Options Income Multiplier

A PROVEN Wealth-Building FORMULA for Consi​stent Weekly & Monthly Income in All Market Conditions

   How to Make a CONSISTENT Weekly & Monthly Income Trading the Options Income Multiplier System Designed for Today's Market... AND Know How To Make Money In ALL Market Conditions!

Hello, I’m Todd Mitchell, founder and CEO of Trading Concepts, one of the oldest and most respected educational and publishing companies in the financial industry.  We have taught over 75,000 traders from around the globe how to make money in the markets.

I have a very important message to prepare you for the unprecedented market shakeup ahead, so you'll want to pay close attention to this entire message that I've written for you.

As you're probably aware: today’s market is a radical departure from what we traded just a few years ago – with volume (and volatility) soaring, plus new technologies shifting the way Options are traded. Combine these factors with the impact of politics and risks of a global economy – as we’ve seen in recent months – and you can understand why the market is so ripe for new approaches to trading.

Nowadays, if you only trade by probabilities the way that the books teach, you'll get crushed. The fact is:

Did You Know Traditional Approaches for Analyzing the Market Stopped Working Years Ago?...

So, in this document, I’ll show you why - and I'll share a unique methodology for trading today’s modern market …

A way for you to trade so you have a mix of strategies that you can use to match any market condition.

That way you’re prepared - and can profit from whatever character of market gets thrown at us in the next few years… and well into the future.

So, if you recently noticed your go-to Options strategy is failing more times than not, pay special attention to what I’m about to show you ...

Now again, I can’t stress this enough… ​the information in this presentation offers you the ability to instantly out-maneuver the pros at their own game. For the first time in Options trading history, individual traders like you and I hold the “​EDGE.”

The pros on Wall Street no longer have the big advantages... Yet there are still countless traders relying on outdated tactics. As a result, they’re missing out…

It’s a costly mistake.

Look, over the last 20 years, the average investor, according to DALBAR, made a return of only 5.02%.

Why do you think that is?

Is it because they…

a) Have an ineffective strategy
b) Take on too much risk
c) Lose money when the market loses
d) Make emotional decisions

Take a guess.

The answer is... e) all of the above .

In fact, I hear it all the time. The average trader and investor complains they win some, lose some and, overall, stay below where they started. Maybe you can relate.

Now, in only one word, there’s a way you can fix this…

It’s called CONSISTENCY.

It’s how I made my mark in the trading world and the reason I’m sought out by professional money managers and thousands of traders worldwide.

Let me show you what I’m talking about…

As you can see in this smooth upward equity curve, I value consistency over taking unnecessary, careless risks.

In the next few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how you too can achieve this type of equity curve in your own trading, and how you can follow our trades. 

What's ​My Secret?

Well, it’s a completely revised trading system, developed from the ground up to match today’s market...that WILL continue to work for the rest of your trading career.

And this works for every trader, regardless of whether you’re trading a small account or a large account…

Whether you’re trading to grow your wealth…

…save for retirement...

...or to supplement your existing income.

You see, markets have always been changing…

And new technologies, methods, and indicators are created to match current conditions.

Yet - as the pros understand - you can only rely on them for so long.

Heck, look at Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s mentor. In 1949, he published “The Intelligent Investor,” a book many people today view as a trading bible. However, they don’t realize that right before Graham died in 1976, he suggested that traders no longer follow one of the book’s primary principles, saying:

Again, markets always change…

Earlier this year on CNN Money, Morgan Housel (2-time winner of the Best in Business Award) wrote::

This Marked the Change in Today's Options Market...

Look, I’m not saying folks who haven’t adjusted to match today’s market are bad traders...

They just need to update their trading system to match today’s market – which is why we created the Options Income Multiplier System mentoring program. It’s a comprehensive trading system designed for traders to make consistent weekly and monthly income trading today’s “new” market…

A stress-free method for trading, and a way for you to have one-on-one help from me and my team the entire way. 

Now, before I share the details with you,  let’s look at why today’s market is so different from years past.

First, because of a global economy, markets and prices now change at blinding speeds.

Remember what happened to the markets when we experienced the recent financial concerns with Brexit and Trump? 

In fact, you can trace several of the most recent (and largest) market swings to Asia, Europe, and other foreign lands.

Now we have a global landscape (which isn’t new), combined with widespread use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms that make trades within milliseconds - sometimes capturing just a fraction of a cent in every trade.

These transactions account for 50% - 73% of all trading volume, creating a major impact on the way markets move.

So What Does This Mean for You?

In August 2017, history was made....

The Dow jumped over 22,000 for the first time ever after setting TWO previous highs earlier in the year!

If you trade Options -- you must have had a step-by-step trading methodology that gives you the COURAGE to enter, manage, and take profits in these volatile times.

Right now, millions of people (perhaps even you?) are kicking themselves for not getting in earlier... and thousands want to know how much longer it will last.

Just another reason why you need to understand how to use Options to hedge your risk and profit whether the market continues to test these new highs ... breaks through to achieve a new record ... or triggers a desperate sell-off.

You'll learn these strategies inside of the Options Income Multiplier System.

What's Happening?

For starters, there’s been a shift in Options liquidity, an increase in aftermarket trading volume, and the markets are underpricing expected volatility...

I could go on for hours about how things recently changed, but that’s not the point…

The reality is this: The markets are ONLY going to get wilder and more unpredictable

Not only do we need to accept the fact that the market is different today – we also need to embrace the conditions that continue to change.

So, if your trading strategies that worked in the past aren’t delivering the profits you want now, consider the following: 

  • George Lane invented Stochastics in the 1950s
  • Gerald Appel developed the MACD in the 1960s 
  • and Welles Wilder developed the RSI in the 1970s

If there’s one thing you take from today’s message, please understand this:

It's Impossible to Make Consistent Profits Trading Options in Today's Market with Conventional Indicators & Strategies Made for Yesterday's Market...

Now, let me be clear - simply recognizing changes in the market doesn’t automatically mean you’ll make money. Whether you succeed or not boils down to how you use a trading system in today’s market...

A system of safe, reliable, and consistent strategies designed to profit in specific market conditions. I’ll show you how…

In fact, these are some of the same concepts we’ll share with you inside the Options Income Multiplier ​Mentoring Program…

the exact same trading and training  program that have changed the lives of thousands of  traders around the globe or the past ​eight years.

I’m not talking about strategies for hitting “home run” trades. Those trades are admittedly sexy and generate a lot of hype. What you don’t see behind the curtain, though, is that they carry a lot of risk.

That’s not our style.

We don’t swing for the fences because - and this might surprise people when they find out that we are real traders - and we hate losing money…

That's why we don’t teach this common “guru” tactic to our valued students. It’s irresponsible, careless, and one of the biggest reasons so many people give their profits back to the market.

We prefer a much safer, less-traditional approach for making consistent income - one that allows you to trade on your own terms and enjoy a win rate as high as 85%.

In fact, it’s the exact same way we have mentored our professional money manager and hedge fund clients over the years.

Of course, as trading mentors, our job is to do our best to help our students enjoy similar results.

For example:

Tom is a retired executive from North Carolina who was forced out of his job in his late 40s. Frustrated and unsure how to make a living, he applied the principles exactly as we teach them in the Options Income Multiplier program, and within 2 months, he was completely in control of his financial future.

He went on a few years later to amass a wonderful seven-figure windfall as an Options trader.

Pete, is a doctor in Louisiana who worked like a dog and felt completely burned out. We taught him and his wife how to trade, and within 3 months, he had a reliable way to supplement his income and slash his working hours at the hospital.

Keep in mind, though: sometimes success isn’t just about making more money.

Let’s look at Jim, a minister in Ohio who came to us needing a way to support his charity. Pastor Jim took the principles taught in the Options Income Multiplier System and pursued his dream of teaching full-time and supporting the kids in his organization.

Now, thanks to his consistent trading income, he does both without any major financial/lifestyle changes.

We absolutely love delivering this kind of real-life, practical financial transformation material to people like you . Let’s be real. These results aren’t typical or guaranteed… however, they give you a glimpse into what’s possible when you’re committed and apply the concepts in the Options Income Multiplier System and PROFITS Advisory (which you'll learn more about soon).

Imagine & Picture -- You Having Consistent Weekly & Monthly Income... Financial Independence...
& Freedom to Do Whatever You Want...

If you have money set aside for trading – whether in personal or retirement accounts – what I’m introducing you to today is an investment into your financial future…

An opportunity for you to create your own economy…

The exact same strategies that have changed the life of countless traders like you, from all over the world, are now available to you in the Options Income Multiplier System and PROFITS Advisory.

Completely revised for trading today’s market, it’s the most comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint for selecting, entering, and exiting high-probability trades for maximum profit - while at the same time decreasing risk.

You’ll see how you can identify your trade setups, place your trades, and be finished for the day in less time than it takes you to drive to work.

Look, most programs teach you complex strategies for placing a trade – often leaving traders more confused and frustrated than when they began...

With the Options Income Multiplier System, we focus on easy-to-understand, safe strategies that remove all the guesswork for placing your entry and exiting your trade for consistent profits.

You're Getting All the EXACT Same Strategies We Use & Trade... Strategies That Are Part of a Complete Trading System That Helps You to Pinpoint, With Laser Accuracy, What Market Condition We're In & Which Strategies to Use.

The truth is, not all your trades will be winners. You must accept that you’ll have losses – it’s just the cost of trading.

Here’s an important point I want you to write down: It’s how you deal with these losses that separates the pros who make consistent money from the traders who give their profits back to the market.

We'll be giving you strategies for safely minimizing your losses, so your total gains far outweigh the few trades that don’t make you money.

With the Options Income Multiplier System, you will immediately have the tools for making a consistent weekly and monthly income. I can almost GUARANTEE you’ll shorten your learning curve by years.

Look at it this way: each mistake you make when trading pushes you a little farther from being a consistently profitable trader. Added up, these little mistakes make a huge difference in your final outcome, as well as the time it takes to get there.

Your trading journey is a lot like a cruise ship heading for port 500 miles away – a small error of just one degree in direction means missing the destination by miles… so, not only do you need to backtrack, you must spend considerably more time just to reach your original destination.

Trading is the exact same way.

If you don’t have someone showing you how or where you could be improving your trading, each passing day represents another missed opportunity.

Let me be frank...

    The Sooner You Start Using The Options Income Multiplier System, The Quicker You'll Create an Impressive Income... CONSISTENT Weekly & Monthly Income in Today's NEW Market...

And if I could get this training program into every trader’s hands, I would. In fact, when someone wants us to coach them, the question we start with is, “Have you gone through the Options Income Multiplier System mentoring program?”

If they have, then we know they won’t make the common trading blunders, use out-of-date indicators and strategies, or be sloppy about their trade choices. We’ll save considerable time, and can go right into multiplying their income - and make them very, very consistent at pulling out consistent weekly and monthly income.

As you probably already know, trading options is incredibly beneficial because you can enjoy much, much higher returns with minimal capital invested...

In addition, you can and WILL make money when the market goes up, goes down - or moves sideways!

And, because the market is trading sideways 80% of the time, the Options Income Multiplier trading system includes strategies for consistently profiting during these times too.

Simply put, Options Give You POWERFUL Options.

You just need to stay disciplined and follow the system exactly as we lay it out for you, it's that simple.

Keep in mind, this is a program for people who are serious about their financial future. That’s why we don’t believe in handcuffing you to special software programs or monthly fees just to get trade signals.

You need the knowledge of how and why a trade happens.

We also don’t believe in black box, top-secret trading strategies that weaken the average trader’s ability to make decisions on their own…

What we believe in is being totally transparent and sharing everything with you.

That’s why you get FULL ACCESS to all our trading strategies inside the Options Income Multiplier System.

We take you through every step, one point at a time, right down to the first detail you should look for when you fire up your computer in the morning.

No stone is left un-turned, so you can grow your trading accounts and overall wealth in all types of market conditions.

Please understand, mentoring means we're dedicating our time to help you succeed - so we can only take on a limited number of traders into this program.

Also, involvement in this program takes a serious commitment from you. If we just sold mentoring programs and advisories, we could accept everyone...BUT since we actively trade too, we have to limit enrollment into this program.

The reality is, we love helping traders like you achieve the same (or better) success that we have had over the years.

So, we don’t want anyone taking up spots unless they want to take immediate action for themselves -- and their families financial future.

Now, if you’re fortunate enough to get one of the available slots, here’s the deal:

The Options Income Multiplier System Gives You The On-Demand Education + LIVE Mentoring to Succeed in TODAY's Markets!

It's delivered in four modules with 27 individual chapters.

Each chapter lesson includes a downloadable PDF and training video to help you master these principles.

So, whether you like learning by reading, watching, or listening, you get the materials in a way that works best for you. Inside these modules, we cover topics such as:

  • Understanding exactly where a trend begins/ends, and how to know (down to the bar) whether you’re in an uptrend, downtrend, or sideways market.
  • How to determine how much of your portfolio you can risk, and the keys to managing your trades for maximum profit.
  • How to design Options trades that Automatically Generate Income - so you don’t have to guess the direction of the next market move (note: you don’t even have to be right about market direction to make money).
  • Our 10 Top-Performing Strategies for Making CONSISTENT Weekly & Monthly Income.
  • Advanced Risk Management Strategies, so you can add more income streams to your trading plan.
  • How to Spot Quick & Easy Trade Setups in less than 15 minutes a day.
  • Advanced skills professionals use to gain an unfair advantage over most traders-as well as their strategies of choice for generating consistent income.

Of course, this is just a small portion of what’s inside the program.

And remember:

You Have Full, LIFETIME, & UNLIMITED Online Access to Me...to Ask Questions, Get Advice, & Seek Out All the Support YOU Need...

Keep in mind, this is a trading community.

Each module also gives you the opportunity to interact with other students, so you can review trades, share challenges, and gather feedback from them too.

Furthermore, because everyone learns at different speeds, you have LIFETIME Access to the entire platform, including all the training modules. We’ll even send you FREE, LIFETIME Updates every time we add new material. That way, you always have the latest tips and strategies for making consistent profits.

And that’s not all…

​I'm also including archived Q & A sessions that you'll have access to inside the members area that will undoubtedly help you learn the material that much quicker.

In addition, you’ll also receive ONE-FULL YEAR of our Options Income Multiplier PROFITS Advisory for​ FREE. Look over our shoulder and see every trade we make.

Entries… exits… trade management… I record everything we do.

Being an Options Income Multiplier PROFITS Advisory subscriber is like sitting in my office and watching every trade I make – 5 days a week.

Imagine the difference you’ll see in your trading results just by watching how professional traders approach the market for the next FULL YEAR.

Of course, you can ask questions about why and how we made the trades at any time…

As you can see, with this much personal attention as an Options Income Multiplier student, we obviously have to limit enrollment.

Look, our Options Income Multiplier PROFITS ADVISORY alone normally sells for $1,495 for a year subscription. When you register today, you get full access for FREE.

Of course, even with all these resources in place to ensure your success, you may be skeptical and wonder if the Options Income Multiplier System will work for you... after all, you’ve probably tried a program or two from some so-called “guru” that didn’t work. And then that person disappeared when you tried to get help.

Hey, I get it…

In fact, it still wasn’t all that long ago that I sat where you are right now. That’s why the instant you click the button below to enroll, we are by your side to ensure you understand all the tools, strategies, and techniques to help you create a consistent weekly and monthly income trading Options.

As long as you’re willing to be coachable, take the program seriously, and have the discipline to follow the trading plan, I’m certain you’ll become a better trader.

So let's talk price...

What's Your Investment for FREE Unlimited Lifetime Access, Online Mentoring, Updates, ​& More?


  • 4 training modules revealing the complete Options Income Multiplier Trading System
  • All 10 of our top-performing strategies
  • LIFETIME Access to the members’ area
  • Tons of archived Q&A webinars
  • LIFETIME free strategy updates
  • Bonus 1: Our popular 'Trading a Small Account' Workshop
  • Bonus 2: Our 'Hindenberg Strategy' for trading Bear Markets
  • Bonus #3: One-Year FREE Access to our PROFITS Advisory
  • Everything you finally need to make consistent weekly & monthly income from your options trading

Some of You Will Turn Our PROVEN, Time-Tested Trading Strategies & Mentoring Advice Into Millions... 
Will it Be YOU?

I can promise you that your investment into the Options Income Multiplier System is likely much less than you may be expecting.

However, I will say is that mentoring of this caliber doesn’t come cheap.

In fact, a hefty investment is required to work with any professional trader, much less have lifetime access to them. Right now, I have a waiting list of traders who want one-on-one coaching from me – and they’re prepared to pay a significant sum once a spot opens up.

I’m offering you the same access to me and my team of trading professionals at a mere fraction of what’s required for one-on-one coaching...and you’re also getting the training modules, members’ access to the trading community, Q&A webinars, regular updates (for a LIFETIME), and much more!

Click the 'Enroll Now' button to partner with me and my team and you can have immediate access to the entire program, get the personal mentoring and all the bonuses for a ONE-TIME investment in your financial future for just $2,497...or 6 Easy Payments of Only $497.

In fact, let me be really clear…

The TOTAL VALUE of this program is: $22,295+

So, $2,497 for UNLIMITED Online Personal Coaching, a Complete Step-by-Step Trading System, LIFETIME Updates, & Thousands of Dollars in FREE BONUSES is Indeed a HUGE Bargain, wouldn't you agree?

Look, you're a trader, this is the ultimate example of buying an investment low. Now is your time to invest in you. All I ask is that you actually go through the material, watch the training, use my coaching, and implement the resources we share with you inside this exclusive program.


If $2,497 is too much right now, you can get started for just $497...then simply make 5 easy monthly payments of only $497.

That way, you have the potential to make back your investment each month before it’s even due. Heck, I'll go a step further and say you should make your entire investment back within the first few trades we spoon-feed you - that's how confident I am in your success!

Now, please keep in mind…

I can’t and won’t accept everyone interested in this program.

Thousands of people received an email with notification about the program’s availability...and I expect enrollment to fill up in just a few days.

Once it does, we’ll close the doors and take this new group of students on a LIFE-CHANGING road to Financial Transformation.

Stop Using Yesterday's Tools for Today's Market. Learn Valuable Trading Skills & Proven, Time-Tested Strategies That WILL Serve You for the Rest of Your Trading Career.

So if you want in, ACT NOW.

Click on the “​Start Today” button below...I would love to have you on board to partner with us.

You will eventually realize that our style of trading is not rocket science – it really just comes down to the complete system inside the Options Income Multiplier System mentoring program.

Look, we've dedicated years of testing, refining, and trading live to finally be able to bring you the strategies that you will need for generating consistent income.

It’s created a great lifestyle for hundreds of traders - and I’d love for you to enjoy this same experience too.

Thank you for sharing your time with me today, I truly do appreciate it.

Me and my team are excited to start helping you enjoy the financial freedom you desire.

Just click the button below now to get started today…

Have a great day and talk to you soon inside the program...

The Options Income Multiplier Instantly Gives YOU:

  • Powerful Step-by-Step, On-Demand Options Education for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Traders!
  • Our 15 BEST Strategies For Creating Income & Wealth Today...In ALL Market Conditions!
  • LIFETIME Mentoring From Todd & His Team To Help You Get Fast, Consistent Results!
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