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Don’t Let A Full-Time Job & A Small Account Prevent You From Using My PROVEN Formula in THIS Market to Steadily Grow YOUR Wealth 

HINT: It’s one of the most overlooked markets & it offers potential PROFITS of $156.25 to $312.50+ per contract before starting your day.

Todd Mitchell

Hi, I’m Todd Mitchell, founder and head trader at Trading Concepts.If you’re a day trader, I encourage you to read what I have to say on this page…and pay close attention to the trades I share with you on the videos below…Because I’m introducing you to one of the most overlooked markets for making consistent daily and weekly income.

It’s actually the first market I ever traded……and it’s not the E-Mini futures, equities, currencies, or anything to do with options…It’s a market that offers profitable trading opportunities when other markets are slow……it opens 1 hour and 10 minutes before the U.S. markets……and has one of the most predictable price movements out of any financial market.And because of its flexibility and today’s economic situation, you have the potential to make $156.25 -$312.50+ per contract before even starting your regular trading day.

Now, before I show you the strategy for this market, please keep in mind…I’ve spent over the last two decades mentoring over 12,000 traders – from Wall Street to Min Street – showing them how to beat the odds by pulling money out of the markets consistently.

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My advice has also been featured on major media – ranging from Fox Business, Bloomberg and CNBC. 

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What you’re about to see is part of a PROVEN ​Formula that’s been battle tested in many different environments, including……the roaring 90’s, the dot com crash, the 9-11 incident, the housing crisis, the huge bull market from March 2009 to February 2020, the COVID-19 massive sell-off and incredible volatility – to the uncertainty in today’s market.

And although I’m probably most known as an E-Mini and Options mentor…What I’m talking to you about today are the bond markets…More specifically, the 30-Year Treasury Bond Futures.

And I’m about to prove to you, if you’re not trading this market right now, you’re missing out on highly probable and profitable trading opportunities.

To show you why, let’s start by looking at a Few LIVE Trades that I did just the other day…(I closed out $781.25 in PROFIT in 3 small trades)

As you can see, opportunities like this are naturally built into the bond markets – they occur every single day.In fact, in a moment, I’ll show you how you can get access to my daily recorded trades so you can see, for yourself, just how consistent the results really are…You just need to know how to spot what’s been hidden from you until now.The good news is, with a few slight and very important tweaks, you can apply trading from other markets to the bond​ market.So you’re a lot closer than you think to cashing in on these opportunities…All from a source that you’ve probably overlooked for a long time…And, like all markets I trade, certain periods of the day are more active than others, as a result, you can trade when the odds are most in YOUR favor.For instance, the bonds are especially active from 8:20am ET to 10:30am ET and again from around 1:30pm ET to 2pm ET.Now, if you’ve followed me for a while, I’m best-known for the strategies that consistently pull a daily ​income from the E-Mini futures market.  Of course, the E-Mini’s are still one of my favorite markets to trade.However, I use Bonds for two main reasons:

  1. To capitalize on the early-morning opportunities prior to the E-Mini’s most predictable trading times…AND
  2. When no trades are setting up in the E-Mini’s, there’s often an opportunity in bonds.

So, in other words, I’m not saying bonds are better than the E-Mini’s, rather, when you want more opportunities to profit,T-Bond trading is the place to look. The bonds are especially great for those of you who might not have time to day trade the E-Mini’s…

…yet have the flexibility to make 5 ticks ($156.25) to 10 ticks ($312.50)+ during your morning coffee.Look, if you trade for a living or to supplement your income – and trading on your own terms is important to you – consider bonds as a market for delivering consistent income on YOUR schedule.

These are Safe, HighProbability, LowStress trades to help YOU ConfidentlyProduce Daily Cash Flow & Help Grow YOUR Trading Capital on a Consistent Basis.

Of course, this approach isn’t for everyone…If you like spending hours at a time analyzing charts and chasing “home Runs”…Or if you can’t squeeze a few extra trades a week into your trading schedule…Or if you’re content with the money you’re making right now…Adding the U.S. Treasury Bond futures as a way to produce additional daily cash flow probably isn’t for you.However, if you’re the type of trader who would love a little extra income to supplement your paycheck or retirement…Prefer to realize and produce profits every day or every few days (instead of waiting several weeks or months)…And like to trade on YOUR own schedule…THEN…

The U.S. Treasury Bond futures is a Market YOU Absolutely Must Consider…Let me show you a few more reasons why in this video…

And, again, these strategies work great whether you have a $2,500 account or a $100,000+ account……or whether you’re a full-time trader or just have an hour or two in the morning to trade.So, here’s your next step…

If you want to earn a consistent daily profit trading T-Bonds and a detailed, step-by-step, blueprint covering the set-ups, strategies and techniques, ​enroll now and get my 3 hour workshop…I walk you through each step of my strategy, so you can start trading as early as this week.And you also get advanced tactics for quickly managing your trades for MAXIMUM profit…

DVD of Trading Bonds workshop

…you’ll see how to make money in the T-Bond market even if you have a full-time job or feel limited by a small trading account…Of course, along with more than 3 hours of hands-on video instruction, you’ll also get……the session slides……proprietary position management tools…AND…everything you need to know to enter, exit, and manage your trades to increase your odds for profiting from trading the T-Bond futures market.                                       Joining me is as simple as clicking the button below.

Look, with today’s economic situation, now is the time to add another trading instrument, so you have the potential to make even more money.And by enrolling today, you’ll be one of the first people in the world trading my PROVEN strategies for making money with the T-Bond futures.Plus, you get FREE Unlimited LIFETIME access and strategy updates…You could easily earn back your investment within the first couple trades…

Look, the bond markets are handing out high probability money-making opportunities to anyone who knows how to spot them and ACT FAST.

That’s exactly what we’ll dig into in this workshop.I’ll share every rule and EDGE I use to make safe, consistent income with this strategy.You’ll get everything you need to know in just 3 hours…

So, don’t let another day go by wishing you took advantage of more opportunities to profit.    ​                           Click the button below to enroll ​and I’ll see you on the other side.