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Extreme Option PROFITS

In This Presentation:  Defy All the Ordinary, Common Boundaries & Restrictions on Trading & Investing & Learn the SECRET to Going After103%, 417%, & Even 724%+ Bigger Profits Than Everybody Else…

Please pay close attention because the consistent revenue and income generating strategies I’m going to reveal to you today have until recently, only been shared with an exclusive group of my most ELITE students.

That ELITE group of students – who have turned into professional traders – have since become known collectively as the ‘Disruptive Underground’. 

You see, I hand-picked them from over 55,000 students that I had the pleasure of teaching since I began Trading Concepts back in 1994.

Now, that ELITE group has gone on to utilize the strategies I will reveal to you in the next few minutes to put the trading and investing world on it’s back…

…While Earning HUGE Profits and leaving the pro’s to wonder

How DO we do it?

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Take a look at just 4 LIVE recently closed out trades totaling a 627% Return…

Using only $500 for this XOM trade would have resulted in a $1,295 PROFIT in Only 26 Days…Your $500 turned into $1,795!


Let’s look at another one…

Using only $500 for this AMD trade would have resulted in $880 PROFIT in only 12 days…Your $500 turned into $1,380!

graphInsert Image

Here’s another trade in Pfizer…

Using only $500 for this PFE trade would have resulted in $660 PROFIT in only 9 days…Your $500 turned into $1,160!


Here’s another good trade in Carnival…

Using only $500 for this CCL trade would have resulted in $300 PROFIT in only 10 days…Your $500 turned into $800!


And I just received this letter from Randy K. from New York that reads…‘I just made a 7 day PROFIT of 82%, thanks Todd for allowing me to be a part of your ELITE group of ‘Renegade’ traders.”


Now, if you add the 82% return Randy made in only 7 days to the 4 previous LIVE trades I just showed you…

That comes to an incredible 709% GAIN in only 5 trades!

Using only $500 a trade in those 5 trades comes to $3,435 in PROFITS!

And that doesn’t include any compounding! 

Now, do the math and you can easily see the PROFITS you can really start to make…

Using $1,000 a trade = $6,870 in PROFITS…Using $2,000 a trade = $13,740 in PROFITS…Using $5,000 a trade = $34,350 in PROFITS…On only 5 trades!                                  I hope you’re starting to get excited, because you see, today I’m going to teach you…     How to Defy All Regular, Ordinary, Common Boundaries and Restrictions on Trading and Investing by Showing YOU How to Potentially EARN 6,438% Over the Course of the Next 24 Months… Like Our Model Portfolio Was Able To Do.

That’s equivalent to… Turning $5,000 into $320,000… or $10,000 into $640,000… or $25,000 into $1,600,000 in a little over two years’ time!

And, I’m going to show you how do get these results with… Speed, Convenience, and FREEDOM… And risk as little as $300 and NEVER own a single stock or ETF!

Now look, I think  it goes without saying it would be very smart of you to listen to what I have to teach you today – it’ll not only be very profitable for you – but I have a big surprise for you that you’re not going to want to miss out on – so please be sure to read to the end.

And please do NOT feel that this information…

And extremely profitable trades I’m about to share with you is out of your reach – because they’re NOT…

YOU can easily duplicate what we’re doing because these trading methods are now perfected…

You see my… 

Time-Tested Track Record Has Been PROVEN to EARN 58% MORE Per Trade on Average and Risks 91% LESS Doing it… Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724%+ MORE Than Most Traders and Investors.

So I can safely say I have dialed in the finer points of what makes these powerful trading strategies so consistently profitable.

And later you’ll discover a way to piggy-back my trades so even if you do learn the ins and outs and don’t want to spend the time making it work… You can Simply ‘Copy & Paste’ my instructions from my frequent trade alerts in just 10 minutes or LESS of your time a week.

I’m also going to discuss one of the most important subjects of all of our lives…

How Will YOU Live For The Rest Of YOUR Life?

Later, I’m going to talk about the topic of Power, AUTONOMY, and the Master-Slave Relationship.

The truth is, at any given moment… either you’re in control – or being controlled…

And, you may soon realize you don’t have all the control you think you do, but that’s okay.

Because this training IS all about making MONEY. It’s about earning it DIFFERENT.

I’ll show you how to make it FASTER, more SIMPLY, and in LARGER SUMS than you’re used to.

So I want you to get used to it, ok?

NOW with alerts going out on just about a weekly basis with profits like these you’re going to want stick around and continue reading to what I have to say.

Now take a look below at a recent trade we just closed out below on ADBE…

We Made a 99% ROI in ONLY 5 Trading Days!


If you put $1,000 into this trade – you would of made $1,000… so $1,000 turns into $2,000 in 5 days!  

$5,000 into $10,000… you get the picture.

And in just a few minutes you will learn how to attract money to you, not pursue it.

Fact is, you will learn how to accumulate large sums of money quicker and more reliably than you ever have before – joining an ELITE society that lives with the Security, Independence, and FREEDOM that you and your family deserve.

Sounds good, right?

And when you learn how to accumulate wealth through trading… it’s just as important to learn what you should NOT trade. A skill that many times is counter-intuitive to some of the mainstream media’s fake news.

So let me ask you an important question before I continue: and I know I touched upon this earlier, so you already heard me say it, but it’s very important for you to hear again and to honestly answer it.

How would you like to potentially EARN 6,438% MORE by Defying all the Regular, Ordinary, Common, Boundaries and Restrictions on Trading & Investing… 

And do it With Speed, Convenience & Freedom…

And Risk As Little As $300 & NEVER Own A Single Stock or ETF…

And Do It Over the Course Of the Next 24 Months… Like Our Model Portfolio Was Able To Do?

Now if that sounds like something you would like to do, then I believe you’re highly motivated to enjoy Maximum Success, FREEDOM and Prosperity…

And you’re in the right place because I’m going to show you how to do EVERYTHING that I’ve shown you so far!

But before I go into detail about the strategies applied in Extreme Option Profits…

Here is an example of a Real LIVE trade alert that went out from my desk just a little while ago…


A 74% ROI on Square in just 27 days isn’t too bad…

But the reality is I don’t win all of my trades. As I speak to you now, our current portfolios track record is sitting comfortably at a 91% WIN RATE.  

And look, I’m only showing you this because some people think it’s not possible. And trust me, it IS POSSIBLE!

Fortunately for you and I, we don’t have to listen to them. Not when the power of these strategies is so clear.

Let me show you what I mean…

This ​Is ​A ​REAL ​Story ​Of ​A ​Student ​Who ​Turned ​Professional.

Keith had been an airline pilot, but when he was forced to retire early he turned to trading stocks. He read every course he could get his hands on… and even traded for years!

Unfortunately his poor trading habits lost him more money than he earned…

That compounded with poor money management and Keith was quickly on his way to financial ruin…

Keith knew he had to do something about his situation.

One day while fly fishing with a friend, Keith shared the story of his trading woes. That friend sent him a link to a workshop on options trading he had recently bought and …

You won’t believe what happened next.

In the four weeks that I’ve been with you, I’ve bought, sold, and banked slightly over $10,000 profit. This is revolutionary!  Keith P., DE

What would your wife, husband, or significant other think if you brought home an extra $10,000 this month?  

I think you’d agree they’d probably love it, right?!

As you know by now, when it comes to options trading there are all sorts of ideas, strategies, and new-fangled terminology to learn. And I know how overwhelming that can be for new ​traders…

It’s almost like learning a new language! And I’ve been there, so I know what it’s like.

Now, that works better for some more than others…

That may be why up until now… you never bothered learning options trading, or even why you haven’t experienced real sustained success with options trading. But even if you had…

Here’s the truth…

You don’t need to be a trading savant to earn huge sums of money on a consistent basis. As a matter of fact, here’s what you do need:

  • 1An ability to follow simple directions.
  • 2A trading or retirement account with $5,000. (In fact you can start with a LOT less!)
  • 310 Minutes or LESS of your time per week.

Now, if you meet those qualifications – which I’m sure you  do – you’re capable of using Extreme Option Profits to… Potentially EARN 58% MORE Per Trade On Average and Risk 91% LESS Doing It…

Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724% MORE Than Most Traders and Investors.

portfolio increase

In fact, 

If You Joined Me Roughly 24 Months Ago YOU Could Have Potentially Turned $500 Into $32,190 WITHOUT the Power of Compounding!

I’m sure if you had $500 laying around at the time to invest and you knew what the ELITE traders inside Extreme Option Profits would accomplish with my alerts, you would have gladly joined our group of ‘Renegade’ traders, right?

But don’t blame yourself… I wasn’t sharing my strategies with outsiders back then. But since you’re no longer an outsider, and instead a newer valued subscriber, you’re going to learn exactly how you can use just 10 minutes or LESS of your time a week to potentially Increase YOUR Account Size By 6,438% In the Next 24 Months or LESS.

Wouldn’t You Like To EARN 64X Your Current Account Size This Year?

I’ll let you in on a little SECRET… I didn’t develop these strategies, I merely perfected them. You see, it was through years of trading, including many failures and thankfully many more successes, that I discovered them. 

Without going too deep into the Matrix… I uncovered a pattern of multiple large options trades on one of my favorite companies, FedEx. And, after a LOT of digging I was able to reverse engineer the trades. 

That’s when I discovered the basis for the Extreme Option Profits trading strategies. Or what I sometimes refer to as the closest thing to The Holy Grail Of Trading.

Right now, for the first time ever I am going to reveal the very trade I stumbled upon that has lead so many traders to success since then:

Not only did FedEx EARN a 117% Returnon Call Options…

And it happened in ONLY 11 Short Days!

Now remember you’re not always going to double your money in a week or two, but trades like the ones I’ve been showing you happen more often than you think…

That’s why the press has had so much to say about our powerful methods…

The Wall Street Journal claimed: “ This strategy is the #1 opportunity for retirees to rake it in.”

Barron’s Magazine admitted this is: “… A simple strategy that can boost your returns without increasing your risk level.”

Wired Magazine said this strategy is: …As close to finding an envelope full of cash, in your mailbox as you’ll ever come”

Now when I first uncovered these unique trading patterns, the amount of money I saw moving back and forth seemed phony at first… so much so I actually thought it was wash trading.

Fortunately, I was blessed with an inquisitive mind and I had to know the truth, so I dug a LOT deeper.

I found out a little more and ultimately tried to replicate the process…

That’s when I discovered just how REAL it all was.

It wasn’t wash trading I had stumbled upon like so many times before in my over 30 year trading career. No.

I had discovered what until then I thought was only a myth.


Have you ever heard of such a term? I bet not.

But they DO exist…

…And you won’t find them on the Forbes list. Believe it or not, with all the people trying to get onto it every year – there are many more requesting to stay off.

Think about it, would you want to be on a list that puts the spotlight on how you earn your money so that everyone else in the world could do it too? Maybe so, but not if it meant you’d sacrifice your own profits.

NOW that’s exactly why you haven’t heard of these strategies until now, and my guess? You won’t hear about them from anyone else anytime in the near future.

So Why Would I Share Them With You Now?

There are two main reasons…

First, without YOU and valued subscribers like you, I never would have discovered these hidden trading methods in the first place.

You see, I found out long ago while I studied for my Bachelors in Business that it was through teaching others about the markets that I learned best.

Back then, my classmates would stand in my dorm room scratching their heads – just staring at the charts I plotted and hung all over the walls.

The funny thing was as soon as I had to explain what was going on to someone who had not a clue about the financial markets… I started to get really good at trading them.

It kept my trading skills sharp then, and still does to this day.

And the Second reason why I’m sharing this with you today is… contrary to popular belief there IS plenty to go around…

As long as you don’t have a few billion dollars to splash the pot with. And quite frankly… I’m not still checking earnings reports, watching moving averages, and watching for bull flags to grow my wealth…

Not to brag, but to put it bluntly, I already have money.

At this point in my life, I am more concerned with my legacy. And, what I want to leave behind is a sea of traders whose lives and families lives have been improved with the strategies and profits I helped give them.

Here’s another LIVE trade my ELITE group of ‘Disruptive Underground’ traders were alerted to…

As a matter of fact, this exact trade turned everything around for a once struggling father of 2 named Bernard. He was newly divorced and taking care of his kids on his own when his employer called him and told him not to come into work anymore. Already running low on funds, he sought a way to change his and his children’s lives…

That’s when he came across a Trading Concepts educational workshop. Not only did he learn the strategies, he took action right away like his life depended on it…

AND this is the very first trade he made:

Bernard EARNED just over $3,000 on that ONE trade alone.

That may not be a lot to you (maybe it is), but to Bernard it meant he could pay the rent, put food on the table, and keep the lights on so his children could study for school.

I think you’ll agree that’s pretty amazing!

Believe me when I say these opportunities happen on occasion multiple times per week. In fact, I sift through hundreds of companies every day with all kinds of technical and fundamental analysis to uncover anywhere from 1 (sometimes none), to a few of these opportunities weekly that I share with members inside my Extreme Option Profits.

Members inside of my Extreme Option Profits in turn leverage Trading Concepts 60+ years of combined experience, to ‘Copy and Paste’ my exact instructions to your trading platform or broker of choice in 10 minutes or LESS every time a trade alert is issued.

Remember earlier I told you about the Master-Slave Relationship?


You’re probably wondering what that has to do with trading or… earning money at all. Let me quickly explain.

In every relationship, someone is always in control… the degree of control will vary dramatically, but one thing is for sure – there is always a master and always a slave. This is not limited to relationships with people.

It applies to money, cars, companies, animals… you get the picture.

If you’re still with me, more likely than not… you believe in AUTONOMY…

You believe in controlling your own destiny.

If you crave AUTONOMY it goes without saying you believe in FREEDOM and SECURITY and you don’t want to sacrifice one for the other.

NOW Listen, I don’t blame you for not wanting to give up your rights… because I don’t either.

That’s why NOW more than ever it is so important to gain control of not just your Financial FREEDOM…

But to go a step further and Take Control of Your Time FREEDOM.There are no ifs and’s or buts about it…


It’s your most valuable asset.

And every-single-day we spend it. Some of us perhaps act like there’s an infinite supply… but there isn’t.

And, as I’m sure you will agree, the older you get… the FASTER it goes.

But there IS a way to take back control – to regain what is rightfully yours, and yours alone.

First, ​You ​Must ​Learn ​To ​THINK ​Differently.

It’s an unfortunate truth that the majority of people were taught in schools with a curriculum designed by the Rockefeller’s to educate people into becoming good employees.

You were NOT taught in school to become a trader, an investor, a business owner, an entrepreneur… or anything of the sort.

You certainly may have picked up these skills along the way or even learned the basics later on in college, but this is for certain, you were taught to:

1. Go to school

2. Get an education

3. Get a job

The only problem with getting a job aside from it putting food on the table for you and your family and a roof over your head, is the little bit they don’t mention…

The opportunity cost of trading time.

You can trade time for money, and there is plenty of money

As you have already seen members of Extreme Option Profits EARN 6,438% on their accounts. But your time on this earth is very limited.

Later in this presentation you may be shocked to learn just how little time you have…

But for now, I want to show you a profit alert I sent to Extreme Option Profits members that resulted in HUGE gains. In fact, if you had put just $5,000 dollars in…

You’d Have $10,000 Right Now… In Just 12 Days! YOU Would Have DOUBLED Your Money.

Now imagine for a moment that you had been a member of our little secret society when I sent the profit alert. Even if you didn’t want to do the hard work searching for trading opportunities yourself, and then hand selecting one opportunity from a stack of hundreds.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to receive a trade alert directly to your phone and email that you could then ‘Copy and Paste’ into your account and… PROFIT?

Wouldn’t it be nice to make an EXTRA $5,000 in 12 Short Days and all you had to do was ‘Copy and Paste’ a SIMPLE trade into your account?

Now Imagine making that same trade with $50,000…(I say this because trading is all about scaling once you start to make consistent money…this is all realistic and can be done – like it has for many of my students and myself!) 

You could go right out over to the dealer and buy that new convertible mustang or the self- driving Tesla straight off the lot…with CASH.

All of this with the confidence and security that comes from knowing that myself and one other professional trader analyzed hundreds of trades and hand-picked ONLY the absolute best opportunities.

And, YOU get the PROFIT Alert Right Away.

Here’s what Dave M., a newer student of Extreme Option Profits, who had ZERO trading experience had to say about his experience so far.

“I’ve been on board for about 3 months and profits are rolling in steady. Keep up the great work!! Thank you! Dave M.

This is a profit alert I sent out for OKTA…

If you were a member when I sent out the profit alert, what would you do after you spent your 10 minutes or LESS “working” for the day to EARN 61% on any amount you had traded with… $100, $1,000, $10,000.

Maybe you would…

  • Work on becoming the scratch golfer you always wanted to be…
  • Spend more time with the kids or grand kids…
  • Head somewhere with palm trees, a warm breeze, and calm seas…

The ​Choice ​Is ​Yours.

Total FREEDOM to spend time as you see fit and the money to do whatever you desire. Just as things ought to be.

But before you go picking out your yacht, I still have a few strategies to share with you.

These methods were developed through over 30 years of trading experience. They have helped me to trade the market through the good times…

But even more important – they got me through the bad times. As you already know… the market doesn’t only go up. Many so-called professionals will try and sell you something that may work incredibly well when everything is going great – only for it to break down the moment the market turns.

This profit alert was sent in Extremely Volatile Market Conditions…

As you can see we EARNED a Healthy 138% on this trade in Square despite the market retracing substantially… In Only 5 Short Trading Days!

Unfortunately many traders and investors have been swindled by these charlatans and I hate to see it. Some folks I know were using trading software with no stop loss during the 2008 financial crisis that promptly dropped their accounts over 50%!

It gets worse when you realize sooner or later and probably much sooner than later…

It’s going to happen all over again. Just as the sun rising is a near certainty, so too is the markets falling after long sustained gains. Just like we saw in the Covid-19 huge market drop.

If You Suffered During 2008’s Market Collapse – or the Sudden Covid-19 Massive Market drop… My Heart Goes Out to YOU.

I wish I could have kept more good people from suffering in 2008 during the financial collapse. Fortunately, during the sudden COVID-19 massive market drop, valued students at Trading Concepts were sheltered from losses and made TONS of money by following simple strategies, with key profit alerts, and regular market updates.

Had you been a valued student, you would have been notified of unusual circumstances within the market indicating a very high probability of a big market wide reversal.

The tried and true practice of setting stops at appropriate levels (which I provide) and trading put options on key stocks and ETF’s, as opposed to outright trading stocks, not only insulated us from losses, but led many ​of us to ​incredible PROFITS.

In both 2008’s Financial Debacle and in Covid-19’s sudden massive market drop – then incredible reversal to the upside that wound up making new highs in the market – we killed it.

These unique strategies not only allow us to mitigate disaster, but allow us to generously profit from it at any point in the market cycle…now how cool is that!?

Here’s one such trade where the “Sky Was Falling”.

My ELITE group of ‘Renegade’ traders inside Extreme Option Profits were still able to Secure REAL Returns on Micron Technology of 150%… All In the Course of 3 Short Days!

The fact is, these situations happen again and again just like CLOCKWORK.

And, I keep sending out profit alerts notifying Extreme Option Profit members when they happen.

Early on the ‘Disruptive’ group of ELITE traders that made up the initial band of students using Extreme Option Profits re-learned a valuable lesson…

They learned the difference between good returns, and great returns. To keep it short and sweet, they learned the POWER of Compound Interest…

Now you may be wondering how a group of traders didn’t know about compound interest, but let me be clear, compound interest is a SIMPLE term to understand, but a tough one to follow.

Or at least to me that seems to be the case. Because when I ask new students how much of their profits they re-invest and they come back with any number lower than 50% – my eyes roll right out of my head.

But honestly, if arguably the smartest man that ever lived thinks so highly of compound interest… let us take a moment to truly understand the power of the principle.

Do you remember how much I said you would have if you began trading with Extreme Option Profits roughly 24 months ago?

If not that’s okay, you’ve been learning quite a bit so I’ll refresh your memory.

“The 8th wonder of the world is Compound Interest.”Albert Einstein

Starting With Only $500 You ​Would Now ​Have $32,190If You Followed Each Of My PROFIT Trade Alerts… That’s A 6,438% Return! 

Here’s what I didn’t tell you. That does NOT include compound interest.

I’m not even going to mention how much you would have potentially made if you added Compound Interest, because quite frankly, it would seem out of this world and not at all believable…

But let’s say you started with only $5,000, 10​ times the example I gave you above starting with only $500…

$5,000 Turns Into An Incredible $320,000…$10,000 Turns Into An Incredible $640,000… $25,000 Turns Into a Staggering $1,600,000… All WITHOUT Compound Interest!

Now, how would that change YOUR Life?

Now ask yourself:

  • What would your life look like today if you had access to Extreme Option Profit alerts and invested with your trading or retirement account just 1 year ago?
  • How would your family’s lives improve?
  • What would this do for your financial and Time FREEDOM?

Many folks begin doing things they had never dreamed of, and who could blame them? 

  • Staying at the Ritz Carlton in the Bahamas…
  • Dinner at world renowned Michelin 3 star restaurants…
  • Weekend trips through winding mountain roads in something fast, luxurious, and full of thrills.

Most have never had the freedoms that come with not having to attend a J-O-B, along with the financial security to do whatever your heart desires…

Now ​You ​Know ​How ​To ​Think ​Different. 

But you still may be wondering… how do you EARN 6​X MORE ​Per ​Trade ​While ​Risking 91% LESS?

It’s SIMPLE math but the results are anything but average. The profit alerts I send take LESS than 10 minutes to follow.

And they’re a combination of the options trades you may already be used to… but the way I use them to beat 91% of other traders is anything but ordinary.

Take this LIVE trade on Best Buy for example.

Had you been a member of Extreme Option Profits and received my profit alert you would have EARNED 140% in 36 Short Days…

$1,000 would of brought back $2,400… $5,000 would of brought back $12,000…All In ONLY 36 Trading Days!  

Now By layering SIMPLE trades, we are able to take full advantage of the regular swings in momentum within the markets. That allows us to realize REAL profits that greatly exceed those of the average trader or investor.

You see, while my unique methods on the surface may seem common, it’s the way they’re used together that makes a world of difference.

That’s exactly why Trading Concepts strategies have been hailed by Forbes magazine as:

“ …A game changer. Completely next level.”

Now, before I uncover the final strategy (and by far the most profitable), I need to make sure you understand the value of what I’m sharing with you.


In order to answer the simple question of should you or shouldn’t you? Is this something that is really important for YOU?

For now, I want you to forget about money…

Don’t even TRY to think about the GAINS you missed out on, instead think about one number.


Do you have any idea what this number is?

According to data released from the CDC recently, it’s the average life expectancy in the United States of a human being… YOU and I.

Allow me to run some quick numbers. I’ll even show you my math. Then you should do your own math. At the time of this writing, my current number is 53.5.  So 78.7 – 53.5 leaves me with 25.2!  

I have 25.2 years remaining forgoing any uncertainties.

And experts say you lose 30% of that to eat, sleep, and using the restroom… Another 10% to waiting in traffic, standing in lines, and paying your bills and taxes.

That brings me to just 15.1 years to decide what to do with… Only 15.1!

YOUR number could be more… or LESS.

Now that you have your number, I’m going to ask you a SIMPLE question. 

How much of the time that you have left, do you want to spend doing things you don’t enjoy doing?  Bothering with people who annoy you? Worrying about satisfying someone else’s needs and demands?  The list can go on and on… you get the point.

Now write down YOUR number. And look at it HARD.

How quickly and drastically do you want to alter your business life? OR, how much longer would you like to continue… ‘As Is’?

Stop for just a moment and listen…

Do you hear that? 

The clock is ticking. If you crave more Independence, FREEDOM, Power, AUTONOMY… 

well I think I’ve put forth an incredibly compelling case for you to use Extreme Option Profits as your guide – your shortcut to getting it!

Here’s where the Final Strategy comes into play… And, remember I said it was Potentially the Most Profitable Of Them All?

Well, it is, and I’ll show you why.

Remember the equity curve? Notice how it doesn’t go up in a straight line…  

That would be foolish… Downright unbelievable, because nobody can make a profit on 100% of their trades. Sometimes despite however good the odds may be… we may lose. 

And, that’s why I ask you to judge me not on my winners, but on the losers, which I have so few of. 

You can see here on our REAL…LIVE ‘Extreme Option PROFITS’ track record that we win roughly 9 out of every 10 trades!

Students have asked me…

How is it possible to be so successful when others have such a hard time making money trading?

Well for one, I’ve been trading since I was in college. Let me tell you, people who are bad at trading don’t hang around for very long and I’ve been actively trading for over 30 years.

But don’t let the experience fool you, I have taught complete newbies how to trade like me in no time, and I will do it again…But even if you don’t know how to trade and you don’t want to learn… that’s perfectly okay.

With Extreme Option Profits I regularly alert Valued Members to Profit Alerts EARNING students 58% MORE Per Trade on Average and Risk 91% LESS Doing It…Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724% MORE Than Most Traders and Investors.

Here’s another trade now.

I’m almost embarrassed to show you this trade because I personally left a lot of profit on the table, but I wanted to make it clear to you all of our trades aren’t home runs.

And, while some may consider 38% GAINS to be a home run… I expect a LOT more from myself and for YOU.

Now let me ask you…Is this the kind of thing your family would be interested in you doing?

Let me tell you what George did. He had been working at his company for 30 years when the company was bought out by a major corporation and his pension was scrapped. George felt like he was hit by a truck, and who wouldn’t?

But it gets worse, shortly after his pension went, so did the job.

They said they needed to downsize to make the company profitable so… 

Those with the higher salaries earned through years of loyalty and hard work were let go first.

Without a nest egg to fall back on, no health insurance, and no income, things got worse for George. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Many would choose to give up, but George knew he had to be strong for his wife and find a solution. So he started looking into anything and everything.

That’s when George, nearing 60 years of age and NEVER having placed a trade in his life decided to join Extreme Option Profits. I still remember the day he joined.

I asked him why he bought Extreme Option Profits and he told me his story.

Truthfully… It brought tears to my eyes.

That’s why when I heard about his early success in Extreme Option Profits I got so excited!

Here is the FIRST trade George placed after receiving an Extreme Option Profits Alert…

“Before I joined Trading Concepts I had no idea how to trade. My wife and I were facing a health and financial crisis and time was running out.

Todd made the trades as easy to follow as checking my email and calling my broker. He gave me and my wife back our lives and for that we owe him everything.”  George L.

Now George is a full time trader, working at home and spending time with his wife while comfortably paying his bills. What’s more, his wife tells me “It’s like he retired early.”

Now from time to time George likes to send me vacation photos…God Bless Him!

I think it’s amazing how George and his wife Anne turned their lives around! Wouldn’t you agree?

Now, I teach you everything you need to know about these trades from concept to implementation… but I understand that you have a life, a family, a job, and a very busy schedule to say the least…

You may not have the time to learn new trading terms and strategies, and that’s perfectly alright.

What I’m About To Share With You… is the Most Profitable Lesson YOU Will Learn Today.


Most people understand the concept of trading with leverage and how dangerous it can be. Especially when left unchecked and used recklessly. That’s not the kind of leverage we’re discussing today.

If I ask you to lift a car by hand and set it atop a parking structure you might look at me a little funny.  Alright let’s be honest, you’d call me crazy.

If however, I asked you to lift a car with a giant magnet attached to an enormous crane with simple instructions, and controls as easy to use as a keyboard and mouse – you might still look at me funny… but you know you could do it right? 

Of course you could.

That’s because you know the crane has the power to lift the vehicle and you have the power to control it.

One of my favorite authors Robert Kiyosaki speaks of leverage often. He said that to get rich you must harness other people’s money or other people’s time.

Think about it… Even if you win the lotto you’re leveraging a system that’s heavily stacked against each individual that plays it. Millions of people committing at least one dollar to the pot that only one person will win.

However, unlike the lotto, people who leverage Extreme Option Profits DO Win.

Our portfolio which you can find inside the exclusive members area, reflects a 91% rate of success.

With ​my unique proprietary trading system ​we send profit alerts to ​our ELITE group of valued members via Text, E-Mail, and then put the trades inside the private members area.

Of course this benefit to you alone allows you to forgo all the comprehensive training I’ve put together for you, if you wish.

Your profit alerts arrive safely and reliably in your inbox or messages ready for you to put into action without all the work that goes into picking out a winner.  Now how would you like that?

Oh, and by the way… here’s just SOME of the work that goes into generating 58% MORE per trade…oftentimes making 103%, 417% and 724% MORE than most traders.

  • Scan the best stocks and ETF’s every night…
  • Look for a multitude of clear key indicators…
  • Check Earnings Reports that meet my qualifications – if there is any…
  • checkStay up to date on the news of of those companies meeting my special criteria…
  • checkFigure out whether to buy a call option or put option…
  • checkChoose the best ones from the potential hundreds available per stock or ETF…
  • checkCalculate entry and potential exit prices…

And if you did all that… You would have an Incredible EDGE over the majority of other traders.

But the POWER of Leverage is that you don’t have to do all that.  NOPE.

Because I set up this SYSTEM so that you can take advantage of experienced traders like me – guys that love to get into the trenches and do the dirty work.

That way you can enjoy time with the family, the dog, the beach house, and the beautifully frustrating game of golf.

Listen, if you want to leverage what you already have – big or small – in the safest way to have the potential to generate as much money possible to accumulate real wealth, This Is For YOU.

So let me tell you a little more about what I’ve put together for YOU.

Aside from the incredibly profitable profit alerts sent directly to your phone and email, then put inside the exclusive members area… For you to SIMPLY ‘Copy & Paste’…

Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • Access to our PREMIUM members only website. A place you can go to get all relevant market updates and trade information in one place. It’s updated on a weekly basis and has been since we started.
  • And, it has everything you need to know about the markets, along with the powerful trading strategies to take advantage of them.
  • checkYou’ll also have immediate access to a Quick Start Video that explains where everything is and how best to use it. That way, you don’t waste anytime using my profit alerts to place your first trade so you can start making money immediately!

AND once you know where everything is…

I’m going to want to get you up to speed with my Market Updates…

These are regular multi-weekly updates you can expect to receive in your email or simply by clicking the appropriate tab in the exclusive members area.

My updates consist of general market information…

Complete with market trends, major news…

And much, much more.  

You’re going to absolutely love it.

Next, you’ll want to swing by the Extreme Option Profits PORTFOLIO where you can see each and every trade that have been placed going back since the very first trade.

But if it’s profits that you want (which is what I know you want the most!)… you won’t find them in there…

Instead you can check out the profit alerts tab to see the latest I have alerted my valued members to…

However, if you’d rather find your own trades, you should know that students love the SYSTEM I’ve put together and I’m confident YOU will to.

That’s because nearly two full years and hundreds of hours have gone directly into creating THE BEST trading resource you can find anywhere.

And, where else would you expect to find step by step, comprehensive instructions on my easy to follow yet unusual methodologies pushing my traders to a 9 out of 10 rate of SUCCESS, effectively blowing the competition away.


I may have went a little overboard with all the information I put in this BONUS Trading Course for YOU… But My Main Goal Is To Give YOU the Best and Most Powerful Money Making Strategies that Exist.

Inside is a 10 chapter “Easy Options Income Course” complete with several videos (and PDF’s that accompany each video)…

Some are just a few minutes long… others approach an hour.

But if you’d prefer to read you’re in luck. Because, within each chapter is 1 to 2 PDF files complete with the entire lesson and a practice test so you test yourself at the end of each chapter.

Frankly, there are HOURS of jammed packed trading strategies and money management lessons inside this program…

And I’ve been paid thousands of dollars from thousands of traders wanting to learn it from speaking at conferences here in Michigan and all throughout the country.  And still… There Are A Couple Other HIDDEN Bonuses     for YOU Inside.  I’ll Save Those Goodies For You To Discover Once You Get In!

Now, let me ask you another question:

How Much Would You Happily Pay for a Powerful and Consistently Profitable Service Like This?

Let’s do a little more math.

If I reveal every trading and money management secret I know to you in this SYSTEM…

And supply you week after week with one profitable trade alert after the next, after the next, and so on…

And you apply just SOME of it, how much control could you take back?


OK, do me a quick favor:  Choose a percentage now.

15%? 25%? 35%? 50%?

Stay conservative. Don’t give me too much credit… but DO consider my track record.

Have you picked your percentage?

If you have, please write it down.

Now, go back to the last number I asked you to write down…  The number of years you may have left… Your Age.

If, let’s say, your number was the same as mine -15.1… and you thought that we could get you just 25% more autonomy, you would multiply 15.1 times 25% and you would get 3.77 years of Total Autonomy.

3.77 Years = 1,377 Days = 33,048 Beautiful Hours of Complete 100% CONTROL, FREEDOM, and INDEPENDENCE!

33,048 hours doing only what serves your desires, whenever you want, wherever you want, however you want, and with whomever you want.

Now the only thing left to decide is… If you could buy these hours, while sitting across the desk from the seller, what would you offer for each one?

If you would only give just one dollar. One filthy, wrinkled, who knows where it’s been – dollar.

The SYSTEM is worth $33,048

If you had it – as you well know, you’ll learn via Extreme Option Profits just how incredibly infinite the money supply is and, how readily, quickly, and easily available to you it is – then we both know, you’d pay more than just the dollar.

Would you pay $10 for each hour of complete and utter AUTONOMY?

That is… Complete time and Financial FREEDOM to do whatever you wish.

If you’d only give $10 an hour, then we can both agree Extreme Option Profits should have a price tag of $330,480.

Unfortunately, I know I can’t expect such a payment, nor would I want it.

And even though the value packed inside is worthy of hundreds of thousands of dollars – MILLIONS in the right hands… and battle tested by my private ELITE group of traders… scratch MILLIONAIRE traders if you will.

And, even though the price of AUTONOMY really has no match… It’s PRICELESS!

Now I consulted with my little group of ELITE ‘Renegade Traders’… the group of ‘Disruptive Underground’ traders I told you about earlier who I hand-picked from over 55,000 valued students to test my new found strategies on.

I wanted to ask them before I set the price, to tell me what it should be – knowing if I agreed, they would have to pay that price.

One ELITE member, Brett, quickly shouted “$10,000”.

He clearly considered that sum to be a bargain… Bless him! 

A few more of my ELITE members suggested $5,000.

Now, quite frankly I have sold less intensive… and far less valuable information products for the sum of $5,000.

But… that’s not all.

Many more of my ELITE members suggested I set the price at $3,995.

NOT one of them suggested any lower… I was actually quite shocked at that.

But if you really think about it…

Why would they with Huge GAINS like this on ROKU of 142% in ONLY 7 Days…

Insert ImageInsert ImageInsert Image

Or what about this 138% GAIN in Only 14 days on AAPL!

trading graph

Now… I’m not a greedy person. I am money motivated, like most others…

But I am not greedy. There’s a HUGE difference.

There’s also just one more consideration.

I have invested… literally, my entire life into this SYSTEM.

So please know that I want as many people of conviction, ambition, and enterprise as possible to use it to PROFIT from.

As I’ve already said at this stage in my life, my legacy is what’s most important to me.

It’s a prideful moment when a trader whom I may have never met, personally stops me in the grocery store to shake my hand and thank me for what I’ve done for him and his family.

But I’d like to make that sphere of influence grow larger – much larger.

That’s why now is a strange time in my life…

Because perhaps for the first time I DON’T want to earn the maximum amount of profit on this. Instead, I want the maximum amount of people possible like YOU to get your hands on it so YOU too can consistently profit!

I’ll tell you this, so you know why I’ve under-priced Extreme Option Profits as much as I have.

Everyone, including current valued members, multi-million dollar entrepreneurs I’m lucky to call my friends – EVERYONE!

When I revealed this SYSTEM for the first time a few years ago to people outside my ELITE group of ‘Disruptive Underground’ traders at an enormous conference, and more than 300 people rushed into line to get it — MOST shared with staff what a pleasant surprise it was to find the PRICE SO LOW.

Honestly, what I’m doing here is about as contrary to popular belief as one could possibly get for any sort of capitalistic endeavor.

That’s why I encourage you to take advantage of it NOW… before I come back to reality!

Now here’s what I’ve done…

I went ahead and CUT THE LOWEST PRICE that was suggested by any of my ELITE ‘Disruptive Underground’ group of students…

The $3,995 they suggested…And I Cut that in HALF!

So that means the entire…

Extreme Option Profits SYSTEM and EVERYTHING I described for you today is ONLY $1,997 for 1 FULL Year!

But, since you’re a valued reader and subscriber and I just opened up a few new spots inside the program…

I’d like to make you a One-Time SPECIAL Offer.   

I Would Like to Give YOU…

2 Full Years For The Price Of 1!

That’s right… 2 Full Years of Extreme Option Profit Alerts…

A System PROVEN to EARN 58% MORE Per Trade on Average and Risks 91% LESS Doing It…Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724% MORE Than Most Traders and Investors!

All for ONLY $1,997 for 2 FULL Years!

That’s ONLY $2.74 A Day…

If you were conservative and only placed one $500 trade once a week…

With a 58% PROFIT Per Trade on average, that would be like spending $19.18 to earn $290.

That’s Like Getting 15X Your Money EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Does that sound good to you?

Now imagine trading with $1,000 per trade, or even $10,000 per trade once a week, knowing that you’re going to WIN 9 out of 10 times and average +58% overall per trade… (Including losses)

That would be like paying $19.18 a week… to EARN $580 or $5,800 respectively. Or 30X to 300X the cost of doing business.

And… The returns only get better the more you invest.

I’m Sure You’ll Agree This Special Offer Is A NO-BRAINER.

But I’m not done yet…

I’ve included a Special BONUS…

As if I haven’t included enough for YOU already…

I want to take things up a huge notch by giving you a 12 month Performance GUARANTEE…  

Here’s how it works…

If you don’t Make At Least 10X What You Invest With Me Here Today, meaning… If You Don’t Make At Least $19,970 in the Next 12 Months… I’ll Give You a THIRD Year Absolutely FREE!

That’s how much I believe in the Gains YOU’RE Going To Make with Extreme Option Profits… It WILL Work For YOU in a HUGE way – I can assure you of that!

I mean who else would give you such an Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE like I’m doing for YOU here!?   On anything?

Now, you might be asking – WHO exactly will this work for? Let me tell you…

  • Retirees
  • Brand New Traders
  • checkProfitable Traders Who Want To Scale Their Accounts
  • checkUnprofitable & Breakeven Traders Who Want To Finally Become Profitable… AND
  • checkPeople Who Want To Go From Paper Trading To Live Trading Success Fast

Now all you have to do is ‘Copy & Paste’ my trades and you WILL make money!

Now, ​There ARE ​A ​Few ​Strings ​Attached.

First, I want to keep things straightforward with you. This advisory service was incredibly expensive to produce – with the BONUSES and all the Powerful content you’re going to receive inside the Exclusive Member’s Area with the professionally shot videos, and MORE…

And then the cost of managing this exclusive service on an ongoing basis so YOU get the best and most profitable trades imaginable delivered right to your phone and email. 

As you can well imagine this takes a LOT of time and effort.

Now look, it pains me to even have to say this, but the powerful information you learn… and the profitable trades you receive… I ask that you please keep it to just yourself and your loved ones…

Unfortunately, there’s been an upswing in people who lack basic integrity who have joined lately… so, if you’re one of those less than honest people (which I know 99% of you are not), please do not join my ELITE private group of ‘Renegade’ traders.

Of Course I Do NOT Condone Reselling Any Or All of theExtreme Option Profits SYSTEM Anywhere Else.

I’ve spent over 30 years developing and perfecting the SYSTEM you’re going to get today! 

Again, this is My Life’s Mission – everything here that I’ve put together…

Is for YOU to Succeed. You see, I’ve succeeded, so I know YOU can too!

Second, if after using the Profit Alerts and when you start learning tons from the training inside the Extreme Option Profits exclusive members area…

And you start making extraordinary breakthroughs with blazing fast progress toward your income goals…

If you wind up feeling that you terribly underpaid for access to Extreme Option Profits

Like I know you will…

I would really appreciate you making a contribution of at least another $1,997 to any worthy causes, individuals, or charities of your choice.

Also, I’d love to hear that you did.

And I’m so confident in Extreme Option Profits that I want you to personally reach out to me and tell me of your success…Because once you join and PARTNER With Me I will give you my personal cell phone number so we can easily communicate. 

Now I know people tell me I’m crazy to give out my personal cell #…

But I don’t care because I’m doing this for YOU to SUCCEED – Big Time!

I would love to hear from you at any time during our journey together. I want to hear about how your thinking changed… But I would also like to hear of the specific strategies you applied and the RESULTS you achieved.

I really, really want you to reach out to me and tell me how much you’ve learned, and how much you’re making…

Now that’s what continues to drive me day in and day out. OK?

So, Now, What?  

All you have to do to get involved and become a part of my group of ELITE ‘Renegade’ traders is simply…Click PARTNER With Me… And Start Experiencing the Incredible GAINS that I’ve Been Showing You TODAY.

Now look, people like you who join my Profits Alert advisory service I seriously consider YOU a PARTNER…  

Because you’re following my trades and you have an open line of communication with me via phone and email.

I look at our relationship as my sincere obligation to make YOU money – it’s my job and duty –we are in this as    PARTNERS… you’re now inside my ‘Inner-Circle’!Once you partner with me you’ll be taken to a secure page detailing exactly what you’ll get inside my Extreme Option PROFITS along with a place to input your contact and billing information to start receiving profit alerts…

So you can start placing profitable trades right out of the gate.

And I’m not kidding, the DISCOUNT I discussed today is extremely TEMPORARY…

The CLOCK is ticking…so I would hurry if I were you.

It’s only $1,997 for 2 FULL Years of Profit Alerts!

And EVERYTHING Else I Discussed Today… BONUSES and All.That Comes to a Measly $2.74 A Day… LESS Than A Cup of Coffee.

And believe me, I have tons of students that have paid $2,797 and MORE for ONLY 1 Year Access…  

TODAY I’m giving you 2 Full Years for only $1997!

And you have my unheard of Iron-Clad Performance Guarantee that I spoke about earlier combined with my secret strategies, methods and behaviors derived from Billionaire traders synthesized for you that have…

PROVEN to EARN 58% MORE Per Trade on Average & Risks 91% LESS Doing it… 

Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724%+ MORE Than Most Traders and Investors.

portfolio increase

Again, all you have to do is “Copy & Paste” my exact trades to experience the potentially huge profits with Extreme Option Profits…

And once you become a member of my ELITE Inner-Circle of ‘Renegade’ traders…

Here’s another 7 recently closed out trades that resulted in a whopping 884% return YOU Can Expect to Make!

  • 150% in 3 days in MU
  • 142% in 7 days in ROKU
  • 138% in 5 days in SQ
  • check138% in 14 days in AAPL
  • check117% in 11 days in FDX 
  • check100% in 12 days in T
  • check99% in 5 days in ABD

trading graph

That’s A 884% Return In 57 days!

Now look, I want YOU to live your best life, and I want YOU to live it on YOUR own terms.

Alright, I now want to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions I receive regarding Extreme Option Profits.

And for those of you still reading, I CONGRATULATE YOU…

You have what it takes to make it in this business in a huge way since you’re still with me!  

Once your questions are answered please go ahead and click Partner with Me to secure your spot and I’ll see you on the other side… and please don’t forget this Special Offer for a FREE Year and Over $1,000 OFF Expires Soon.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: Is there some sort of catch here, this seems too good to be true? Answer:  And that’s a great question. I would ask the very same thing if I were in your shoes, it’s a very legitimate concern and asking this question is a sign of a very smart trader and investor!

Now look, before you start any new trading or investing strategy, you absolutely want to investigate it from A to Z.  That’s why I want to be more than fair with you by going above and beyond what anybody else would do for you.  I’m giving you an Iron-Clad 12 Month Performance GUARANTEE to help PROVE you WILL make LOT of money with Extreme Option PROFITS.  Here’s how it works – if you don’t make at least 10X what you invest with me here today – meaning if you don’t make at least $19,970 in the next 12 months – regardless of how big or small your account size is…I’ll give you a THIRD Year Absolutely FREE!

Please remember that my systems unique set of rules helps to isolate the absolute “best of the best” stocks and options to trade.  So,  if you’re one of the few that I’m accepting into my ELITE group of ‘Renegade’ traders at this time, you will get the opportunity to see for yourself my trade recommendations and soon become very confident that my Extreme Option Profits will make you an incredible amount of money. 

So, what could be safer and easier than giving you my Iron-Clad 12 Month Performance GUARANTEE to help prove you will make a LOT of money… I’m pretty much telling you that you should make at least 10X or $19,970 in the next 12 months.  You have nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain by giving it a try…  heck, if you don’t get the results you were expecting after the first year, you get a third year absolutely FREE…  I really couldn’t get any fairer than that, could I?

The only thing here is that I plan on shutting down this exclusive offer once the number of new students exceeds the capacity of me and my support team…

You see, I only want you to experience the best and most personal service and support so that you succeed in a HUGE way.

Question: Is your program simple to use and profit from…even for beginners? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely.  I made the Extreme Option Profits advisory as simple as humanly possible for traders of all levels of experience, especially for beginners. I do all the hard work “behind the scenes” for you, so you don’t have to do anything except for getting the email, text alert, or log into the members-only area website and “Copy & Paste” my trading instructions with your online trading account or broker.

So, even if you’ve never traded before, as long as you can check your email or receive a text, you will be able to copy my instructions and use my recommendations to profit.    

I promise you, it’s really that SIMPLE.

Once you get up to speed it should take 15 minutes or LESS a week to place and manage your trades.  And of course with anything new, it might take a little practice at first to get it right, but anything worthwhile in life takes some practice, right?  And remember if you have any questions at all – such as how to place an order – or if you need clarification about any particular trade, I offer 24/7 e-mail hotline and regular business hours phone access to answer any questions that you may have.

So go ahead and click Partner With Me and get started while you still can… and remember you get my Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE stating that you should make 10X or $19,970 in the next 12 months or you’ll get a Third Year FREE!

Question: Can people really trade the news? 

Answer:  Absolutely.  We can trade the anticipation of news, the dissemination of news and the death of news.

In 2005, 450 sheep jumped to their deaths.  One sheep dove. Another followed. All of a sudden, a flock of sheep began jumping off a cliff for no real reason. Shocked shepherds would watch as another 1,500 jumped.

Hundreds of sheep perished, as they got caught up in herd mentality.  Each followed and jumped simply because every other sheep was doing it. And as uncommon as this may sound, it’s not.  In fact, this very same thing happens each and every day among traders and investors.

We buy because everyone else does.  We sell because everyone else does.  But we never question what we’re really buying or selling, which can be quite costly.  Instead, we take the leap simply because everyone else is doing it.  And if everyone else is doing it, it must be right.  Right?  Well, not exactly…

By using the news, we can spot the right opportunities at the right time because we can physically see if there’s a big overreaction up or down.  Then, once the news begins to fade, the stock typically turns, as well.

Interesting to note – Warren Buffett, Baron Rothschild and Sir John Templeton also used death of news.  You see, they’d look for extreme optimism or pessimism, buy and wait.

As we learned from Baron Rothschild, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own.”  Or, as Warren Buffett has said, “A climate of fear is your friend when investing; a euphoric world is your enemy.”  We’ve even learned to buy “extreme pessimism” with Sir John Templeton.

Question: But how do you know when the market (stock, ETF or option) will turn in your favor?

Answer:  We use five unique indicators, which we’ll discuss in further detail in videos and chats that you will learn about inside the exclusive members area that you’ll have access to once you sign up.  When these unique indicators align, that’s usually where we begin to buy or short the asset.  From there, we just have to wait for the eventual pivot.

Question:What kind of success does your Extreme Option PROFITS System have?

Answer: After trading and rigorously testing the system for 22 years, then documenting every single trade over the last few years – it’s had a success rate of about 84.2%… meaning we have profitable trades 8.4 times out of every 10 trades.  And once you join me you’ll have access to the actual portfolio dating back a few years as proof the strategy works – and all this is located inside the exclusive members area where you’ll have access 24/7.

You will get immediate access once you decide to hit the Partner With Me button.

Question: Are you for real Todd… this almost sounds too good to be true, almost like a “get rich scheme”? 

Answer:  YES, I’m for real, and NO this is definitely not a “get rich scheme”…it couldn’t be further from it.  Look, I’ve been trading since 1988 and I’ve been in business teaching traders and investors like you since 1994, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating…so yes I am for real and there’s no ‘get rich’ stuff going on here.  If I put out dishonest material in any way I think you’ll agree that I would have been out of business by now.

And let me also be crystal-clear about this too, my Extreme Option Profits is not a “get-rich-quick” type of trading strategy.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite, as you’ve seen throughout my presentation today.  You’ve seen with your own two eyes that it allows you to generate very profitable trades on a very regular basis.

In fact, it’s been PROVEN to EARN 58% MORE Per Trade on Average & Risks 91% LESS Doing it… Oftentimes Making 103%, 417% and Even 724%+ MORE than most traders and investors.

So, if you’re looking to “strike it rich” on one single trade, this is not for you…and good luck trying to find that needle in a haystack type of trading system. Be assured though we do hit home run trades quite frequently, amounting to TRIPLE DIGIT GAINS. 

Besides, here at Trading Concepts, I’m in the business of sharing ideas and research on which you can trade with confidence…information that can allow you to thrive in any type of market condition.

If you’ve made it this far in the presentation, then you’ve seen that I place a great deal of attention on ensuring risk management, establishing realistic expectations, and generating trades that result in success.  You have seen that my goal – one which I reach with great regularity – is to achieve a victory roughly 84% of the time.  If this were a baseball game, I would describe it as winning with an extremely potent offense of singles and doubles – many times hitting TRIPLE Digit GAINS!

Question: Why are you willing to share this PROVEN trading system with other people if it works so well?

Answer:There are tons of reasons why I want to share it with you, so let me discuss a few.

First, I would never want to keep something for myself when I know in my heart it could help change so many lives…it has for me, so I know it can for you too – and it already has helped change lives for tons of people just like you. 

Here’s another reason:  I know you remember the dotcom crash and the 2008 financial debacle.  I’ll never forget those times, and neither will some of my friends and neighbors who saw their portfolios cut in half.  Millions of people lost a fortune and I’m sure many are still trying to make back what they lost…that to me is horrifying to know.  I know for certain that the Extreme Option Profits advisory can help change all that, so that never happens again to anybody.  

Heck, and during the Covid-19 six week massive market drop, then huge rally with all the volatility – we did extraordinary well and cleaned house in terms of making consistent profits during those unprecedented times!

The other huge driving reason is that many of my 55,000+ students have been asking me for a service exactly like this for years.  I understand the Extreme Option Profits is not right for everybody though, but I would really like to help those of you that this makes sense to. 

Click Partner With Me to lock in your spot before it’s too late.

Question: Do you still think this would be right for me if I’m not a big risk taker? Answer:Yes, absolutely…this is actually a very risk-averse trading strategy – so it will be perfect for you.

My Extreme Option Profits advisory service was designed for people like you who aspire to generate consistent income without high levels of risk.  Plus, I’ll walk you through our key money management steps, too.

One of the tremendous advantages that my Extreme Option Profits service is going to do for you is it’s going to help give you a psychological boost by knowing that you’re following a tried-and-true method that offers built-in protection and the consistent ability to produce out-sized market gains.  

My service is also designed to help give you control over your money… you decide how much or little risk you want to take. Now of course with any trading or investing strategy, there will be risk – even with my trade recommendations.  And if you’re not comfortable taking any risks this opportunity may not be for you.  Only you know your risk tolerance and what you personally feel comfortable with.

I want you to feel fantastic and enthused about your decision, which is why I’m giving you my unprecedented Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE… which states:

If you don’t make at least 10X what you invest with me here today – meaning if you don’t make at least $19,970 in the next 12 months – regardless of how big or small your account size is – I’ll give you a third year Absolutely FREE!

That’s how much I believe in the Gains YOU’RE Going to Make with Extreme Option Profits!

You can get started by simply clicking Partner with Me

Question: I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of your Extreme Option Profits until now, why is that? 

Answer:This is because until recently, it’s only been available to my small ELITE group of ‘Renegade’ traders and investors – and up until now I’m only allowing a small group of people into the program a few times a year. 

Plus, if your email inbox looks anything like mine, you’re probably bombarded – practically every day – with offers from the latest guru, promising to show you the “secrets” of turning a small investment into a huge fortune …practically overnight!  This is unfortunate and you’ve definitely not seen any of this from me, so that’s probably another reason why you may not have heard of Extreme Option Profits until now.  I know the idea of a “safe and reliable” income isn’t flashy.  And so it’s easy to see why some people haven’t heard about this service before now.

I’ve tried to be completely transparent throughout this entire presentation.  I’ve shown you trade results, and described the realistic expectations of profits that you can realize with this program.  I hope by now you’re able to see that Extreme Option Profits does give you the potential to go after consistent profits – many times amounting to TRIPLE Digit Gains.  

I also want to stress upon you that you don’t need a showy method of making money in the markets; all you really need is an effective method… and Extreme Option Profits is definitely that.  

But, you have to hurry and make a decision because I’m only allowing a select few into this program at this time…and remember, you’ve got my Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE to help back everything up!

Question: Do I need a lot of money to start profiting from your program? 

Answer: No…technically you don’t need any money at all to get started, because you can paper trade as many of the Extreme Option Profits recommendations as you like, for as long as you like, before you put any real money on the line.

That being said, when you feel like you’re ready to start trading, because of all the profits you’ve seen the recommendations make while you watched and observed with your paper trading, you can begin trading with as little or as much as you like.

How much money you start with is up to you, but you can get started with as little as a few thousand dollars.  But remember, once I hit my limit of new members, this special offer will end.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late… Simply click Partner with Me and take advantage of this limited offer while you still can.

Question: Can your program help me become financially ‘well off’ and ‘wealthy’ over time? 

Answer:Yes, absolutely… it is very possible this SYSTEM can make you financially well off and wealthy over time. 

Look everyone defines ‘well off’, ‘wealthy’ and or ‘rich’ differently, right?  But if you define these words as generating more income so that you can spend more time with your family and friends, being more generous in your monetary giving, traveling more, and simply being able to do more of what you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because lack of money, then, YES, this program can make you ‘well of’, ‘wealthy’ and ‘rich’… I’m absolutely certain of it. 

I truly believe that my Extreme Option Profits advisory service will make you a LOT of money…

It’s only because of my absolute certainty that I’m willing to offer you this Special Price (OVER $1,000 OFF) today, along with the Extra Year for FREE, to allow you to begin your wealth-building, immediately.  This is why, today, you’re being offered this unique opportunity to join the ranks of a great and growing number of successful ELITE traders – some of whom are joining, even as you read this. 

Let me also offer you a suggestion here: When you begin to use my Extreme Option Profits, have in mind a few goals that you would like to achieve with the extra income that you’re going to make.  That is, write those objectives that you would like to make a reality, in the next 12 months.  I’m convinced that, if you do this, you will be surprised, if not shocked, at how quickly you will achieve your goals.  I know because so many people who follow my Extreme Option Profits follow this same process, and accomplish what they set out to do…and this group of course also includes me.

Question: Do I need to understand complicated charts or need to perform technical analysis to make this work for me? 

Answer:No, not one bit. There’s absolutely no technical analysis for you to have to perform, or for you to have to look at any charts if you don’t want to.    All you need to know is the actual trade parameters, when to get in, and when to get out… and I do all this for you, I literally spoon-feed you the trades… SIMPLY ‘Copy & Paste’ my instructions.  This way you remain in control 100% and you decide whether you want to follow me or not.

To start following me all you need to do is click Partner with Me.

Question: What makes your program so different – I’ve heard many times that trading systems typically don’t work? 

Answer: Quite honestly, I’m living proof that trading systems DO work… I’ve been successfully trading systems since 1988.  Not only that, you and I could name several famous investors and traders who beat the market all the time – in a huge way.  There’s those of course who think it’s not possible to beat the market, but I certainly don’t agree with that one bit… and if you’re still with me to this point, I’m sure you don’t agree either.

Question: Do you honestly believe that anyone can profit from your program, even me? 

Answer:YES, absolutely… especially YOU!  

I make it so easy that anyone can do this if they can follow simple instructions.

Why, you may be asking?    

Well, put simply, I specifically designed the Extreme Option Profits advisory service for regular people just like you with an average understanding of the markets that want to profit regularly and consistently from the markets each week and month like CLOCKWORK

With a relatively conservative, safe and reliable system.

Now look, I do all the research for you so all you need to do is spend 15 minutes or LESS a week “Copying & Pasting” my trade recommendations with your online broker. I handle all the details so you don’t have to.  Feel free to spend your time however you please.

Simply click Partner with Me and take advantage of this LIMITED-Time Offer while you still can.

Question: Do you have any type of guarantee that I’ll make money like you say? 

Answer:Let me be as truthful as I can possibly be here; if you choose not to invest in my Extreme Option Profits recommendations, I can state with 100% certainty that you will not make any money on them… and of course this program will have served to be nothing more than instruction and world-class education. 

Like I’ve mentioned throughout this presentation, it’s always a good idea to paper trade before committing real money to any new trading strategy. Paper trading will help you accomplish two things:  First, you can prove to yourself that this IS the REAL DEAL.  Second, you won’t risk a single penny by learning and watching the trades unfold for yourself live.  The truth is you won’t make any real money until you start trading with real money, and of course you’ll want to do this once you feel comfortable with my SYSTEM.

Remember, I’m giving you my special Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE that states if you don’t make at least 10X what you invest with me here today – meaning if you don’t make at least $19,970 in the next 12 months – regardless of how big or small your account size is – I will give you a third year absolutely FREE!  

AND I’m only letting a Limited Number of valued traders and investors like you participate in this special offer…  

A FREE Year and Over $1,000 OFF – so please click Partner with Me, or risk losing your spot. 

Question: How long will this take to learn? 

Answer: You don’t need to learn anything if you don’t want to… all you have to do is follow my trade recommendations that I send you – SIMPLY ‘Copy & Paste’.  But if you desire to learn, you’ll have the BONUS I’m giving you here for FREE…the Easy Options Income program.  

Each trade alert comes with detailed instructions even a third grader could follow and use to make money with. So it’s completely up to you how much you actually want to learn from this program.  I can assure you though that you WILL certainly and undoubtedly make money by following my trade recommendations.

Question: If this trading strategy is so fantastic, why isn’t everyone & their grandmother using it? 

Answer:Well, one of the biggest reasons why more people are not using this type of trading strategy is that they simply don’t know about it.  Most of the ‘Joe public’ out there doesn’t bother to get educated enough to even know about this type of trading and investing strategy to use it… if they did, they certainly would be using it.

The second reason is that most people are looking to make massive home-run trades on every trade they put on without thinking of risk first. With Extreme Option Profits we evaluate our risk first and how we’re going to manage it – then gauge that against our upside potential.  Doing it this way allows us to make big out-sized gains a majority of the time.  Extreme Option Profits is NOT for gamblers, because I’m leaving nothing to chance.  I’m using a very safe and reliable trading strategy with an exact Proven FORMULA with precise rules to go after Double and TRIPLE-Digit Gains that generate real income on a regular basis, while controlling downside risk.  

Go ahead and click Partner with Me before it’s too late.

Question: Will your system work in all market conditions, even current conditions? 

Answer: YES, absolutely.  Every single market condition imaginable works beautifully with the Extreme Option Profits type of trades… my SYSTEM is specifically designed to go after safe and reliable out-sized profits in bull, bear and sideways market conditions.

I personally believe this decision will be a life-changing decision for you and your family, but please don’t take my word for it.  With my Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE I’m saying that you should expect to make 10X what you invest with me here today – meaning if you don’t make at least $19,970 in the next 12 months – regardless of how big or small your account size is – I will give you a third year absolutely FREE!

Question: How much does your Extreme Option Profits advisory cost again? 

Answer:Like I mentioned earlier in the presentation, a normal 1-year subscription costs $2,795, but for this special one-time offer I’m making you right now, you’ll get it for only $1,997…. PLUS I’m throwing in an ADDITIONAL Year for FREEthat comes to only $2.74 a day for 2 FULL Years of my incredibly profitable trade picks!

Question:  How can I be sure that everything you taught in your presentation was true and that it’s really as simple and profitable as you say it is? 

Answer:I understand your caution, and welcome it.  So, you’re obviously still unsure about committing to my Extreme Option Profits advisory, and that’s perfectly fine.  That’s why I’m giving you my Iron-Clad Performance GUARANTEE that says you should expect to make 10X what you invest with me, which means if you don’t make at least $19,970 in the next 12 months – regardless of how big or small your account size is – I will give you a third year absolutely FREE!

Remember, you can spend the time just paper trading the recommendations that I provide.  This will give you a real-world chance to judge for yourself, and realize that this system is not only legitimate, but very profitable.  Given my continuing commitment to providing exceptional customer service worthy of my name, I will add only so many new members…and once I arrive at this number, this special offer will be closed.    

Obviously, the choice is entirely yours, but to keep our conversation going, I highly recommend you acquire all of the remaining details of this very special offer.

You can do that simply by clicking Partner with Me… All the details will be on that page and you’re not in any way required to go any further if you don’t want to.

Question: How can I get help if I have any questions or if I’m unsure of anything? 

Answer:  Good question…and of course…it’s real easy to get help whenever you need it.  You’ll not only have access to our 24/7 email support ticket system, but you’ll also have our support phone number you can call anytime during regular business hours.  I’m also going to give you my personal cell number – now who else would does that?  

Look, my goal is to provide you with the absolute best customer service in the industry.  This way you’ll be able to ask any questions that you might have regarding your trade recommendations and get the help you need so you can succeed. 

This is one of the reasons why I’m limiting this offer to a limited amount of traders and investors like you, because I want YOU to experience the absolute best world-class service and support you deserve…

Question: When will I get my first set of trades and when would I be able to access the member’s area with all my materials? 

Answer: Immediately when you decide to partner with me, you’ll be provided a password you can use to access the Extreme Option Profits exclusive members area… you will then be able to see all the recommendations and have complete access to all of the BONUS materials.

You will then be on the list to receive the trade recommendations via text, email… and they will also be put inside the members area.

I would say on average, you’ll receive 1- 2 new trades a week, but of course that depends on the markets.  You may have more or less.  This is all about quality of trades, not quantity.

Now, of course, you can choose to trade as many, or as few trades that I issue…and this of course needs to fit your level of comfort.

Question: I’m assuming your ordering process is secure and safe for me to use? 

Answer: YES, absolutely, I wouldn’t have it any other way for you.  It’s not only safe, but it’s 1,000% secure and fast.   

To protect your data, and prevent any breach of security, throughout the entire order and fulfillment processes, we use industry-standard encryption technology.

I’ve been in business since 1994 and have had over $55,000 people just like you order with me in the exact same secure and safe way, so no worries.    

Once you decide to click Partner with Me… You will have plenty of time to review everything before your order is processed.

OK, so there you have it…those are the most commonly asked questions I get regularly.

I really hope I was able to answer questions that have been on your mind too?  If not, please reach out and I’ll be sure to get those answered for you…

But hurry, once my new member limit is hit, that will be the end of this special invitation with the FREE Year of Access and OVER $1,000 OFF!

I really want YOU to enjoy all the wealth-building benefits Extreme Option PROFITS offers…

Heck, it’s LESS than a fancy cup of coffee a day… ONLY $2.74 A Day!

So please, put your doubts aside and do the one thing that can help change you and your family’s life…     

Again, this is Todd Mitchell, and I want to THANK YOU for joining me today, I really hope you got a lot of useful, and most importantly, ACTIONABLE trading information out of today’s presentation…

There is no doubt my Extreme Options Profits is a SYSTEM of trading that will help change your entire life.

It’s an extraordinarily effective way to trade… 

And the fact that you’ve taken the time to read this letter tells me that you’re serious about securing a bright financial future for you and your family.  

It demonstrates your commitment… and commitment is all that it takes to SUCCEED in what I’ve shown you today. 

I wish you lots of success in your trading – and I really hope to see you inside where you’ll be able to PARTNER With Meand my ELITE group of ‘Renegade’ traders!

Bye for now… and see you on the other side!

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Forex, futures, stock, and options trading is not appropriate for everyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Trading Concepts methodology or system or the information in this letter will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses.


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