“Bought my wife a new Tesla for Valentine’s Day. Had more than enough earnings the last few days to pay for it.” 
Ron S.

Trade Your Way to a FORTUNE
with Biotech & Marijuana Stocks!

A Step-by-Step BLUEPRINT for Multiplying Your Money
55X Over... 
Potentially Turning 5K Into $275,000... 
$20K Into 1.1 MILLION In Under 2 Years!

After ​EARNING a rare $79,449 following my program, Robert P. from New York said: 

“Two weeks ago I dedicated myself to learning how this works and it has completely changed my life.”

Hello ​everyone, this is Todd Mitchell, CEO ​and founder of Trading Concepts, ​and I want to personallyTHANK YOU for ​​coming here to learn about ​my ​BioTech and Marijuanna stocks step-by-step BLUEPRINT.

​You're going to learn a few key concepts that are going to help change the way you trade and invest for good...and if you don't trade already...chances are you will be very soon.

​Here's why:

Tim from Memphis wrote:

“I want to thank Todd for the great trade. I bought January 23rd  and sold today.. Just 18 days later. A 135% return in less than 90 days is outstanding. I’m well aware they don’t all work out this great but I have to applaud Todd when we receive a return like this. Many thanks!”

Isaac from San Francisco


“I can’t tell you how amazing this system has been for me.  I’m 71 years old and I have avoided the stock market my entire life. But now, not only am I making a ton of money, I have the self-realization that I can do it and I can do it well. Thanks to Todd, on my last options trade I was able to DOUBLE my principle in only 9 days!”

Now, I’ve got a BOATLOAD of valuable and powerful information to share with you, in fact… I have over 15 REAL trades to share with you today that safely earned my students MILLIONS, and in just a few minutes you’re going to learn exactly how to make those same profitable trades on a regular basis in... 

...​As ​Little ​As 10 ​Minutes ​Of ​Your ​Time ​Per ​Week. 

That’s why I’m so excited about ​telling you all about it. 

​Now before I get going too deep into ​it I need to make a few things clear about ​this Step-by Step BioTech and Marijuana ​Trading Guide… If you use it... chances are you will potentially retire extremely wealthy in less time than you would ever think possible.

For it to work:

You DO NOT need to know a single thing about BioTech or Marijuana.

You DO NOT need to know how to trade and invest… at all!

You DO NOT need an abundance of money.

You DO NOT need loads of time.

Here’s What You D​O Need.

You need to learn how to make a LOT of money.

I can help you with that.

But listen, if you’d rather… watch your dreams vanish like a mirage of an oasis in the desert… well I want you to stop watching this workshop right now.

Let me be blunt…I don’t help those who are too lazy to go after their dreams, and I certainly don’t help people who don’t understand the value of what I have to offer.

Are you still with me?


Before ​I really dive into what you need to know - you first need to know a little something about me first. I’ve been an active trader for over 31 years - since 1988 to be exact.

Let me tell you, you won’t make it for very long as a trader… especially not one with a roof over your head - if you don’t consistently win.

Do You Want To Be A Winning Trader?

Great...i'm assuming you do or you wouldn't be reading this.

Over the years I’ve spent nearly every single day working in the trenches trading. In that time, I’ve also written a couple trading books.

Trading Is What I Absolutely
Love To Do!

I’ve had the pleasure of changing the lives of over 45,000 student traders. My trading systems and strategies have turned portfolios with small 10% annual gains… into powerful income producers of 10% or more - per week.

Here at Trading Concepts I teach students safe and easy methods that maximize gains and minimize losses.

Here’s something else you should know. I want you to learn FAST, but even more important… I want you to be able to make changes IMMEDIATELY in your life.

Logic is the slowest component of your brain. So what I learned to use over the years to quickly and efficiently educate my ​VALUED ​Students is immersion based learning. 

Because what I'm going to share with you today has been tested over the last 24 months by a group of students who I hand selected specifically because they had ZERO trading experience..


I bet you’re wondering…

Why would I do such a thing?

Why would I make things so hard on myself?

I’ll tell you why.

Because I wanted to be 100% certain this system is ​BULLETPROOF.

AND this was the result:

Student Trading Test Group EARNS 5,500 %
In 24 Months​!

Here’s what just a few of those students recently had to say:

  "I started with Todd about 2 years ago and I'm averaging over $10,000 per month.      That pays for all my healthcare and housing needs with plenty left over to                      visit family and take vacations."
- Bill W.
"Bought my wife a new Tesla for Valentine's Day. Had more than enough earnings the last few days to pay for it. 
- Ron S.
“Before following Todd’s step by step trading program I only invested in index funds. The measly 10% returns I used to earn over a year, I now see in less than a week.” 
- Anne H.

Can you see how this system will shortcut your success? 

Do you want a ​FREE copy of it? 

Just ​read ​to the end, and I’ll email you a copy. ​

​Since the trading trials began, word has spread to Wall Street and I’ve had amateur and professional traders pay $50,000 to sit down with me for a day to learn the pot and biotech trading system first hand.

Now, wait a minute… You may be wondering why people would want to pay $50,000 just for information?

It’s real simple.

Would You Pay $1 To Get $4 In Return Within A Month? 

Yes, of course you would.

How about $100 for $400?


What about $1,000 for $4,000? Or $20,000 for $80,000 - the skies the limit!

Of course ​you would​!

So then you can see why people regularly pay me $50,000 for my services, right?


But folks, I know that many of you don’t have $50,000 to spare and that's quite alright because I’m not going to ask you for that today.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need much money to get started at all.

I want to turn your attention to the stock TLRY.

Shares of TLRY were just $28 per share when I bought in, yet I was able to safely walk away with $3,458 in 21 days.  And that was on a very small position.

Isn’t that incredible?

But get this…

Shares of  CGC were even lower in price… trading at only $24 per share...

Any lower and it’d be free.

And still,

I Put Another $3,856 In My Pocket.

All that cash from ONE trade.

ONE Pot stock.

And folks…

Don’t think for a second the well has run dry… It’s quite the opposite.

During 2018, legal sales of Marijuana in the United States generated $10.5 billion dollars AND put over 300,000 Americans to work… Oh and by the way… all  that happened with pot still being federally ILLEGAL.

BUT this year the regulatory landscape is changing in a major way. And, the big money is already making BIG moves to scoop up shares of leading marijuana companies.

In fact…

 CNBC Reports the Marijuana Industry Is On Track To Create An Additional 300,000 Jobs By 2020… 

Isn’t that amazing?

This is an industry that is projected by Forbes magazine to gross well beyond 50 billion dollars in sales by 2025.

Sales are climbing quickly and right now, you have the opportunity of a lifetime to cash in on it.

Now all that money being made sounds exciting but it means nothing if you don't know how to take advantage of it.

Don’t you agree?

I’ll show you exactly how to do that in a few moments, but first, let me share a little story with you.

Many years back in 1995 shortly after starting Trading concepts and way before I had taught over 45,000 students. I was at a trading convention taking my books and tapes out in the back of the room and the guy in charge of the convention hands me a broom and says:

“Sweep this stuff up”

I said you don’t understand I’m one of the speakers here, and besides that, I’m a graduate of Grand Valley State University. He said, “Well in that case, hand me the broom and I’ll show you how to sweep it up.”

But you know, that doesn’t bother me anymore, because I found out something.

If you’ve done something successfully - If it’s been time tested and proven that it works, I know I can copy your system and get the very same results as the person who originated it. And I was AMAZED at this DEEP insight and success. And my wife said “Well… I’ve been doing that for years”.

And I said… what?

She said - yeah. We’ll go to a church potluck supper, and she’ll see this elaborate food dish - and she said if I just had the recipe.

What is she saying?

If she had the written program that she could follow step-by-step, she would get the very same results as the person who originated it.

Now, what I’m going to do in the next few minutes, is lay out a step-by-step program in which you can get the very same results as the person who originated it.

Because the Legalization of Marijuana in America Is A Once-In-A-Generation Event.

It’s only going to happen once… and ​NEVER again. 

This is your ONE shot.

But listen, if you want to make a quick fortune…

You need to operate a little different than what most stock gurus would have you believe.

You need to buy stocks like APHA. A major cannabis growing company in Canada.


Using my pot and biotech stocks trading guide one of my newbie trading students, Anne, along with several more within my student test group collected:

69% ROI in 56 ​Days​!

Now two months is NOT the typical length of time we trade - ​sometimes it does take longer for a trade to develop, and many times much shorter.

Do you think waiting a couple of months to increase your portfolio by 69%, on just one single trade is well worth it? Heck, you’ll oftentimes have many of these type of trades going on at the same time.

Is that something you can see yourself doing?

Now you may wonder how Anne was able to get in and out of such a trade with so much money in her pocket. Honestly, it’s pretty simple.

She already had her entry and exits planned BEFORE she ever placed the trade.

Now wouldn’t that be nice to have?

Yes...of course it would!

But entry and exit points aren’t the only things you need when placing a trade.

​You have to know why you're placing a trade on that particular stock or option. And you have to know a myriad of information involving technical and fundamental analysis, which can oftentimes take hours to complete.

Now, Anne is a Nurse. And you and I both know that nurses work a lot, wouldn’t you agree?

Sometimes 12 hours a day.

​So how did Anne do all of the technical and fundamental analysis that’s required to locate a great opportunity and fill her pockets with so much profit?


She became a student of mine and instantly began receiving Profit Alerts directly to her phone and email address. Of course I hand select only the best opportunities from hundreds that pop up - I don’t force anything - but instead, I wait for the right opportunity to reveal itself…

And they always do… just like clockwork.

“When you have Todd to send you emails and text alerts to tell you exactly what to do… it’s almost too good to be true.  Except it is true. And it’s really been pretty amazing.

There is no question you can earn significantly more than the way most people trade. I am thrilled. This is fantastic.”

- Anne K., Teacher

Isn’t that cool?

Are you ready to get started today? I know some of you were probably ready yesterday.

I bet you can SEE yourself taking advantage of these profit alerts already.

If you want these results NOW… then nod your head YES!  I know I can’t see you, but I want to make sure you're ​still with me.  ​

Now listen, I know there are many of you who are worried about your retirement among other things…

Some of you are wondering:

  • Will I have enough money to retire when it’s time?
  • How much longer can I keep working like this?
  • Will I ever have enough money to fulfill my dreams?
  • How can I safely increase my nest egg?
  • How am I going to afford my healthcare?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

Listen, if someone is telling you not to worry about your retirement funds they are a fool or a Charlatan.

You need to be concerned with your retirement NOW. Because if you don’t take steps to make sure you are comfortable in your old age believe me…

There are plenty of homeless people out there who went down the same path.

So how can you ensure that you will thrive as a trader with little to no experience or even with all the experience in the world?


By following a PROVEN ​System that has made others MILLIONS.

Case Study:

Charles S. of Gainesville Florida said:

“As an engineer, I know just how important it is to follow proven systems, it’s critical in my line of work. That’s why I didn’t hesitate the moment I realised how powerful your step by step guide is. It paid for itself several times over on my first trade with LLY! Thanks Todd!” 

Charles didn’t mess around. He put $5,000 down on his first trade with the program....and he EARNED:

 $8,700 In Just 8 Days!

Think about that for a moment… With a relatively small investment - he was able to secure over ​one thousand dollars a day of profit for himself.

Isn’t that incredible?

Are you starting to see the power of this marijuana and biotech trading system?

Imagine if you had gotten in on this move in LLY… How much would you have made?

Listen, I don’t want to brag… I’m not a braggadocious person… Honestly, I can’t stand people who aren’t humble… But look, you need all the cards out on the table to make the best decision, so here it is…

Our track record trading Pot and Biotech stocks and options over the last 24 months… blows away ANYTHING the competition has done.

With over 155 real live trades in the books, we have a…

91% Success Rate On ALL Trades!

Let that sink in for a moment.

Now, imagine placing 100 trades and losing only 9 of them.

  • What would that do for your portfolio? 
  • How would that change your life?
  • What about your families lives?

Now, wouldn't you like to take advantage of a system that is provably successful 91% of the time?

Of course, you do!

​Now can you imagine what it would be like to have a 91% success rate on ALL of your trades?

  • No more worrying about the outcome of a trade.
  • Reliable and Consistent Income.
  • Huge Profits.

But folks… I’m going to let you in on a little secret about our previous case studies, Charles and Anne.

You may have noticed they both are working professionals. Which means they spend AT LEAST 8 hours a day working! They didn’t have time to hunt down the next major opportunity…

​That’s why I provide each of my students with Profit Alerts.  

Profit alerts are notifications of trading opportunities that come directly to your inbox with complete instructions.

You can forward them to your broker to handle or place the trade yourself on your favorite trading platform.

Either way the...

Trades Take 10 Minutes Or L​ESS!

That is unless your broker is the chatty type…heck, who even calls a broker anymore - simply click a button and have the trade done for you.

Heck if your account is anywhere north of $20,000 right now I’ll be honest… in a year or two, you may have the ability to retire early…

But then what will you do with all your ​FREE time?!

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not the worst problem to have, right?

You could:

  • Visit the kids in college.
  • Buy a brand new convertible Corvette to cruise to the beach in.
  • Buy a new house ON the beach and let the kids visit you!

And here’s where good… turns to great.

You Can Do This For The Rest Of Your Life… 

Just think of the impact this WILL have on your income…

Here is another trade example from one of the members in my test group of valued students...

Eric. He’s a pilot for a major American Airline. So naturally, he is working pretty often… and he enjoys it! 

Who could blame him!

But that leaves Eric with very little time to watch the charts and keep up with the latest earnings reports and news surrounding key biotech and marijuana companies. 

Here are the results of a recent profit alert we sent out that Eric took advantage of while ‘on the ground’.

Case Study:

Eric along with many others taking advantage of my profit alerts ​
EARNED 115% ROI in only 10 days!

Here’s what he had to say:

‘I ​Have ​​​GAINS of $1,368,579 - ​Thanks ​To ​You!’

“Todd, I’m down here in Florida with my family enjoying our vacation home. I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my financial independence early! I have gains of $1,368,579 - thanks to you!  Your recommendations take very little time to execute… I’ve ​Been ​Averaging over $49,000 ​A ​Month ​In ​Profits ​Over the ​Past ​Two ​Years. Todd I’m sending a BIG thank you your way!”

Isn’t that amazing? 

You can see yourself doing this, right?

Look, if you’re struggling to grow your retirement account...or any account for that matter.

Don’t get down on yourself.

It’s ​NOT you.

People have told you to buy blue chip stocks and be happy with 10% annual gains - if you’re lucky -- and that’s not accounting for down years.

Heck, maybe 10% per year is just fine by you (if you’re lucky).

You decide what to do with your money.

But 10% a year for me...


It NEVER has been ​OK for me.

You see when I began trading and investing ​back in college…

I traded expensive blue-chip stocks because that’s what people said I should do to get rich in the long run.

But the truth is they move very, very, slow.

That’s not to say that I don’t invest in and actively trade blue-chip stocks… 

On the contrary, here is a live trade example where profit alerts as-usual successfully notified students of an opportunity in a premium quality blue-chip, Johnson & Johnson.

Burt A., a retiree remembers this trade well.  

“Todd, I just joined your program and boy am I happy I did, I just closed my first trade on JNJ. It took just a month and my exit target was triggered…”

Is that something your partner would want you to do?

My wife always appreciates when I make a really good trade. She gets to go shopping. I get a happy wife... And you know what they say…

Happy wife, happy life!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve grown accustomed to profits like these. 


When I get an email like that from a student of mine, it really reminds me that I’m making an impact in other people's lives.

Recently, science journals have conducted studies that have proven giving has measurable happiness and health benefits far greater than receiving.

Just Think Of All The Good You Could Do For Others...

Once you have an alternative source of consistent income you can rely upon every week just like ​CLOCKWORK.

Now, you’ve seen just how reliable these trades can be with our verified 91% ​Success ​Rate… but I still haven’t told you just how much you can ​EARN… 

With Biotech and Marijuana Stocks… you have a greater potential to knock the ball out of the park than with most of my other trading systems.


Because the strategies within this program have been tailored to safely allow for more upside potential

Sounds pretty good right?

I’m sure if you could go back in time you’d have invested in AAPL or AMZN… but we don’t have a time machine and picking stocks to blow up is like guessing the right lotto numbers…

​Statistically it isn’t going to happen anytime soon…

That is unless… you spot a once in a lifetime opportunity. And that’s exactly what federal legalization of Marijuana represents. 

This is an ​Opportunity to have ​Little ​Risk ​While ​Maintaining ​Exposure to ​Key ​Stocks that ​Could ​Blow the ​Doors ​Off of ​Everything ​Else.

It’s that good. But honestly… you don’t need me to tell you that…

Here’s what some of the top publications are saying about Pot Stocks:

“Marijuana is going mainstream and Wall Street has started to notice.”

- New York (CNN Business)

“The frenzy in pot stocks has created plenty of opportunities for short-term traders.”

- Bloomberg

‘...Cannabis stocks are a compelling opportunity for investors’

- Wall Street Journal

“Wall Street's top cannabis analyst believes U.S. marijuana sales will jump.”


“The bullish 2018 momentum in cannabis stocks has continued in 2019, with several popular U.S -listed stocks hitting new highs this year.”

- Financial Times

I think pot and biotech stocks are a major opportunity right now. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

And what makes this opportunity even better, it doesn’t matter if the stocks go up down or sideways… 

My trading strategies used over the last 3​1+ years and now applied specifically to these RED HOT markets have factored in the HUGE boom we have seen…

Even ​When the ​Bubble ​Pops ​We ​Are ​Well ​
Prepared to ​TAKE ACTION.

Check out this profit alert we sent out recently for Johnson & Johnson.

Both our fundamental and technical analysis confirmed this blue chip stock was way overbought. 

We sent out a detailed profit alert and the result?

Just about once a week I am reminded how fortuitous it was for me to have chosen you as my mentor. I have gotten used to consistent gains over 100% but this trade takes the cake. 
260% Profit In Less Than A Week!

You and your trading strategies are precisely what I needed to make the cogs line up and the door to open. I’m feeling consistently more confident in applying the discipline needed to make a wise and profitable trading decisions.”
- Dr. Larry E., Hawaii

Are you getting this?

Can you see yourself doing this?


Folks, if you mastered this skill where would you be five years from now?

Would you be in Hawaii working on your short game? What about sipping on a Mai Tai or just getting a tan. 

Maybe you’d touring Europe in luxury… visiting ancient ruins, beautiful churches, and eating delicious food.  

My wife, kids, and I have a lovely Safari planned in Kenya where guests tour the grasslands and encounter wild elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and water buffalo, all roaming safely on a reserve. 

That sounds pretty fun right?

Absolutely it does!

And it’s all made possible by following the safe and reliable trading systems I’ve built that take the emotion out of trading and allow the profits ​continue rolling in.

As you may or may not know by now having the right mindset is key when it comes to trading. If you are always emotional, and never stay true to your targets, more than likely when it comes to trading you are a consistent loser.

Right Now You Have The Opportunity To Change 
Once And For Good.

But you also have to want to make a change.

Do you want to become a trader who earns, literally as much as you want?  

As you know trading is the most scalable business in the world! Once you start making money consistently from a small amount of money, all it takes is for you to scale up...

...the ​SKIES THE LIMIT​! 

So, is that what you would like to do?

​I'm sure it is.

​Remember earlier when I said you need to think different about trading? It’s true. 

If you want to make a LOT of money trading pot and biotech stocks you need to know
HOW to ​Get ​Rich

Don’t you agree?

​Here’s the big picture.

Marijuana & Biotech Stocks Are The LAST LEGAL Way For
The Little Guy To Get Rich. 

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp is a little company you probably never heard of…

Before 2014, not many people had. They were a cheap Marijuana and Biotech stock all rolled into one trading for just 2.5 cents a share.

But once Colorado made Marijuana recreationally legal… the share prices BOOMED.

  • It took one week for prices to double.
  • In a month they had become 4x as valuable.
  • By the end of February - just two months later, share prices climbed to 1,358%
  • And by the time it topped out.. The gains were well above 9,000 percent.

9,000 % Gains!

Let’s compare that to a media darling… A company so beloved - just about every teenager in America has at least one of their products, including my daughter. 

I’m talking about Apple.

As you can see it took them well over 15 years to match those returns. 


Abattis Bioceuticals… They did it in under 3 months!

Are you getting this?

Are you starting to see the power of pot and biotech stocks?

Don’t you wish someone would have told you about Abattis and what would happen… BEFORE it boomed in price? 


Imagine taking just $1,000 and investing in Abattis in December of 2013. 

You’d have over $90,000 of walking around money. 

Enough for that brand new Corvette or Tesla you’ve been eyeing lately I’m sure.

My friend, that is the power of pot and biotech stocks.

But here’s the thing…

It didn’t happen just with Abattis… it happened time, and time, and time again. Stocks like:

  • EAPH Spiked 4,489%
  • CBGI  BOOMED 5,035%
  • LXRP Jumped 1,068%

This very same opportunity is what you and I are blessed with this very moment… 

But on a MUCH ​Larger ​Scale.

Even as major companies position themselves for the breakout like...

Altria Group Inc. (Malboro cigarettes) - Who just paid 1.8 Billion for 45% of Cronos Group Inc., one of Canada’s growing number of cannabis producers.


Constellation Brands Inc. - A beer and liquor conglomerate that spent $3.8 Billion to further increase its stake in Canopy Growth Corp, earlier in 2018.

Listen, there is an opportunity here for way more than a box of joints. All sorts of consumer products are up for grabs from beauty products, to wellness creams, drinks, and edibles… 

Wouldn’t You Like To Be Along For The Ride?

It wasn’t long ago I was flown to New York to meet with a couple multi-billion dollar hedge fund managers. They really wanted to know the exact rules (secrets) of my trading systems. I remember like it was yesterday.

I stepped out of the black town car, then looked up at the building I was about to enter and… even though I’d never been to New York before,  it was familiar to me. 

I met with the hedge fund managers outside of the elevator after reaching the 40th floor and they casually mentioned the office that Michael Douglas filmed his scenes in the movie ‘Wall Street’ ​- was just across the hallway…

I had to take a look. 

As I walked around that empty office… it hit me like a punch from a thousand pound Gorilla to the gut.

That famous line.

“The Most Valuable Commodity I Know Of Is Information.”

Here’s what Dr. John Weston had to say about that.

“Following Todd’s recommendations, the profits started rolling in right away. My percentage of winning trades is over 90% in the last 12 months and with this last trade on PFE my account has ballooned.”

​ Dr. John Weston

When it comes to information in the markets, either you’ve got it, or you’re being got by it. 

There’s no two ways about it. Stocks and Options trading is a zero sum game and if you don’t have an ​EDGE… you’re a sitting duck.

Now I know you aren’t a sitting duck because you’re here with me right now, ready to make a change in your life, isn’t that right?

​Clearly you recognize the power of senior professional traders working around the clock to sift out the ​BEST OPPORTUNITIES for ​YOU and deliver them directly to your inbox or phone.

‘Like getting a Masters Degree in Trading.’

“Todd, I just wanted to tell you again how much I really consider myself extremely blessed to have you as my mentor. 

I have never earned 135% ROI on anything in my 57 years on this earth. Now I have done it in just over two weeks!

This was absolutely the best investment of time and money that I have ever made for myself. This has been, for me, like getting a Masters Degree in Trading.”

​Paul P.

Isn’t that wonderful? 

Now, I understand some of you don’t want to learn all the in’s and out’s of trading biotech and marijuana stocks. 

Many of you have jobs or careers that take up your primary focus. And, if you’re anything like me, the rest of your time is family time.

So while I do provide an abundance of resources for you to learn the In's and Out's of my trading system -  I don’t expect you to learn it all. 

That’s what the Insider Biotech Profit Alerts are for. 

Remember the test group of newbie traders? 

Fact ​Is, We EARNED 5,500% In Just Under 24 Months!

That equates to 35% on average per trade on 155 trades - including losses.

Think about that for a moment. 

Imagine just two years ago I invited you to join me.

What would your trading or retirement account be right now?

Let’s just say you had $5,000 in your account, when we began.

Today W​ITHOUT ​Compounding ​Your ​GAINS… ​You Would ​Have ​Over $275,000​!

But what if you had $100,000?


That ​Would ​Have ​Put ​A ​Cool 5.5 ​MILLION In ​Your ​Account​!

That’s a bit more than walking around money… I’d say that’s beachfront in California money.

And that is a Hot market.


Here’s an inside look at the Insider Biotech Profits Portfolio.

Pretty amazing right?

These are just some of our trades, you will find the complete portfolio inside the members area, but you can very clearly see our track record is not only 100% legitimate, it’s better than any software, guru, or newsletter out there - especially when it comes to Biotech ​& Marijuana stocks and options trading. 

That’s What Sets Us Apart From The Competition.

Clear ​& ​Consistent ​Gains you can verify and continue to verify as you use my trading system. 

And, the profit alerts come in week after week, month after month, just like ​CLOCKWORK.

You see Safe ​& ​Reliable profit alerts, right in your mailbox putting money into your account more efficiently than any job or business ever could.


LESS Than 10 Minutes Of Your Time
A Week!

You can afford to spend 10 minutes for consistent 35% gains, can’t you?


I knew you’d say that!

Not long ago a great man passed… John Hill - the Founder and CEO of Future Truth Magazine. Before he passed, he paid me the highest compliment I could have ever received. He said:

“What Todd teaches in his trading course has not only shown me a few different ways to view/analyze the markets, but he teaches a good, reliable and straightforward trading methodology that I feel anybody wanting to learn how to trade successfully could benefit from.”

When I saw that glowing review in the highly acclaimed financial publication Futures Truth from the Great John Hill…

...I had to sit down for a moment. It was a blessing, and an honor. I know John is in a better place now.

Listen, you already know what sets me apart from the competition. It’s pretty obvious.

Nobody else has out gained Insider Biotech Profits since we began and, right now... ​at this very moment,  pot stocks are poised for MASSIVE GROWTH​!

Growth my students have already taken advantage of like Rod W. 

He E​ARNED 125% In 5 Days On This Trade:

‘I’m ​Collecting In ​EXCESS ​Of $150,000 a ​YEAR!’

“Todd, just writing to thank you for the success I have realized in the last two years. I’m getting regular cash payouts on my modest principle… and trades like your last suggestion on Celgene Corp have become the norm! I’m collecting in excess of $150,000 ​​A ​Year and all my time is spent outdoors with my wife hiking trails in beautiful national parks.”  

-Rod W.

As soon as you become a member you will receive regular profit alerts that expose you to the HUGE ​Upside ​Gains that you’ve already seen is possible with companies like Abattis Bioceuticals Corp and their 9,000%+ ​Gains ​In ​Only 3 ​Short ​Months​!

All The While locking in ​Safe ​& ​Consistent ​Weekly ​GAINS of 35% ​Per ​Trade on ​Average.

Some people think Pot Stocks are due for a major correction...

And that’s fine by me. 

We trade the market (and PROFIT) when it’s UP and DOWN… but not always. Only when the right opportunity presents itself. 

Sometimes that’s twice per week, other times it’s only 3 alerts in a month… But with 155  trades in the last two years… on average you can expect to make 1.5 trades per month given our track record. 

So what makes this better than the rest - for you?

  1. The Industries Leading Verified Trading Portfolio
  2. 35% Profit Per Trade Average
  3. Exposed to Extreme Upside with very LIMITED Downside Risk.

Is that something your family would benefit from?

You see, I’m not just spotting oversold and overbought opportunities here, not just basic technical analysis -- I’m going way beyond that, so we can spot the major anticipatory momentum building up in the market...

so we can catch the HUGE ​Moves.  

In short: 

We Get In Before The Herd Does.

But with just 4,000 stocks out there…

And just 250 that meet all of our Insider Biotech Profits Trading Criteria…

I’ve selected exactly 5 companies this coming month that represent the very best opportunity for you to make ​BIG ​Money.

In short - I’ve done all the research.

I’ve done all the groundwork…


I’ve created a list of pot and biotech stocks you need to own...​RIGHT NOW!

I’ll show you ​WHEN to buy them… 

H​OW to buy them…

And the ​PRICE to pay for them.

This could not be easier to follow…

David from Orlando writes:

‘I’m ​Up ​Over 290% ​This ​Year ​Already!’

“I set my 13 year old grandson up with Insider Biotech Profits to help him learn to trade the markets… He’s already a better trader then I, and I’ve been at this for years! Todd I’m just writing to let you know I’ve gone all in on your profit alerts for the past few months and I have never had such an easy time trading! I’m up over 290% this year already with the last trade that brought me 10% ROI PER DAY! 

​ David R., Retired

I commend David for getting his grandson started early. Both of my children have learned how to invest from an early age.

It’s very important wouldn’t you agree? 

But hold on just a moment, I want you to know David and all of the other members within the premium members area of the Insider Biotech Profits website get exclusive access to more than just the Profit Alerts…

In fact, here’s everything ​I include within Insider Biotech Profits.

  • Marijuana & Biotech P​ROFIT ALERTS...

  • My COMPLETE Options ​& Power Stock Trading ​Mentoring Program...

  • Welcome Video​...​showing you where everything is - so you can make your first pot or biotech trade just a few minutes from now... 

  • Up-To-Date Trade Portfolio with total aggregate Profit of +5,500% over the past 24 months (non-compounded)...

  • Access to the PREMIUM ​Members ​Only ​Website...

  • Major Market Analysis - Updated Twice Weekly...

...And that’s ​NOT ALL...

I’ve Hidden A Couple Gems Inside For You As An Added BONUS.

What's ​A S​YSTEM Like This Worth To You?

For every single one of you, this answer will vary. But before you answer I want you to keep two important factors in mind.


Sourcing all of this information isn’t free and takes a lot of my valuable time. I spend hours a day on this…

  • Going through companies that come back to me from my nightly scan... 
  • Checking any earnings reports...
  • Staying up on the latest news for these target companies on my list...
  • Decide which way to most profitably trade an opportunity...
  • Calculate potential entry AND exit points...
  • Performing my ‘own special’ technical analysis for each company for the highest probability trades that offer the lowest risk opportunities

...P​LUS a Whole LOT More!

Isn’t that quite a bit to do every day?

​Make no mistake folks, over 31 years of trading has made my time VERY valuable.

You get the point right?

​But the truth is you get exactly what you pay for folks…

Insider Biotech Profits Portfolio with its 91 ​Percent ​Rate of ​SUCCESS ​& an ​Average ​Profit of 35% ​Per ​Trade... speaks volumes.

By this point, you know that I don’t lose money, I make money.

But there’s just one thing I haven’t revealed to you yet…

I Don’t Make Any Money Unless YOU Do.

More on that in just a moment, but that brings me to…

FACT #2:

Earlier I said: What is a system like this worth to you?

Let’s explore that for a moment.

You’ve seen my track record, and I think you’ll agree that the returns are pretty incredible​. 

​I want you to take a moment and think about where you were in your financial life two years ago. 

Did you have money to trade and invest? 

How did ​that go for you?

If you had money to trade and invest, even if it was just $1,000...I want you to pull out a clean piece of paper - not a text document on your computer, a real piece of paper.

Now write down an approximation of the money you had in your savings, IRA, or any other accounts two years ago.

(Mattress Money Included)

Now, this is very important. For just a moment, I want you to envision the opportunity you have in front of you right now was given to you two years ago today and you didn’t hesitate to grab it. 

You saw it for what it was - a HUGE ​Opportunity - and took action immediately to secure your financial future.

As a result… 

You were able to multiply your investment by...

55​X Your Investment!

Now write the answer down. And take note… this is ​NOT compounded… only the aggregate gains… 

How much would you have earned in the last two years?

With only $1,000 to invest… you’d have a cool $55,000​!

  • That’s 1 Child's College Tuition. 
  • Or a healthy down payment on a house. Not bad.
  • Or even a few very luxurious vacations and cruises.

With only $5,000 to invest… you’d have a very nice sum of $275,000​!

  • That’s College Tuition For The Kids And Grand​children...
  • Enough To Buy An Entire House!...
  • Plenty To Drive Off In That Red Ferrari...

Here’s where things get really interesting…

If you had $20,000  to invest you’d be looking at.. 

1.1 ​MILLION ​Dollars ​In ​YOUR ​Bank ​Account ​RIGHT NOW​!

Raise your hand if you would have been a ​MILLIONAIRE from trading this system!

​Now I want you to write down below your would be 24 month gains… the amount you actually gained - or lost - in that same time frame.

If you don’t know it just write down an approximation.

​Now subtract your actual gains from what you would have made, had you invested.

Do you have that number handy? ​

For demonstration purposes I’m going to pretend I had $10,000 and I earned the industry standard over the last 20 years....10%  per year...if you're lucky actually.

Well, I would be looking at a profit of $2,000 - ​NOT compounded.

Let’s subtract that from the hypothetical $550,000 I would have made from this system with the standard Index Fund return rate of 10%.

We get $548,000.

Do you know what that number represents folks? 


Look at the number you just wrote down on your page. That’s exactly how much money you missed out on over the last two years. Money you could have spent without ever touching your original investment. 

Money that comes in on average 1.5 times EVERY WEEK!

INCO​ME That ​Is:

  • ​SAFE...
  • ​SECURE...&

It hurts doesn’t it?

Knowing what could have been…

Now, we can’t go back in time - but going forward we certainly can make changes - and ​ prevent ourselves from making crucial mistakes… 

Like... missing out on a once in a ​Lifetime ​Opportunity within a ​PROVEN but still emerging market. 

And... taking advantage of that exploding market with the one tool that has proven just how valuable it is to you.

Now guys and gals I want you to write down how much money you have to invest right now.

So, IF I were to let you into my exclusive members area, and you set eyes upon my latest trading opportunity…and it is ​PRIME​… 

You could take advantage of it right away. Right?

​Now take the amount you have to invest right now and multiply it by 55.


Now you see what your bank account can easily look like two years from today.

‘Every week I feel like I’m getting thousands of dollars in my inbox.’

“With Insider Biotech Profits, every week I feel like I’m getting thousands of dollars in my inbox. I don’t know what I did to be blessed with this good fortune, but every time I get a notification from Todd I get excited!”

​Wendy R.

Now on that same piece of paper in front of you, 5 lines from the bottom write down

"I'll take it unless I change my mind." 

"I'll take it unless I change my mind."

Now I want you to sign it.

​Now why were you willing to sign that paper?

Why were you willing to ​TAKE ACTION...take the one action that's required to do so?

Why were you able to do that now and yet you won't go out into the real world and take an action like that. 

The truth is many ​people say ​they want to be rich… ​many people couldn't even stomach it. They’re ‘comfortable’ they tell themselves.

I call them complacent… ​selfish even.

How could you give up the opportunity of a ​LIFETIME for yourself… for your family… for all of the people whose lives you can touch with your generosity? 

​I think you'll agree that it would be foolish.

All Of Those Lives You Can Change… 

With ​A SIMPLE Click Of A Button...

You already know how valuable this system ​could be to you. It’s the last number you wrote down… ​it's the most important number your going to see today.

Now that you understand exactly what’s at stake here…

I promised you this system for ​FREE, and I mean it.

But just like I said at the beginning of this workshop… It’s only ​FREE for people who understand it’s value.

I’ve Given Y​OU The Keys…

Now I’m going to give you a 90 day test drive.

This is a totally FREE, ​No ​Obligations ​Opportunity to access a ​​highly ​Exclusive ​Members ​Area where you can see EVERYTHING, do EVERYTHING, experience EVERYTHING in ​my powerful system for 90 days - yeah... 

90 Day Test Drive

And if at ANY POINT you decide… no thanks it’s not for me...you have the opportunity to get a refund.

​But if you're smart… 

And, I bet you are because you recognize how good of an opportunity this is…

You will take the secrets I have given you and take my Insider Biotech Profits for a test drive immediately by joining ​my ​Premium ​Members ​Area and placing your first trade with the guidance of my latest ​PROFIT ALERT as soon as you get inside.

As you’ve already seen time and time again…

90 ​Days ​Is ​Enough ​To ​Start Chang​ing ​Li​ves...

​The ​Big ​Question ​For ​YOU ​Is...Will ​It ​Be Your Life That Will Be Changed!?

​That’s why I took the plunge, and I’m never looking back. 

It’s been two months and I’m making more money now sitting on my butt for 10 minutes every week, than at anytime before in my 64 years on this planet! Thank You Todd!”

​ Kathy K.

Thank you Kathy for that​ kind fe​edback​, I really appreciate ​it.

Now folks...I'm getting to the end here and I've only got so many slots available at this time.

​And once they’re gone, they're​...


Me and my small ​trading staff can only take top notch care of so many people, so ​I do have to put a cap on the amount of valued members ​we allow in at this time.

Now, I want you to take one last look at that paper in front of you and really focus on the last number.

That is what this program is worth to you.

So if you have $10,000 right now to trade and invest, you are looking at a potential $550,000 ​Bank ​Account ​Balance ​In ​Just ​Two ​Years, if we continue to get these results…

and folks… I think we can do better​!


So the BIG ​Question ​Is:  
What would you be willing
to pay in order to get that $550,000 in two years?

Well earlier, you’ll recall we agreed that paying a dollar… and getting back $4 in a limited time frame is… a pretty good idea right?

​If we apply your logic to my $550,000 example, that puts your valuation of Insider Biotech Profits program at $137,500!

You will recall I also told you earlier I’m not going to ask for $50,000 let alone $137,500!

But we both agree that ​IS what it’s worth to you, right?

​Now I don’t want 50,000 or even $10,000. 

But I’m sure you’ll agree, that for everything I provide.... 

  • The ​Regular ​PROFIT ​Producing ​Alerts...
  • The ​Comprehensive ​Training...
  • The ​Top ​Notch ​Service...

I should be paid​, right?

​So here’s what ​I want to do for yousince you’re a very valued reader and subscriber…​​and because you’ve ​read everything I've had to say today. I also really appreciate being heard, and being able to pass on my knowledge to you...it makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something today, so...

I’m Going To Cut You A D​EAL...

​I’m going to give you a little ​GIFT...I’m not going to do my typical pricing of $3,997... 

...​instead, I’m going to cut the price in HALF to only $1,997! ​

And how about this… If you ​ACT RIGHT NOW and claim one of the last few remaining memberships available…

I’ll throw in an EXTRA YEAR of ​Profit ​Alerts and ​Access to the ​Premium ​Members ​Area, COMPLETE with the ​​extensive ​Stock & Options ​​training ​​course at ​NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

So, let’s see, ​YOU GET…

 A Full 24 Months To EARN All That Profit…

You’ve calculated on the paper right in front of you… 

A FREE 90 Day Test Drive where you can place trades and pay for the cost of the membership before your time is up - or your Money Back… and all that is going to cost you just $83 a month or.. 

Just $2.77 ​A ​Day​!

Can you swing $2.77 ​A ​Day to ​EARN 10% ​Per ​Week on your entire portfolio for the next two years?  I’m betting you can.

​Just ​click the ​red button below and get started with me right away!

Now ​if you’re still ​with me I want to thank you!  ​​And for those of you who have read this far there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that ​you have what it takes to make a killing with BioTech and Marijuanna stocks. You’ve dedicated your time and learned the in's and out's of what it takes to really become a successful trader and investor.

Now, I know there’s a bunch of questions on your mind right now ​- so what I'm going to do is answer the most frequently asked questions that I've received.

​Again, I want to mind you that ​I only have ​LIMITED SPACE in the program, so as soon as your question has been answered, just click the ​red button below ​that says 'PARTNER With Me'...
I would love to have you inside the program. 

​Once you enter the private members area that’s where you’ll see my latest profit alerts. AND, you can immediately take advantage of them to ​Start ​EARNING ​Huge ​Profits ​Right ​Away​!

Alright, let’s get going with the most…

Insert Image
Insert Image
Insert Image

Frequently Asked Questions

Once again ​these are by far the most frequently asked questions that I receive all the time regarding ​the Insider Biotech Profits advisory service.  ​Once your questions are answered please feel free to go ahead and click the “Partner with Me” button to secure your spot.

Question: Is there some sort of catch here, this seems too good to be true?

Answer:  Great question, glad you asked… I would ask the very same thing if I were in your shoes, it’s a very legitimate concern and asking this question is a sign of a very smart trader and investor….so kudos to you!

Now look, before you start any new trading or investing strategy, you absolutely want to investigate it from A to Z.  That’s why I want to be more than fair with you by going above and beyond what anybody else would do for you.  I’m going to give you 90 days to make absolute sure that these profitable trading opportunities are in fact for you, and prove to you that you WILL make consistent profits.  You WILL see, firsthand, that my Insider Biotech Profits system and advisory WILL give you very reliable and predictable opportunities to generate additional income.  Of course, income will vary widely depending on how much money you’re trading with.

Please remember that my systems unique set of rules helps to isolate the absolute “best of the best” stocks and options to trade.  So, for the reasons I’ve just discussed, I’m very happy to let you see for yourself the predictability and profitability for yourself, LIVE.  So,  if you’re one of the few that I’m accepting into my exclusive program at this time, I will give you the opportunity to test and see for yourself my trade recommendations until you’re 110% confident that my Insider Biotech Profits service will work for you.  If you’re not 100% happy, I’m not happy.

So, what could be safer and easier than giving you a full 90 days to test my trades, either with paper trading, or with as much as you choose to risk.  You have nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain by at least giving it a try.  Heck, if you don’t get the results you were expecting, all you have to do is contact me ​ – I really couldn’t get any fairer than that, could I?

The only thing here is that I plan on shutting down this exclusive offer once the number of new students exceeds the capacity of me and my support team…you see, I only want you to experience the best and most personal service and support so that you succeed in a huge way.

Question: Is your program simple to use and profit from...even for beginners?

Answer: Yes, absolutely.  I made the Insider Biotech Profits advisory as simple as humanly possible for traders of all levels of experience, especially for beginners. I do all the hard work “behind the scenes” for you, so you don’t have to do anything except for getting the email, text alert, or log into the members-only area website and “copy and paste” my trading instructions with your online trading account or broker.

So, even if you’ve never a trade before, as long as you can check your email or receive a text, you will be able to copy my instructions and use my recommendations.    

I promise you, it’s really that simple…

Once you get up to speed it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes a week to place and manage your trades.  And, of course with anything new, it might take a little practice at first to get it right, but anything worthwhile in life takes some practice, right?  And remember if you have any questions at all – such as how to place an order – or need clarification about any particular trade, I offer 24/7 e-mail hotline and regular business hours phone access to answer any questions that you may have.

So go ahead and click the “Partner with Me” button to get started while you still can…and remember you can reserve your spot by just saying “maybe” with the ​GUARANTEE that I’m offering you.

Question: Can people really trade biotech and cannabis stocks profitably?

Answer: Absolutely…it all comes down to timing, and what I refer to as anticipatory momentum. Stand at the top of a snowy hill with a small snowball.

Now, begin to roll it down the hill. As you do, it begins to become bigger and bigger. It begins to build momentum. Well, the same thing happens with biotech and cannabis stocks.

If we can spot a potential story ahead of the herd, we can take a position and wait. We can get a jumpstart with our snowball. Then, as they begin to wake up to opportunity, our snowball gets bigger and bigger and picks up momentum.

Typically, we can do this with biotech stocks facing an FDA decision, Phase III trial data release, a PDUFA date, or even an advisory panel committee date. I have pages of publicly available information that allows for considerable opportunity. Typically, we’ll find a biotech stock 2-3 months in advance to really milk the wave of expected anticipatory momentum, but this was too good to ignore. And typically, we’ll jump out of an FDA trade before the actual catalyst out of fear of an options premium-pull.

Question: But how do you know when the stock will turn in your favor?

Answer: We use five technical indicators, which we’ll discuss in further detail in videos and chats.  We also use publicly available news on biotech and cannabis stocks, using Phase III, PDUFA, advisory panel dates, and FDA decisions.  What we’re doing is taking advantage of herd momentum before momentum begins to appear.

By finding publicly available information, and researching its potential, we begin to buy before the herd does.  Then, as we approach the date in question, a Phase III trial information release date, or even an FDA decision, the herd begins to pile in.  As that happens, momentum builds, and we take our profits and move on.  Meanwhile, many traders and investors hold their trades right into an actual catalyst, which can spell disaster.  I know exactly what to do, so don’t worry about it – we’ll make more money.

Question: What kind of success does a system like this have?

Answer: After testing and using the system for 22 years, it’s had a success rate as high as 90%.

Question: You’re kidding right?  Who has that kind of success?

Answer: No, I’m not kidding – that 90% success rate is 100% true.  I’m even willing to open all of my portfolios dating back years as proof the strategy works. And you will see all this proof once you start your trial, which is located inside the member’s area.  

You’ll have immediate access once you decide to hit the ‘Partner with Me’ button.

Question: Are you for real Todd…this almost sounds too good to be true, almost like a “get rich scheme?

Answer: YES, I’m for real, and NO this is definitely not a “get rich scheme”…it couldn’t be further from it.  Look, I’ve been trading since 1988 and I’ve been in business teaching traders and investors like you since 1994, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating…so yes I am for real and there’s no ‘get rich’ stuff going on here.  If I put out dishonest material in any way I think you’ll agree that I would have been out of business by now.

And let me also be crystal-clear about this too, my Insider Biotech Profits is not a “get-rich-quick” type of trading strategy.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite, as you’ve seen throughout my presentation today.  You’ve seen with your own two eyes that it allows you to generate rather large returns very routinely.  

So, if you’re looking to “strike it rich” on one single trade, this is not for you...and good luck trying to find that needle in a haystack type of trading system. Be assured though we do hit many home run trades quite frequently, amounting to TRIPLE DIGIT GAINS.

Besides, here at Trading Concepts, we’re in the business of sharing ideas and research on which you can trade with confidence…information that can allow you to thrive in any type of market condition.

If you’ve made it this far in the presentation, then you’ve seen that I place a great deal of attention on ensuring risk management, establishing realistic expectations, and generating trades that result in success.  You have seen that my goal – one which I reach with great regularity – is to achieve profits most every week and month.  If this were a baseball game, I would describe it as winning with an extremely potent offense of double and triples – many times hitting home runs and grand slams - triple digit gains

Question: Why are you willing to give this proven trading system to other people if this works so well?

Answer: To be honest with you, there are tons of reasons why I want to share it with you, so let me discuss a few.

First, I would never want to keep something for myself when I know in my heart it could help change so many lives…it has for me, so I know it can for you too – and it already has helped change lives for tons of people just like you.  

Here’s another reason:  I know you remember the dotcom crash and the 2008 financial debacle.  I’ll never forget those times, and neither will some of my friends and neighbors who saw their portfolios cut in half.  Millions of people lost a fortune and I’m sure many are still trying to make back what they lost…that to me is horrifying to know.  I know for certain that the Insider BioTech Profits advisory can help change all that, so that never happens again to anybody.

The other huge driving reason is that many of my 45,000+ students have been asking me for a service exactly like this for years – to trade BioTech & Cannabis stocks.  I understand the Insider Biotech Profits is not right for everybody though, but I would really like to help those of you that this makes sense to.

I am thrilled to be able to help you, if you should decide to partner with me. 

Click on the “Partner with Me” button to lock in your spot.

Question: Do you still think this would be right for me if I’m not a huge risk taker?

Answer: Yes, absolutely…this will be perfect for you, because I manage everything in terms of when to get in and where to get out – you’re never taking on big risks.

My Insider Biotech Profits advisory service was designed for people like you who aspire to earn large returns from the market without high levels of risk.

One of the tremendous advantages that my Insider Biotech Profits service is going to do for you is it’s going to help give you a psychological boost by knowing that you are following a tried-and-true method that offers built-in protection and the consistent ability to produce large market returns.  

My service is also designed to help give you control over your money…you decide how much or little risk you want to take.  Now of course with any trading or investing strategy, there will be risk – even with my trade recommendations.  And if you’re not comfortable taking any risks this opportunity may not be for you.  Only you know your risk tolerance and what you personally feel comfortable with.

I want you to feel fantastic and enthused about your decision, which is why I want to give you a
90-​Day ​Money-​Back ​Guarantee…

You can try everything out for yourself by simply clicking the “Partner with Me” button below…

Question: I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of your Insider Biotech Profits until now, why is that? 

Answer: This is probably because until today, it’s only been available to a very small group of traders and investors – and I only allow a certain amount of people into the program a couple times a year.

Plus, if your email inbox looks anything like mine, you’re probably bombarded – practically every day – with offers from the latest guru, promising to show you the “secrets” of turning a small investment into a huge fortune …practically overnight!  This is unfortunate and you’ve definitely not seen any of this from me, so that’s probably another reason why you may not have heard of the Insider Biotech Profits until now.

I’ve tried to be completely transparent throughout this entire workshop.  I’ve shown you trade results, and described the realistic expectations of profits that you can realize with this program.  I hope by now you’re able to see that the Insider Biotech Profits does in fact give you the potential to go after very large returns on a very regular basis.

I also want to stress upon you that you don’t need a showy method of making money in the markets; all you really need is an effective method…and the Insider Biotech Profits is definitely that.  

But, you have to hurry and make a decision because I’m only allowing a select few into this program at this time…and remember, you’ll be able to try it, risk-free, for 90 days!

Question: Do I need a lot of money to start profiting from your program?

Answer: No…technically you don’t need any money at all to get started, because you can paper trade as many of the Insider Biotech Profits recommendations as you like, for as long as you like, before you put any real money on the line.  That being said, when you feel like you’re ready to start trading, because of all the profits you’ve seen the recommendations make while you watched and observed with your paper trading, you can begin trading with as little or as much as you like…

How much money you start with is up to you, but you can get started with as little as a few hundred dollars. But remember, once I hit my limit of new members, this offer will be ended.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late…

Simply click the “Partner with Me” button and take advantage of this limited offer while you still can.

Question: Can your program help me become financially ‘well off’ and ‘wealthy’ over time?

Answer: Yes, absolutely… it is very possible this strategy can make you financially well off and wealthy over time.

Look everyone defines ‘well off’, ‘wealthy’ and or ‘rich’ differently, right?  But if you define these words as generating more income so that you can spend more time with your family and friends, being more generous in your monetary giving, traveling more, and simply being able to do more of what you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because lack of money, then, YES, this program can make you ‘well of’, ‘wealthy’ and ‘rich’… I’m absolutely certain of it.

I truly believe that my Insider Biotech Profits advisory service will make you money…

It’s only because of my absolute certainty that I’m willing to offer you this special price today, along with the extra year for free, to allow you to begin your wealth-building, immediately.  This is why, today, you’re being offered this unique opportunity to join the ranks of a great and growing number of successful traders – some of whom are joining, even as you watch this.

Let me also offer you a suggestion here: When you begin to use my Insider Biotech Profits, have in mind a few goals that you would like to achieve with the profits that you’re going to make.  That is, write those objectives that you would like to make a reality, in the next 12 months.  I’m convinced that, if you do this, you will be surprised, if not shocked, at how quickly you will achieve your goals.  I know because so very many people who follow my Insider Biotech Profits follow this same process, and accomplish what they set out to do…and this group of course also includes me. 

To get started with me, simply click on the “Partner with Me” button below.

Question: Do I need to understand complicated charts or need to perform technical analysis to make this work for me?

Answer: No, not one bit.  There’s absolutely no technical analysis for you to have to perform, or for you to have to look at any charts if you don’t want to.    

All you need to know is the actual trade parameters, when to get in, and when to get out…and I do all this for you, I literally spoon-feed you the trade...simply copy and paste my instructions.  This way you remain in control 100% and you decide whether you want to follow me or not.

To start following me all you need to do is click the “Partner with Me” button below.

Question: What makes your program so different - I’ve heard many times that trading systems typically don’t work?

Answer: Quite honestly, I’m living proof that trading systems DO work…I’ve been successfully trading them since 1988.  Not only that, you and I could name several famous investors and traders who beat the market all the time.  There are those of course who think it’s not possible to beat the market, but I certainly do NOT agree with that one bit…and if you’re still with me to this point, I’m sure you don’t agree, either.

And remember you can join the Insider Biotech Profits advisory on a trial basis.

Question: Do you honestly believe that anyone can profit from your program, even me?

Answer: YES, absolutely…Especially YOU!  I make it so easy that anyone can do this if they can follow simple instructions.

Why, you may be asking?    

Well, put simply, I specifically designed the Insider Biotech Profits advisory service for regular people just like you with an average understanding of the markets that want to profit regularly from the markets.

Now look, I do all the research for you so all you need to do is spend roughly 10 minutes a week “copying and pasting” my trade recommendations with your online broker. I handle all the details so you don’t have to.  Feel free to spend your time however you please.

So, I urge you to partner with me before it’s too late…

Simply click the “Partner with Me” button and take advantage of this limited-time offer while you still can.

Question: Do you have any type of guarantee that I’ll make money like you say?

Answer: Let me be as truthful as I can possibly be here; if you choose not to invest in my Insider Biotech Profits recommendations, I can state with 100% certainty that you will not make any money on them…and of course this program will have served to be nothing more than instruction and world-class education.

Like I’ve mentioned throughout this presentation, it’s always a good idea to paper trade before committing real money to any new trading strategy. Paper trading will help you accomplish two things:  First, you can prove to yourself that this IS the REAL DEAL.  Second, you won’t risk a single penny by learning and watching the trades unfold for yourself live. 

The truth is you won’t make any real money until you start trading with real money, and of course you’ll want to do this once you feel comfortable with my system.

Remember, I do guarantee my service for 90 days, and during that time, if you’re doubtful — and many traders and investors who have achieved success with my program began as skeptics — then please feel free to paper trade like I mentioned above.  All that I ask is that you make at least four of the recommended trades during your trial period, using either a live or a demo account. If you're not happy with the results, just send back your trade log.  Do this any time during your trial period, and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.  

Remember, though…I’m only letting a limited number of valued traders and investors like you participate in this special offer, so please click the “Partner with Me” button, or risk losing your spot.

Question:  How long will this take to learn? 

Answer: Quite honestly you don’t need to learn anything if you don’t want to…all you have to do is follow my trade recommendations that I send you – simply ‘copy and paste them’.  But if you desire to learn, you’ll have the BONUS I’m giving you here for FREE…the Insider Biotech Profits program.  Each trade alert comes with detailed instructions even a third grader could follow and use to make money with. So it’s completely up to you how much you actually want to learn from this program.  I can assure you though that you WILL certainly and undoubtedly make money by following my trade recommendations.

Question: If this trading strategy is so fantastic, why isn’t everyone & their grandmother using it?

Answer: Well, one of the biggest reasons why more people are not using this type of trading strategy is that they simply don’t know about it.  Most of the ‘Joe public’ out there doesn’t bother to get educated enough to even know about this type of trading and investing strategy to use it, if they did they certainly would be.

The second reason is that the Insider Biotech Profits advisory service is NOT for gamblers, because I’m leaving nothing to chance.  I’m using a very safe and reliable trading strategy with an exact proven FORMULA with precise rules to go after double and TRIPLE-digit gains that generate real profits on a regular basis.

Remember that space is very limited and you can try out everything pretty much risk free.

So, go ahead and click the “Partner with Me” button.

Question: Will your system work in all market conditions, even current conditions? 

Answer: YES, absolutely.  Every single market condition imaginable works beautifully with the Insider Biotech Profits type of trades…my system is specifically designed to go after large profits in bull and bear market conditions.

I personally believe this decision could be a life-changing decision for you, but please don’t take my word for it.  All you have to do is test my Insider Biotech Profits advisory over the next 90 days, and judge for yourself. You will then see the results for yourself…and then and only then you can decide if it’s for you. Again, though, enrollment is limited, so if you’re serious about changing your life, please don’t wait.

Question: How much does your Insider Biotech Profits advisory cost again?

Answer: Like I mentioned earlier in the presentation, a normal 1-year subscription costs $2,795, but for this special one-time offer I’m making you right now, you’ll get it for only $1,997….PLUS I’m throwing in an ADDITIONAL Year for FREE…that comes to only $2.74 a day for two full years of my profitable winning trades!

Question:  How can I be sure that everything you taught in your presentation was true and that it’s really as simple and profitable as you say it is?

Answer: I understand your caution, and welcome it.  So, you’re obviously still unsure about committing to my Insider Biotech Profits advisory, and that’s perfectly fine.  That’s why I urge you to try it out Risk-Free for 90 days, that’s how sure am I about the money you’re going to make and what you’re going to learn with everything that you’ll receive.

Remember, you can spend the time just paper trading the recommendations that I provide.  This will give you a real-world chance to judge for yourself, and realize that this system is not only legitimate, but very profitable.  

So you don’t have to say “YES” right now, you can just say “I’ll Give It a Try” - and avoid being left out…

You can wind up making your final decision in 90 days…

Given my continuing commitment to providing exceptional customer service worthy of our name, I will add only so many new members…and once I arrive at this number, this special offer will be closed.    

Obviously, the choice is entirely yours, but to keep our conversation going, I highly recommend that you acquire all of the remaining details of this offer. 

You can do that simply by clicking the “Partner with Me” button, all the details will be on that page and you are not in any way required to go any further if you don’t want to.

Question: How can I get help if I have any questions or if I’m unsure of anything?

Answer: Good question…and of course…it’s real easy to get help whenever you need it.  You’ll not only have access to our 24/7 email support ticket system, but you’ll also have our support phone number you can call anytime during regular business hours.  I’m also going to give you my personal cell number – now who else would does that?  Look, my goal is to provide you with the absolute best customer service in the industry.  This way you’ll be able to ask any questions that you might have regarding your trade recommendations and get the help you need so you can succeed.

This is one of the reasons why I’m limiting this offer to a limited amount of traders and investors like you, because I want members of my Insider Biotech Profits to experience the absolute best world-class service and support they (YOU) deserve…

Question: When will I get my first set of trades and when would I be able to access the member’s area with all my materials? 

Answer: A few moments after you decide to partner with me, you’ll be provided a password that you can use to access the Insider Biotech Profits website…you will then be able to see all the recommendations and have complete access to all of the materials.

You will then be on the list to receive the trade recommendations (via text, email and posted inside the members area).

I would say on average, you’ll receive at least 1-2 new trade recommendations each week.

Now, of course, you can choose to trade on as many, or as few, trades that I issue…and this of course needs to fit your level of comfort.

Question:  I’m assuming your ordering process is secure and safe for me to use?

Answer: YES, absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way for you.  It’s not only safe, but it’s 1,000% secure and fast.  

To protect your data, and prevent any breach of security, throughout the entire order and fulfillment processes, we use industry-standard encryption technology.

I’ve been in business since 1994 and have had over $45,000 students who have basically ordered with me in the exact same secure and safe way, so no worries.    

Once you decide to click “Partner with Me”, you will have plenty of time to review everything before your order is processed, if ​you should decide to partner with me, which of course I hope you do.

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Forex, futures, stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Trading Concepts methodology or system or the information in this letter will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.


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