About Trading Concepts

Since 1994, Trading Concepts has provided investment education and personal mentoring, market analysis, online trading tools and portfolio management techniques to thousands of people from all over the world. Every day, our proven high-reward trading strategies help traders successfully navigate the markets and chart paths to financial security. 

Trading Concepts provides practical, step-by-step, easy-to use, high-profit, low-risk, low stress trading strategies. Avoiding overly technical or 

theoretical complicated material, Trading Concepts represents a practical, balanced approach to trading profitably in today’s markets. Since our inception in 1994, we have enriched the lives of an ever-expanding number of students in over 52 countries worldwide.

                     About Todd Mitchell...                       Founder & CEO of Trading Concepts

I began reading about, studying and researching the markets back in 1987, while I was still in college. Then, in 1988, I started to actively trade the markets with real money. My interest, which quickly led into fascination, in the futures and stock market began when I used to manually update my father’s charts on a daily basis. In 1990, when I graduated from college with a Business Finance degree, I decided to trade full-time because I had seen, firsthand, how much money could be made trading.

After a few successful trading years following college, I tweaked and perfected my trading strategies. I decided to use my knowledge and experience to launch Trading Concepts in 1994 to help fellow traders, just like yourself.

Trading Concepts quickly established a reputation as one of the industries finest educational companies due to the powerful trading strategies that I developed. Combining powerful futures and stock trading strategies with sound trade and money management techniques, I have been able to help Individual at-home retail traders gain the power knowledge base that had previously only been available to professional institutional traders.

Today, I teach new and experienced (and everyone in between) traders worldwide how to succeed in today’s markets. I demonstrate step-by-step trading strategies in clear, concise terms, mixed with analogies and examples throughout all my courses and personal mentoring program. You will therefore gain the correct mindset and money management techniques for trading whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or more experienced trader. I not only

thank my dad to this day for introducing me to the markets, but for teaching me many Valuable trading lessons that I still use today.

Let Me Give You A Quick Glimpse Inside My World With These 2 Short Videos…

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Todd Mitchell was featured in What It Takes: The Secrets of Becoming a Successful Trader

What it Takes

A Question Often Asked

Often we receive calls and emails with a very similar question that I would like to answer for you here, it goes something like this…

"If you guys are successful traders, why do you even bother selling anything?"
This is an excellent question, and I'm real glad you asked!

Before I answer this question though, let me ask you a question...

If you had the experience, knowledge, insight and wisdom to cure, let’s say cancer, would you share it with the world?

The obvious answer is a resounding “Yes!” (I sure hope :-))

Why wouldn't you, right?

But would you give it away for free after you’ve invested your own time, resources, blood, sweat and tears into searching for the cure?

Maybe... but maybe not, and there's a good reason for it:

It makes logical and economic sense to charge for the cure, since what you’ll earn will enable you to research other cures for other diseases. Or do other good things for the community.

So, everybody wins!

In essence, that’s one of the reasons why I began Trading Concepts back in 1994 – to help aspiring traders from around the world become consistently profitable traders.

A lot of the revenue that we generate goes right back into the business, and we use the money to make our products and services even better, try our hardest to provide first class customer service and hire programmers to make the tools even easier to use, for YOU!

And we know that our trading strategies, courses, tools, software and mentoring programs work because we use them for ourselves and trade our own accounts with everything taught here at Trading Concepts!