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Equal parts experts and educators, the Trading Concepts team has been changing lives and celebrating student success since 1994. Through intensive, data-driven mentorship and training programs, Trading Concepts has established a track record of success and a reputation as one of the world's finest educational resources for traders.

With more than 12,000 traders proud to call themselves Trading Concepts alumni – from novice and intermediate traders to millionaires and Wall Street professionals – we are one of the oldest and most respected sources for teaching money management techniques and powerful trading strategies.

We have decades of collective experience trading in Forex, E-mini Futures, Options, and Stocks, and our comprehensive mentorship and training programs allow us to pass that experience directly on to our dedicated students!

Over 12,000 traders call Trading Concepts home

The only thing better than making consistent income from the markets is watching people's lives change when they discover how to do it too.

Todd Mitchell, CEO & Founder

Todd Mitchell, the founder, CEO, and head trader of Trading Concepts, is truly an inspiration to thousands of people, redefining possibilities and opening the doors of opportunity for Trading Concepts students.

For Todd, trading isn’t just a career or a business, it’s a lifestyle and a passion! He’s been at it nonstop for 30 years, dabbling in all of the different markets over the years, building his experience and skills, and mastering the parallels that make certain techniques work no matter what market you trade. As Todd says, “A chart is a chart, regardless of the financial instrument.”

With such a passion for trading (and so much expertise), it was only natural that Todd developed and launched the Trading Concepts coaching programs. Because of the financial freedom that trading provided in his own life, he wanted to spread that gift to other passionate traders.

Personally, Todd takes the most pride in being able to provide a life of freedom and flexibility for his family – spending quality time and travelling with them as often as he likes! As for his favorite parts of being a master trader, Todd cites intellectual stimulation, financial independence, the ability to give back to the community, and the self-satisfaction of knowing that the strategies will work – regardless of market health. He mostly trades Futures, specifically daytrading the S&P 500.

In his youth, Todd was a competitive bodybuilder, as well as a baseball and football athlete. Today, he still maintains that lifestyle with a focus on exercise and eating right, and believes that this kind of attitude and health-consciousness is essential to success in any profession. When he’s not trading, coaching, or running Trading Concepts, Todd spends his time with family, travelling, working out, and playing tennis.

Todd focuses on understanding above all other trading lessons – making sure students know that different strategies have different applications, but learning to read the natural ebb and flow of the markets is paramount!

His passionate approach to trading (and trading education) is the calling card of Trading Concepts, and his dedication to growing tomorrow’s top traders is the fuel that keeps the whole team moving forward, providing expert coaching and strategies for consistent profits in any market.

Personal Statement:

“Have an enormous amount of discipline, stick with your trading rules, detach your emotions from the money, admit when you’re wrong, and make reading pure price action your core foundational trading tool.”

Craig Hill, E-Mini Trading Mentor and Moderator of the Live Trading Room

Craig is a quintessential family man. With five kids (three girls and two boys), he just might be the poster child for the freedom a trading lifestyle can provide.

With a preference for trading Futures and Options on stocks/ETFs, Craig mostly does day trading and short-term swing trading. He employs a strategy that focuses on market internals to gauge price moves, who’s in control (bulls or bears), and to help identify shifts in momentum.

Because family is so important to Craig, some of the largest advantages of trading come in the form making his own hours, working from home, and having the financial flexibility to have as much family fun as possible!

And it’s not just his own gang – Craig often meets up with friends, his parents, and his sister’s family (she has three kids of her own) to ride the Hill family’s three horses, or just spend time together.

Coming from a background working as a flight dispatcher for United Airlines, Craig is also an airplane enthusiast and licensed pilot – which definitely lends itself to chart reading, informed decision making, and a cool head when things get tense.

With a decade of finance experience under his belt, Craig is the Trading Concepts E-Mini Futures Trading Room Moderator and one of our top Trading Coaches. He gets the biggest reward from imparting knowledge to others – providing the tips and training necessary to eliminate confusion and achieve success in the markets.

Craig’s truly passionate about trading and teaching, and every new student becomes a part of his extended Trading Concepts “family.”

Personal Statement:

“A chart tells a story… and we, as traders, need to read it, understand it, and listen to it. We never tell a chart what to do – it tells us what to do!”

Dr. Kenneth Reid, Trading Psychologist

Dr. Kenneth Reed – that’s right, he’s got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology – brings a certain expertise to the Trading Concepts team. He’s an whiz in the science of thought, and as our Trading Psychology Coach, it’s his job to get our students thinking about their trading in new, better ways.

In fact, this brain training is one of the most important aspects of becoming a master trader!

With 19 years of finance experience (14 of them spent coaching as well), Kenneth knows the ins and outs of trading, particularly the stocks and futures that he personally prefers. In his own trades, he takes a “barbell” approach, holding some stocks for long periods of time while also daytrading index futures.

According to the good Doctor, the biggest draws of a trading lifestyle are the mental and emotional challenges that traders face on a regular basis – and the stimulating, rewarding experience of overcoming them.

When he isn’t helping to mold the minds of tomorrow’s top traders, Kenneth is an avid tennis player - and a successful one at that, holding down winning records in

both singles and doubles, a 2008 singles championship, and a recent doubles runner-up spot. Oh, he’s also the captain of his club’s USTA team…

Hand in hand with his athleticism, Dr. Reed takes good care of his health with a knowledge of biochemistry and nutrition, making his own snack bars, sausages, and spending time honing his cooking skills.

Between the health food, the tennis, and the Ph.D. – it’s pretty plain to see that Kenneth is an extremely strategic thinker, and he understands that overcoming mental barriers and building great habits has to be done with personalized, specialized coaching.

No cookie-cutter methods are going to work, and it’s this knack for helping people solve their own unique puzzles that makes Dr. Reed such a valuable Trading Concepts asset.

Personal Statement:

“Never think about the money. Focus on your method and mindset instead.”

Edward Turner, COO

Edward Turner, a 29-year veteran of the finance game, is what you might call a “people person.” When he isn’t making friends around the world as an amateur radio operator, he’s helping people build wealth as the Affiliate Manager for Trading Concepts and guiding traders to avoid the pitfalls that plagued his early days (before he encountered the wisdom of our very own Todd Mitchell).

As a self-described “100% Todd Mitchell student,” Edward prefers the Forex as an intraday trader, utilizing his favorite Trading Concepts lessons – Todd’s Keltner bands and price action strategies for candlestick charts.

Edward’s a family man, a Christmas enthusiast (yes, that includes a year-round tree decked out in old-fashioned lights), an active church member, and a wildlife lover. He likes to ride a bike, play paddleball, and visit Disney World with the rest of the Turner clan.

He holds three college degrees, and has an impressive background in broadcasting, TV directing, executive sales – the guy even ran is own oil and gas company!

Oh, did we mention he’s also our Chief Operating Officer?

Personal Statement:

“Being accountable to a mentor and finding humility in your trading life are two of the most valuable trading assets.”

Sean Ryan, Program Manager

Sean became a student of Trading Concepts in August of 2000, and he has been trading part and full time ever since. He also has extensive experience managing group homes for the developmentally disabled. Prior to that, he was a high school English and history teacher, and coached wrestling and track and field. He also served in the military as a guitarist in the 62nd Army Band. His wife, Terry, has a full time business training dogs for obedience, therapy, and search and rescue, as well as breeding and importing German Shepherds. Sean and Terry homeschooled their two sons, Michael and Christopher, all the way through high school. Both are currently attending college. When he's not trading and researching the markets, Sean likes to read and play guitar, and hang out with his sons.