How My Good Friend Kyle Dennis Traded

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He’s done it before & he knows what it takes... watch my interview with Kyle here...

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​Kyle Dennis has mastered trading stocks in the Biotech sector. In less than 4 short years, he successfully turned $15,253 into a $2.8 million-dollar personal fortune.

Now just imagine how you could accelerate your success if you could have direct access to Kyle, and could watch move by move as he streams his personal trading screen.

And what if you learned to model his winning mindset, overcame your limiting beliefs and tapped into the high-powered strategies Kyle personally uses to consistently extract amazing profits from the markets?

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What You Get When You Belong To “The Nucleus”

Live Streaming Access To Kyle’s Personal Trading Screen

As a Nucleus Member, you’ll be able to watch in real-time as Kyle makes a variety of profitable trades throughout the day.

With LIVE streaming access, you’ll see his setups and exactly how he executes short-term day trades, swing trades, investments, and option plays. In other words, any potentially profitable trade is fair game!

Live Chat Room With Direct Access To Kyle Dennis

The true LIVE trading action happens every day in our chat room which is reserved exclusively for Nucleus members only. Throughout the trading day, Kyle will be available to personally answer questions you may have about the market, as well as trading strategy and execution!

As soon as you join, you’ll see how we’ve built a thriving, close-knit community of traders on all levels. This is where we support each other on our quest to multiply the growth of our stock portfolios and personal wealth.

Daily Video Watch List Videos

Another key benefit of your membership is that each morning Kyle will send you a 5 to 10 minute video that he personally records to detail specific stocks, and what he’s looking for when it comes to entry and exit points.

Having access to carefully-researched watch lists with stocks Kyle is following can be a true game-changer when it comes to accelerating your trading profits and wealth accumulation. Best of all, these valuable watch lists will be sent directly to your inbox.

Live Market Talk Throughout Daily Trading Sessions

Kyle Dennis is “on the mic” every day for an hour or more to answer your questions, share market insights, look over your charts, and explain position updates.

This kind of real-time access lets you tap into the mindset of a millionaire trader who believes in full transparency. Kyle hides nothing from his students. Unlike most so-called experts, he puts his own money into each and every trade.

Live Intraday Scans To Find Tomorrow’s Winners

During the last hour of each trading session, Kyle goes live in The Nucleus chat room where he does a scan to find high-potential stocks to watch for the next day.

Kyle will teach you step-by-step the proven process he uses to build a small list of 5 stocks for the next trading day. Committing to this simple process is a key factor in achieving consistent gains and success as a trader!

Live Weekly Group Training Webinars

After the market closes, Kyle teaches Nucleus members about a about a wide variety of topics that will help you become a more profitable trader and investor.

Key topics include: Charting, Options, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Scanning, IPO’s, Secondaries, and much, much more.

Real-Time Buy / Sell Alerts Via Email & Text Message

As a member of The Nucleus, you’ll receive special BUY / SELL alerts delivered dto your inbox with key information on the exact stocks Kyle is trading. The volume of alerts fluctuates depending on market conditions.

Real-time alerts will be sent to you by email and text message. This way, you won’t miss out on another profitable trading opportunity.

This kind of up-to-the-minute information allows you to be tuned into the market, while having the freedom to enjoy life – without being glued to a computer screen all day.


When you upgrade to The Nucleus today, you’ll also receive full memberships to our industry-leading programs:


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What Just A Few Elite Members  Are Saying...

Jose Moreno

“Since joining the nucleus service I am up $4500 in two weeks of part time trading. Your chat room is extremely educational as you provide live Q & A commentary during the market. I feel confident that one day I will be able to do this for a living. Thanks again.”

Kevin Klar

“Thanks for the pick $ACRX up $12,000.”

Rich Benner

“My big wins this year since joining your service are LXRX for $5K and GNMX for $5K. I have been swing trading AEZS and TXMD, I am up $1.5K in AEZS and $5K in TXMD. There is still time for the catalyst, so I have not completely closed out those positions.”

Allen Martis

“Since joining your membership 2 weeks ago and trading only 7 days so far made a cool $4,495 in profits…small profits add up …thank you.“

Peter Hegedus

“Thanks for a great first full day in the Nucleus room. I paid for 1/3 of my annual membership on the first day!

Best, Peter Hegedus”

Matt Padget

“+$3500 on SPEX, awesome!”

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  • LIVE Streaming of Kyle Dennis’ Trading Screen
  • LIVE Daily Market Talk and Intraday Scans
  • Real-Time BUY Alerts Via Email + Text Message
  • Real-Time SELL Alerts Via Email + Text Message
  • Semi-Private Mentoring (small groups)
  • Weekly Video Portfolio Summaries + Expert Insights
  • World-Class Training & Support