Extreme Option Profits Chart of Day…Plug Power (PLUG)

A $12 trillion “green hydrogen” boom is here.

With millions concerned about climate change, people are looking for green resources to replace current pollution-heavy processes. 

One way to do just that is with green hydrogen, “which is formed through electrolysis, which uses electricity from renewable sources such as wind or solar power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Since the source is from renewable energy, the fuel is truly emission-free and clean, making it green,” as noted by Engineering.com.

Goldman Sachs is already calling it a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Barron’s.  The firm also notes the addressable market could be worth up to $11.7 trillion in the next 30 years with the U.S., Asia, and Europe leading the way.

One way to trade it is with Plug Power (PLUG), which will source renewables energy from Canada’s Brookfield Renewables Partners and use it for the production of green hydrogen.

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