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Hope you’re having a great day, let’s get right into what you need to know about charts patterns that will help skyrocket your trading profits.  This will be a trading series that you’re going to want to read.

As you already may know, CHART patterns are naturally occurring distinct formations of price action on a chart…the chart can be of stocks, ETF’s, futures, currencies, forex, etc.

Traders use chart patterns to identify a potential resumption or continuation of trend, a potential trend reversal, and as trade signals to determine when and where to buy and/or sell the market.  

The theory behind chart patterns is based on historic recurrence. What makes learning these CHART Patterns so invaluable is that these chart patterns repeat themselves over and over again in the markets.  While there is no chart pattern that will tell you with 100% certainty where a market is headed, I am going to be introducing 19 Powerful CHART Patterns that are very reliable and predictable.  Learning these chart patterns will help give you a tremendous amount of confidence in your trades.

These 19 Powerful CHART Patterns have been broken down as CONTINUATION and REVERSAL patterns and are arranged in order of success rate:

  • 11 Powerful CONTINUATION Patterns
  • 8 Powerful REVERSAL Patterns

Traders use these 11 Powerful CONTINUATION CHART Patterns to identify a potential resumption or continuation of the trend and as trade signals to determine when and where to enter into the overall trend.

  1. BULLISH Ascending Triangle CHART Pattern

  2. BEARISH Descending Triangle CHART Pattern

  3. BULLISH Symmetrical Triangle CHART Pattern

  4. BEARISH Symmetrical Triangle CHART Pattern

  5. BULLISH Flag CHART Pattern

  6. BEARISH Flag CHART Pattern

  7. BULLISH Rectangle CHART Pattern

  8. BEARISH Rectangle CHART Pattern

  9. BULLISH Flat Base CHART Pattern

  10. BEARISH Pennant CHART Pattern

  11. BULLISH Base On a Base CHART Pattern

In today’s article we’re going to discuss…

BULLISH Ascending Triangle CHART Pattern

An Ascending Triangle Pattern is a continuation pattern, usually occurring after a large run up in price.  After a brief price consolidation in the “Triangle” with decreasing volume, the trend will usually continue in the same direction as the previous trend.  The price target for the next run up in price is approximately the same vertical distance as the open end of the Triangle.

Success Rate:  68%, which improves to 98% if you confirm the pattern with a close above the upside breakout.

Duration:  Triangles can appear over any timeframe, from intraday patterns to patterns taking several months to form.

Volume:  Decreasing volume through the Triangle, with heavy volume required to break out of the Upper Trend Line.

Risks:  False breakouts are common at the Upper Trendline.  Price will break above the Upper Trendline of the Triangle, and usually return back down into the pattern within the day (if not the hour!) if the Breakout is false.  Greater than 150% of normal volume MUST accompany a valid Breakout.

Trading the Pattern:  Keep track of the Upper Trendline of the Triangle pattern.  Traders should enter long when this Upper Trendline is pierced on a valid Breakout on heavy volume.  The key to trading this pattern is to avoid the false Breakout.

BULLISH Ascending Triangle CHART Pattern


Be sure to read the rest of the series on these incredibly powerful chart patterns and start making a difference in your trading…and be sure to let me know what you think. 

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Have a fantastic day and hope this trading lesson helps you in your trading.

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