Todd MitchellHi, Todd Mitchell here – and, if you’re just like me, chances are you have LOTS of questions. I will certainly do my best here to answer your questions; however, if there’s a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to call us at (844) 376-6363 and we’ll gladly answer them for you!

Yours in trading success,

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I see that you have four Mentoring Programs – the E-Mini, Forex, Stock, & Options – why so many?

Good question. You see, when I first started trading back in 1988, I traded the S&P 500. Then, I transitioned to the E-Minis when they were introduced back in the fall of 1997, and that was – and still is – my main market of choice to trade for daily income. What I’ve found over years is that my trading strategies for the E-Mini S&P 500 Futures market works just as well in the Forex market and in individual stocks. Therefore, I decided to put together an extensive mentoring program for both the Forex market and for stocks. Since I constantly get calls and emails about learning how to trade these markets, it seemed to be a perfect fit.

Please remember, the trading concepts and market principles are universally applicable across the board, so many of the same principles I use when day trading the E-Minis are also used in the Forex market and on stocks. Since I’m a pure chartist (technical analysis), a chart is a chart is a chart; history repeats itself, regardless of the market you trade. Of course, the illustrations, charts, and live trading examples are demonstrated for each investment vehicle for each trading program to show you the phenomenal validity of all trade set-ups.

Please remember, each course is tailored for different time commitments you may have. The E-Mini Futures course is primarily used for day-trading. The Forex course can be used for day-trading (during the day or night) and for multi-day to swing trading. The Stock course is mainly geared towards swing trading (i.e. 2-5+ day swing trades). The OptionsMD mentoring program is geared towards monthly income (i.e. 2 to 4 week trades).

As for the Options Mentoring Program (OptionsMD), Doc Severson is the professional trader who put together this program and supports it as well. It is by far the best options program on the market today. Click here to read more about it and about how you can profit handsomely from it.

Do I need to purchase all of your trading mentoring programs?

NO, absolutely not. You first need to decide what your goals, objectives, and time commitments are; then, you need to decide what program best fits what you’re looking for. Everyone is different, so there is no one right answer. For example, if you only want to devote 20 minutes a day to your trading, you will definitely be more suited to the OptionsMD program. If you have 2 to 4 hours a day (or more) to devote to your trading and want to be more active, either the E-Mini or Forex trading mentoring programs will be most suited for you. If you have about 30 to 40 minutes a day, then the Stock mentoring program will be for you. If you would like to discuss this further, please give me a call at 844-376-6363, and we can talk about this further.

I work during the day, and I can’t day trade. Can you still help me?

YES, of course. Each of the mentoring trading programs (E-Mini, Forex, Stock, & Options) is designed for different time requirements that each individual trader has. If you can’t day-trade, the E-Mini mentoring program is not for you, but the Forex or Stock Mentoring program is for you. You certainly can day-trade the Forex market at night after work if you prefer the shorter time frames. The Stock mentoring program is geared more towards weekly income, and the OptionsMD mentoring program is designed more around those that do not want to spend too much time trading and would like to generate monthly income.

Are your trading mentoring programs (E-Mini, Forex, Stock & Options) just theory?

No. Our trading mentoring programs are based on natural factors that occur in all markets. Our programs are much more than mere theory, although you must understand the fundamental concepts and principles completely before trading. Understanding the theoretical base first provides you with the building blocks for success before taking you through a real-time trading sequence using charts. The beauty of our trading mentoring programs is that they explain the theory and then demonstrate how that theory can be executed effectively, consistently, and successfully through the use of charts and videos so you can apply the theory immediately to your trading.

How much of your trading strategies (in your trading mentoring programs) have you changed over the years?

Great question – in fact, a very important question. To be brutally honest with you, everything I teach in my mentoring programs is based on the natural ebb, flow, and rhythm of the markets; therefore, how I trade and teach will never stop working. It’s really as simple as that; therefore, I have NOT changed anything in my trading and teaching over the years. Have I added to, refined, and made what I teach more objective over the years? YES, I have, but the overall structure of how I trade has not changed one bit!

I do, however, know that other educators continually change their trading systems, methods, etc. Why on earth purchase a system or course if it’s always being changed or updated? Put quite simply, the rules you learn today with my personal trading mentoring programs (E-Mini, Forex, & Stock) will work extremely well and be valid for the rest of our lifetimes. My trading mentoring programs will last you for the rest of your trading career, and they will never change; they’re that dynamic and flexible to the markets! The OptionsMD mentoring program follows the exact same guidelines that I just outlined above.

How long will it take a trader to learn and actually to begin profiting from your trading mentoring programs?

Obviously, that will vary from person to person. It depends on how much time and effort you put into studying the trading mentoring program you get. The average student takes roughly one to two months, provided that he/she is prepared to spend between five and eight study hours on the program a week. If you decide to put in more hours, you’ll be ready to trade in a much shorter period of time. For example, we’ve had many students tell us that they started to make money the very next week after they received the mentoring program, but results obviously will vary. Trading is an individual thing, and so is the time it takes to learn how to trade. We strongly urge phone calls and emails so we can answer all of your questions. We also urge you to receive the Login & Password to the Members’ Area of the website so you can start learning even more quickly.

Will I be able to begin trading just your trading mentoring program, whether it’s the E-Mini, Forex, Stock, or Options program?

Yes, of course. The main objectives of all our trading mentoring programs are to eliminate guesswork and to simplify your trading into a series of uncomplicated, cohesive decision rules. You have to understand that you must do the studying in order to lay the foundations for success. Our trading mentoring programs are complete A to Z, and they will never leave you guessing; you always will know what to do and when to do it.

Our trading mentoring programs will provide you with a complete trading plan that includes entry, trade management, and exit criteria, plus a whole lot more. Please click on each mentoring program for a full description. I also want you to know that the interpretations that are required are simple; they are not obscure (like many other programs), and the conclusions are very logical.

How much jargon and technical language is used in your trading mentoring programs?

For most people, technical terms are among the most off-putting aspects of the markets. When Doc and I first began in this business, we – like so many others – found this intimidating, which is why our trading mentoring programs are written in plain, no-nonsense English and explain fully the terms and concepts you need to know. We’ve taught complete novices, and they specifically have told us that our mentoring programs were quite easy to learn and to implement.

Who are your trading mentoring programs really for: Beginners or Experienced E-mini, Forex, Stock, or Options traders?

The simple answer is that anyone and everyone interested in becoming successful from the markets will benefit from the trading mentoring programs we have. Our trading philosophies in each of our programs are very workable and will help clarify your decision making with a trading methodology which WILL (and has) complimented any level of trading experience.

Beginners can be assured that all the necessary background and guidelines are presented amply. Of course, more experienced (and intermediate) traders will learn a lot of powerful and consistently successful trading strategies. Experienced traders tend to pick up undisciplined behaviors along the way, although most can be turned around successfully; we’ll show those traders how to turn around those undisciplined behaviors. New traders, who have no preconceived notions of how to trade, find that the trading strategies soon become second nature. Therefore, regardless of your experience level, the trading strategies taught in our mentoring programs are all-inclusive and anyone and everyone interested in becoming a consistently successful trader will benefit greatly from what we teach.

What do you think is the most important benefit your E-mini, Forex, Stock, and Options Mentoring Programs offer that other courses do not offer?

Well, I don’t think there is just one benefit. I truly believe that our mentoring programs offer many benefits over other courses. I say this because we continually receive feedback from students who have taken other programs. They wind up telling us that not one of the other programs compares to our programs, thanks to the quality education and sound trading strategies that simply work. Students continually tell us that our mentoring programs are much more complete and comprehensive, not to mention that they work extremely well and are very consistent. Many other systems, courses, etc. aren’t as practical and easy to apply. We also take a lot of personal time instructing students after they purchase our mentoring programs, while many others really don’t want to spend too much personal time at all (if any). We truly do encourage students to call or to email us whenever they have questions, etc. After all, that’s what we’re here for.

You have been in business since 1994 – among the longest of any educational trading company out there. How have your students fared so far?

By and large, they have done well, but I think some of the unsolicited testimonials I have received over the years would be the best evidence of our students’ successes. We not only have hundreds of written (and emailed) testimonials on file, but we also have many student references you can call and talk to if you like. We will be happy to give you names and phone numbers of people just like you who are successfully using our trading strategies and techniques that we teach in our trading mentoring programs. Please refer to the testimonial section to see how satisfied my students are with our trading programs. Also, you can call me at (844) 376-6363 to get names and phone numbers of students that you can call and talk to if you like.

You must remember that your success depends on you, though. We can help and advise you, but we are essentially a means to an end. What you will achieve using trading mentoring programs is a function of discipline and of abiding by the rules set out in each program. True, we now have students that tell us that they do very well in the markets, but the key to this level of success is discipline, patience, self control, and organization. You can’t afford to screw around; you need to be serious about your trading if you seriously want to make money from the markets.

I’m not ready to start trading just yet, should I go ahead and get one of your trading mentoring programs (i.e. E-mini, Forex, Stocks, or Options) anyway?

Of course, it’s never too early to start studying and preparing yourself for that one day you’re finally ready to start trading. You can never study and prepare enough; the more you study and prepare, the better you will do when you actually start trading. Even if you’re ready to start trading, I wouldn’t suggest trading real-time until you thoroughly study and learn the trading mentoring program that fits you. Ask yourself this question: Do doctors operate first or study and learn the procedures first? Of course, the answer is that they study and prepare long before they start operating. Why should trading be any different? Our trading mentoring programs not only will prepare you to start trading, but they will teach you the procedures to trade successfully.

I know absolutely nothing about E-Mini futures, Forex, Stocks, or Options; does that at all matter?

First of all, you need to decide which trading mentoring program fits your needs, goals, personality, and time commitments the best. Once you make that decision and decide which program you’re going to get, you already know most of what you have to understand to start with the program. If you don’t know anything about futures, commodities, or stock index futures trading, that doesn’t matter; my Interactive Course and Personal Training will teach you everything you need to know – from A to Z – in order to trade successfully. My Interactive Trading Course and Personal Training will teach you how to trade all markets, as long as you have the capability to look at charts to make your trading decisions.

Are there any books you recommend reading to prepare myself for your trading mentoring program(s)?

I get asked that question all the time. To be really honest, NO, there really isn’t any “trading book” I recommend. You have to remember that each of the trading mentoring programs that we offer here at Trading Concepts is an all-inclusive training program, literally from A-to-Z. They take you from beginning to end. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to make money in the markets consistently. Nothing else is required on your part, except simply the desire to learn and to be mentored by a professional trader. We will help you reach your trading goals.

There you have it. I’ve tried to answer all your questions, but if I’ve missed a question you would like answered, once again, please don’t hesitate either to call or to email. We will be more than happy to get that question answered for you. So, I urge you either to email or to pick up the phone and CALL us at (844) 376-6363; we will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.