Extreme Option Profits Chart of Day… Home Depot (HD)

The winter season offers opportunity year in and year out that we can’t ignore.

Home Depot tends to push higher thanks to sales of its snow shovels, and heaters.

In fact, in each of the last four winters, Home Depot has exploded higher.

In January 2015, for example, the stock ran from a low of $90.60 to a high of $106.40. In January 2016, HD stock ran from $118.70 to $126. In January 2017, it ran from $125.69 to $150.  In January 2018, it ran from a low of $180.57 to a high of $209.

All thanks in part to the sale of snow removal equipment, generators, and even rock salt for driveways. Since the start of 2019, HD ran from $166 to $220.

This is just one of the opportunities we find quite often inside Extreme Option Profits.

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