell Have in Common?

Todd Mitchell and Henry Ford have many things in common; the greatest of these is providing something to the common person that they may not otherwise have had access to.

This is a story about two men, living a century apart, who share a common goal: opportunity for the average person. Both Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell succeeded in this endeavor. “Success in business starts with a passion for something, continues with the motivation to improve and really materializes when shared with others,” says Todd Mitchell, CEO of Trading Concepts Inc.

Mitchell founded Trading Concepts in 1994 with the desire to share his trading strategies and techniques with the everyday person. Henry Ford also made something available to the ‘common man’—cars—by perfecting the assembly line process. This led to a lower cost for automobiles. Before Ford’s production innovation, cars were only available for the wealthy. Before Trading Concepts, expert techniques and strategies for trading the markets were only available to trading professionals.

Another commonality between Mitchell and Ford is a motto. Henry Ford’s was “Help the Other Fellow”. He believed in providing opportunities for people to help themselves. Trading Concepts’ motto is “Building Better Traders Through Mentoring,” which expresses Mitchell’s desire to help others develop their strategies and techniques for trading the markets. Henry Ford offered education in the workplace; Todd Mitchell’s work place is centered on education. “Teaching someone to do something for themselves serves them well. Just doing it for them will not sustain them in the long run,” Mitchell said.

Both Henry Ford and Todd Mitchell began their business in Michigan and expanded throughout the globe. Both men had an opportunity to provide accessibility and seized the opportunity, resulting in a better society. “In the early 1900’s many many more people were suddenly able to afford a car. Similarly today, almost anyone in the world with a computer and a desire can learn to trade the markets on their own,” Mitchell said.

One could say Henry Ford revolutionized transportation. In today’s entitlement riddled America; those who learn to do for themselves and show others the same will revolutionize society. Trading Concepts is a business that does exactly that.

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