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for the 'Holy Grail' of Trading?!

The Good News:  The 'Grail' Exists!

It’s the Key to Actualizing Your Full Potential as a Trader.

For Ray F. from San Diego, it Boosted his Win Rate by 10 Percentage Points, Tripled his Profit Factor & Doubled the Size of his Average Win!
But did Ray change his method or his indicators?  NO
Ray changed something else... & that turned his trading around in Just One Month!
Todd Mitchell
Dr. Kenneth Reid
Dr. Reid and I don’t know you personally, but we do know you have a strong belief in your potential to succeed as a trader (just by being on this page & watching the workshop above :-)). And even though we have not met, we believe in your potential, too. Why? Because you’re committed… and the moment YOU fully commit to a goal, then “providence” moves too… and good things happen. But frankly, most traders don’t live up to their potential. I have a strong suspicion you will though…
So look, if you’re at all serious about your trading (and I really think you are or you wouldn’t be here), do yourself a huge favor and read through this entire page. This will truly be a game-changer for you personally…and your bottom line trading results!

Let Me Help YOU Erase Bad Habits in Just 3 to 5 Minutes a Day...

I think you would agree with me that, as a trader, it's incredibly frustrating to be under-performing compared to your potential.
There are at least 50 ways to lose your way as a trader.
Find the habits below that apply to you and read further to find out how I can help YOU erase those bad habits in just 3 to 5 minutes a day and ultimately Making YOU a More Consistently Profitable Trader in the Process!

50 Habits of Losing Traders

Emotional Decision Making
Chronic Hesitation
Creeping Doubt
Impulsive Behavior
Sustained Stress
High Anxiety
Doubling Down on Losers
Cutting Winners Short
Getting in late; Getting out early
Mind-reading the market
Over-reliance on Intuition
Missing the Forest; trading the Trees
Trying to be Right
Needing to be Right
Failure to Keep Losses Small
Tweaking a system that isn't broken
Second-guessing everything
Compulsive Improvising
Unreasonable Risk-Taking
Taking losses personally
Ruminating over losses
Revenge trading
Trading your P&L
Chasing price
Trader PTSD
Risk Aversion
Risk Seeking
Mental Meltdown
Moving stops too soon
Choking off profitable trades
Trading without a Plan
Not Trusting your Plan
Poor Discipline
Information Overload
Trading not-to-lose
Bargaining to get out at breakeven
Hope & Blame
Overfocus on money
Changing methods frequently
Changing markets frequently
Mismatch of personality and method
Too much screen time
Unhealthy diet
Lack of exercise
Trading at night
Trading Addiction
"Hail Mary" (longshot) trading

Break the Cycle of Self-Sabotage

If you are still inadvertently sabotaging your trading, it's not for lack of trying. And it's not "fear of success." It's simply that willpower alone is not enough to break these tenacious habits.
You fix one issue and another rears it's ugly head. Or you 'mean-revert' back to old ways. The Cycle of Self-Sabotage can run for years, causing you to repeatedly re-fund your account. Sound familiar?
To finally break this cycle, you need to permanently root out bad behaviors and replace them with good behaviors.

Thank you for helping me turn my trading around!

James F.

There's a new technology that can help you do that... let me explain.
Like fingerprints, your perspective on trading and the markets is unique. No one else will define risk and opportunity exactly the way you do, or manage trades exactly the same. I call this collection of unique elements your "Trader DNA."
The pathway to trading mastery is therefore a very personal journey; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To reach your full potential you must first become aware
of your 'genetic' strengths and weaknesses. But here's the thing...
In the end, when the rubber meets the road, most traders over-rely on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses, because they don't know how to fix them. My 15 years as a trading coach has taught me there is one main reason traders fail: They lack the tools to work regularly on their own mindset.

I have uncovered the missing piece of the jigsaw that had been frustrating me for so long and the results speak for themselves: I have only had 2 losing days in the last month.

Danny A.

What if I told you that you could fix your Mindset issues in just 3 to 5 minutes a day?
Elite traders constantly search for ways to correct their mistakes, strengthen weak links, and complete their personal jigsaw puzzle.
They are not just looking for more 'information,' they are looking for the next skill, tactic and/or weapon that will empower them to analyze more objectively, sharpen their edge and execute more consistently. That's the basic formula for trading success.
Objectivity requires emotional distance. You have it on weekends; professionals have it all the time.
Sharpening an Edge means you first must have a defined edge. Most amateurs don't.
Consistency is the result of the discipline to practice... and the practice of discipline.

I have a new confidence I never had before and that has helped me tremendously. It has been revolutionary.

Mark W.

Professional athletes train over and over on the basics, to lock in good habits, while refining the fine points.
Trading is an individual sport. You compete alone. To raise your trading game you must be able to see yourself objectively. But few people can. That's why those who demand peak performance seek out coaching.
Executives of Fortune 500 companies know this, as do professional athletes in individual sports such as tennis and golf. Coach's offer advice, but it's raising the bar of accountability that ultimately helps the client reach their full potential.
In the end you develop an "Inner Coach" who is there to guide you in the heat of battle, so you always do the right thing. This puts an end to the cycle of self-sabotage.

I’m so excited, I can barely stand it. This is the most amazing thing ever. If you’re serious about becoming a trader, sign up.

Scott G.

It doesn't mean freedom from losses... it means freedom from fear.
I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My research is focused on new ways of facilitating change. Breakthroughs in the science of neuroplasticity point the way for the brain to learn faster, better... deeper! Whatever your age, you can build new neural pathways in your brain and new habits of success!
In Just 3 to 5 Minutes a Day...
Simply watch and listen to a weekly video Neuroprogram once a day for seven days with headphones. Each short (3 to 5 minute) video program addresses and solves one key trader issue.
Practice something perfectly seven times and you own it. As the new material integrates, you will find yourself applying it to your trading consistently and effortlessly.

Dr. Reid's work is the difference between me going through the motions or making money. He is without doubt one of the most impactful people I have ever met. I recommend his services without reservation or hesitation.

Jeffrey Moormeier, Registered Investment Advisor

4 New Lessons Each Month... 52 Lessons Per Year!

Dr. Reid's work is absolutely phenomenal and I unequivocally recommend what he does to all of you who are serious about your trading success.

I can honestly say that my trading has improved and continues to improve as I go through and listen to each week's MasterMind Prescription video, along with working with him and going through other works of his.

I can't say enough postive things about Dr. Reid and what he brings to the table for all of us traders.

Todd Mitchell, CEO & Founder of Trading Concepts

Why You Absolutely Must ENROLL TODAY...

Apart from finally getting the support about the issues between your ears without having to spend a lot of money on a personal coach, you WILL have direct and personal access into the Trading Concepts MasterMind Prescription Community.

The bottom line is; you don’t have to do this alone.

Upgrade Your (Trading) Mindset in Only 3 to 5 Minutes a Dayit’s proven that effortless Improvement Ends the Cycle of Self-sabotage.

The MasterMind Prescription Will Help You Daily…

  • Eliminate the 50 Most Common Bad Habits of Losing Traders (see a list of these habits above).
  • Eliminate impulsiveness and fear – most traders are affected by this.
  • Create a bulletproof mindset and have the mental discipline to stay positive even during periods of drawdowns…stay calm in the eye of the storm.
  • Develop an unshakable equanimity… there should be nothing the market can do to you that you haven’t already prepared for.
  • Avoid the tricks and traps the market can throw at you, instead you will stay proactive, not reactive… at all times.
  • Increase discipline so you can follow your trading plan.
  • Improve your sense of timing.
  • Tips from the World's Best Traders… Trade smarter not harder.
  • Quickly rebound from losses and keep losses small - learn a few simple tricks to stay focused on method, not on results.
  • Adapt, rather than Resist - take advantage of surprise moves that trap other traders.
  • Enjoy deep-seated Neural Confidence – you will trade relaxed, not tense.

AND Allow You To...

  • NEVER miss trades you should have taken.
  • NEVER hesitate to pull the trigger when your system gives you the signal.
  • NEVER place trades based on false fear, instead following your trading plan.
  • NEVER let occasional and necessary losses shake your confidence.
  • NEVER second-guess your trades—or yourself, & finally…
  • NEVER doubt you have what it takes to be a consistently profitable trader.

As a Valued Member, You’ll Also Have Special Access To:

  • A Personalized Members Area, &
  • LIVE Group Q & A Sessions Every Month (recorded & archived)… the bottom line is you don’t have to do this alone – finally get support about the issues between your ears without having to spend a lot of money on a personal coach and get direct and personal access into the Trading Concepts MasterMind Prescription Community.

You Will Also Have:

  • Discounts on other TCI programs, &
  • Use and Access to our Android Phone App...

VOILA!! …50 Bad Trading Habits Gone!

Alright, a lot to take in I’m sure – but just sit back and really think about what you’re getting here. There’s nothing anywhere remotely close to what we’re offering you here in the trading industry.
Let me ask you a real simple, but very important question; what do you think your trading would be like if you could erase 4 bad trading habits a month? Or better yet, erase 50 bad habits in the next 12 months?
You would be correct if you said that you WOULD become a more consistently profitable, mentally fine-tuned and prepared trader that thinks and acts like a professional trader with a bulletproof mindset. Most traders lose because they don’t possess any of these qualities – nor do they bother working on any of these important habits.
Take your trading from good to GREAT, like Ray F. from San Diego…

In just one month I boosted my win rate by 10 percentage points, tripled my profit factor and doubled the size of my average win. Many thanks for a product that actually works!

Ray R. San Diego, CA

What would the MasterMind Prescription be worth to YOU if it saved you just one really bad trade this month... or this year? Or, better yet, what would it be worth to you to have a Support System and Community at Your Fingertips so You Are NOT Alone Anymore?

ONLY For the Next 100 Traders Like YOU

So here’s the deal… in order to participate and take advantage of this breakthrough program, you just need to activate your trial subscription to the MasterMind Prescription today.
You get full access to four previously released videos and four more over the next month, along with 24/7 access into the private members' area.
Try the service out for an entire month, and only AFTER proving it to yourself, decide if you want to continue or not.
No risk. No obligation. It's that simple.
However, you will get used to the idea of getting rid of bad trading habits that cause you to lose money time and time again, and that's what our intention is. Of course, Ken and I want you to remain a member for years to come. So, we are going to make you an offer we may not ever be able to duplicate again.
For the next 100 traders like you that are serious about taking your trading to the next level, the price of Dr. Reid's MasterMind Prescription is a mere $9.99 per month… that's it.
I'm actually somewhat shocked by the price, because the program is worth so much more, but Ken and I absolutely want this to be a no-brainer decision for you.
And if that's not enough, for those of you who realize the sense in great value, Ken and I are willing to offer you a one year deal for only $99. That comes to two months FREE and a savings of over 17% off the monthly price.
That's as cheap as we can possibly (and ever will) offer… 
ENROLL NOW & Start Breaking Bad Trading Habits TODAY!
But because you'll be a premier charter member, Ken and I want this to be a very easy decision for you.
But we know this: ONLY 100 spots are available right now!
Once that cap gets hit, that's it. We don't know when we'll open it up again.
You're putting the subscription price (as low as it is) on the table in good faith, and if you decide to cancel, no problem.
Should you become a more relaxed and less impulsive trader as a result, and end up becoming a more successful trader, and decide to stay with us for the long haul -- which is what we expect will happen -- even better.
It's really a no-brainer!
All you have to do is click one of the buttons below, sign up, and you'll immediately get access into the private members area where you'll have access to this week's video -- aimed at helping you achieve excellence in your trading.
Have a fantastic day and we look forward to seeing you inside.
Yours in Trading Success,
Todd Mitchell
What REAL Traders Are Saying About the MasterMind Prescription Community...

I'm sticking with the exit and profit targets much better, taking better trade setups and not making as many trades. So far the profits look a lot better. I know it is early in the program but I am encouraged so far.

Bruce H., Indianapolis, IN

Again- Your audios are outstanding! Since listening to them I have had another breakthrough in my method. The method has not changed but this breakthrough has the potential to make another HUGE difference.

Ray F.,

San Diego, CA

Really enjoying the program and have seen some positive results after just one week. Thanks!

Russ G.,

The Villages, FL

I immediately signed up for your MasterMind Prescription program at the first webinar, paid a year in advance and am so happy that I did. You really are on to something here. The effect of using your messages daily has really had a noticeable effect on my attitude while trading. I'm sure this will lead to improved financial results, but already I am much more at ease while trading and having many new ideas about what I can do to improve my trading. So, I wanted to say "Thank you" and also encourage you to keep this program going a long time. At the current price point, it is absolutely a no-brainer for traders to use on a continuing basis. Best wishes to you,


P.S. The bottom line is you don’t have to do this alone – finally get support about the issues between your ears without having to spend a lot of money on a personal coach. Have direct and personal access into the Trading Concepts MasterMind Community and finally master your emotions and dramatically increase your winning trades today!
I don’t care if you day or swing trade stocks, options, futures, forex, or commodities – YOU WILL Become a More Consistently Successful trader as a result of our
New Revolutionary MasterMind Prescription Community
All you have to do is follow a Simple & Easy System for Gaining Control of Your Mental Trading Game.

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