Extreme Option Profits Chart of Day…Trillium Therapeutics (TRIL)

At the moment, Trillium Therapeutics (TRIL) is up to $13.06 in pre-market, and could be headed higher.  All on news of a $25 million equity investment from Pfizer.

In addition, according to the company it’s seeing an “impressive” safety profile of TTI-662, an antibody-like fusion protein for cancer.

“We are exceedingly encouraged by the evolving profile of TTI-622, our SIRPa-IgG4 Fc fusion protein, as demonstrated in the ongoing dose-escalation study in relapsed and refractory lymphomas,” said Jan Skvarka, Trillium’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“TTI-622 is showing substantial monotherapy activity in highly pre-treated patients, with a broad therapeutic window, a rapid onset of action, and across a range of lymphoma indications. With no significant safety signals observed, we are further escalating the dose. TTI-621, our SIRPa-IgG1 Fc fusion protein, is showing a strong safety profile, and we have not observed any dose-limiting thrombocytopenia for doses up to 1.4 mg/kg.”

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