Extreme Option Profits Chart of Day…Livent Corp. (LTHM)

Keep an eye on lithium stocks, like Livent Corp. (LTHM).

All thanks to lithium demand and the electric vehicle story.  By 2027, the electric vehicle market could grow from $121.8 billion to $236.6 billion, says BlueWeave Consulting. 

In addition, by 2026, David Merriman, an expert on EV and battery materials at Roskill, as noted by The Northern Miner, global demand is “expected to exceed one million tonnes.”  He added, “To meet this increasing demand for lithium products, which is more than double that expected this year, we would need to see not just an expansion in output from existing producers but also new producers looking to commission new capacity. This will require significant new investment in the industry.”

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